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1-3-14 The Beer Show with Hurricane Stevens

On the show…
– Hurricane Stevens launches the first Beer Show from the new RadioIO studio
– Hurricane reviews the new RadioIO Studio and changes that have been made
– Hurricane and Chaz review their Christmas vacation
– Hurricane gives his review of The Wolf of Wall Street
– The Beer Show with Hurricane Stevens talks NCAAFB and NFL
– Hurricane has incurable nasal issues
– DUI Dumbass of the Week on The Beer Show
– A 440 Pound obese virgin hospitalized his 110 pound girlfriend during sex

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12-30-13 Blind James and Buds

On the show…

– Blind James and Buds overcomes technical difficulties to broadcast live tonight
– James asks Jazzy Dabs about her Highgasm personal lubricant
– James discusses the medication he has to take while hospitalized
– Blind James and Buds discusses the stigma behind recreational cannabis
– Blind James and Buds explain dabbing to their listeners
– Blind James and Buds discuss the struggle of marijuana legalization and jobs
– Pantera asks Manny Blunts about smoking pendants
– Blind James, Jazzy Dabs, Manny Blunts and Pantera discuss concentrates and durg scheduling
– Blind James asks Pantera about switching from flowers to dabs
– Legalization 2014 discussion
– Blind James hosts the last Green Room segment of 2013

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