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1-8-13 Terrestrial Show

Party Boy Ryan takes his mandatory shower
Aurora, Colorado theater sends invite to shooting victim’s families
Colombian manufacturer creates child line of bullet proof clothes
Brazilian 18 year old auctions off virginity to pay for mom’s medical bills
Two Pennsylvania teens charged under new sexting law
Musberger and Herbstreet comment on AJ McCarron’s girlfriend
Al Roker says he pooped his pants at the White House
Graphic Navy PSA targets designer drugs and bath salts
Private equity firm targets marijuana boom
EBT Abuse talk…Obamaphones
Ned debuts a new Neditorial about The Fighting Irish
NCAAFB talk…Brent defends Muschamp, Honey Badger says he abused himself through marijuana
Richard Branson says War on Drugs failed
Lou Holtz new Catholic Church commercial
Bubba describes the Catholic funeral he attended
Heisman trophy talk…Ben Wilson documentary talk…Bubba is a Midwest basketball trivia genius
Party Boy Ryan Liquid Ass Nose Spray Challenge

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1-7-13 Terrestrial Show

Katt Williams comments on Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained
Jay Leno asks Arnold Schwarzenegger about Chris Christie’s weight
Husband catches his teacher wife having sex with exchange student
Katy Perry named Hottest Woman of 2013 by Men’s Health
Gagged Priest calls 911 after getting stuck in handcuffs inside church
NFL Wildcard Weekend Recap
New Year’s Eve Recap
Saudi Arabian soldier accused of sexually assaulting 13 year old boy in Las Vegas
Indian police charge five in New Delhi gang rape
73 year old man kills woman for bumping his wheelchair with her car
Stubenville, Ohio rape case controversy…alleged members of Anonymous call in with information
High school student faces expulsion after writing poem about Sandy Hook massacre
Woman runs over ex-boyfriend’s mother after fight
Parents of teen strip searched at school file lawsuit
Love Guru offers to coach couples during live sex sessions

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