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1-13-14 Terrestrial Show

Bubba asks for a cheese check on Elvis footage
Bubba updates everyone on The Jackson House
Bubba shares exciting news about WTRS 102.3FM Ocala
Golden Globes 2014 results
TLC follows couple addicted to coffee enemas
Man stabbed wife for bringing pizza instead of chicken sandwich
Woman to give birth to own granddaughter in US
Incarcerated Pimp Sues Nike for $100M After Beating John with Jordans because Shoes Lacked Warning Label
NFL Week 19 recap
Transgender Teen Charged With Battery After Fighting Back Against Bullies

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1-8-14 Terrestrial Show

Dennis Rodman flips out on CNN after being asked about Kenneth Bae
Top 5 Hip Hop Countdown
Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear shot dead
Bubba makes a groundbreaking announcement about The Jackson House
BRN Engineer Thomas Cocks makes a big announcement
JPMorgan settles Madoff fraud claims for $1.7Billion
Woman goes to hospital after having three hour long orgasm
Honey Boo Boo and family injured in car accident

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1-7-14 Terrestrial Show

FSU wins BCS National Championship
NFL Draft 2014 Speculation
AJ McCarron’s Mom Tweets about Jameis Winston’s victory speech
Dennis Rodman won’t discuss North Korea prison camps
25 Cent debuts a new parody of Cher’s Halfbreed
Mitt Romney accepts MSNBC host’s apology for black grandson jokes
Jill Kelley speaks with New York Times
Teacher accused of having sex with a student
MMA Fighter accused of killing a robber

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1-6-14 Terrestrial Show

Bubba and crew broadcast live for the first time in 2014
NHL, NCAAFB and NFL scores and recap
Bubba describes his BRN Christmas Party
Bubba speaks with callers that are self-proclaimed badge bunnies
Aaron Rodgers says he is not gay
Epiphany 2014 talk
ESPN host says Sports Person of the Year should be awarded to the N-word
Ford introduces a Solar Powered Hybrid
OJ Simpson may have brain cancer and wants Obama to released him
Drunk women yell expletives during live interview on FOX on New Year’s Eve
News anchor signs off broadcast with F-Bomb

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12-10-13 Terrestrial Show

Bubba announces more winners of The 12 Boobs of Christmas contest
Regina Hunter in studio
Judge Chet Tharpe gives Teacher 38 years of prison in sex case
Abortion Pill Case sentencing delayed for John Welden
Tailgating ban for Super Bowl XLVII
Woman lied about having cancer and being raped
Probation Officer suspected of running prostitution operation
Teacher investigated for sex with student
71 year old wife arrested for poisoning her husband with antifreeze
Woman charged with setting minivan on fire with her kids inside

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