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3-17-14 Blind James and Buds

On The Show…
– Blind James, Jazzy Dabs and Manny Bluntz discuss their upcoming plans.
– Blind James and Buds discuss their good and bad dabbing experiences.
– Blind James introduces the newest Spicoli song about dabs.
– Blind James answers listener questions about medical cannabis.
– James got in trouble for forgetting to flush his toilet.
– Jazzy talks dirty to listeners.
– Where do you hide your stash?
– James answers Green Room Questions.
– What are you favorite masturbation terms?

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3-17-14 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– We talk a little about Frank coming back to work at the BRN and IO.
– Next we talk to Chad Peace from
– Chad and Ledge talk about how partisan politics are used to slow the political process.
– We talk next about how the campaigning process has changed as well.
– In the Second hour we talk to Katie Klabusick about what she’s been doing.
– Next we haer about what it’s like to be on an abortion wanted poster.
– Katie talks bout what it’s like volunteering as an escort at abortion clinics.
– Up next in the 3rd hour we talk to James Woods about activism in media.
– James tells us about how smaller entities compete against centralized media.

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2-28-14 Sex Talk with a Dirty Girl

Double D, Kinky Katie and Meagan discuss a recent dream about Legos
Doctor in trouble for sexual conduct with patients
Meagan shares her firsthand experience with the doctor in question
Woman calls 911 because her husband wants an incest hookup
Katie shares her discovery of “Pack-A-Pussy”
Would you have sex with a Jiggalo?
Things Meagan wants to Know
Katie explains how she got the nickname “honey bear”
Katie shares a fucking gross story
Katie gives her review of the Intensity she got from Double D
What are you biggest fears?
Penis size pros and cons
How many calories do sex acts burn?
Meagan hurt her hip last week
Katie asks Double D and Meagan to play a game with Speech Jammer
Ledge thanks Sex Talk With a Dirty Girl for the Spunk Lube
Are you into Gloryholes?
Meagan earns her new nickname Cricket

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1-13-14 Terrestrial Show

Bubba asks for a cheese check on Elvis footage
Bubba updates everyone on The Jackson House
Bubba shares exciting news about WTRS 102.3FM Ocala
Golden Globes 2014 results
TLC follows couple addicted to coffee enemas
Man stabbed wife for bringing pizza instead of chicken sandwich
Woman to give birth to own granddaughter in US
Incarcerated Pimp Sues Nike for $100M After Beating John with Jordans because Shoes Lacked Warning Label
NFL Week 19 recap
Transgender Teen Charged With Battery After Fighting Back Against Bullies

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