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11-21-13 Terrestrial Show

Bubba councils Shannon and his wife Kim live
Dr. Dan Diaco and Jeff Gigante in studio
Bubba wants to save Jackson House
Ned debuts a new phone call
George Zimmerman’s girlfriend speaks
FAA may start grounding pilots who exceed weight limit
Bubba wishes his girlfriend Nikki a Happy Birthday

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11-20-13 Terrestrial Show

Top 5 Country Countdown
Alleged DUI driver shocked with Taser 4 times before arrest
Dad drugs teen with Benadryl, has sex with friend
Rep. Trey Radel, Former WINK Anchor, Arrested for Cocaine Possession
Former Oakland Raider Die in High-Speed Car Crash
Woman arrested after allegedly biting beau’s penis during fight
George Zimmerman released from jail; will be monitored by GPS, cannot possess guns
Family Feud contestant gives potentially racist answer
Man ‘burned his friend to death for drinking his last four beers’
3rd grader suspended after crushing, sniffing Smarties candy
Teen ‘knockout game’ continues to harm innocent people
Woman sues gynecologist after he sprayed her private parts with drain cleaner
Hong Tang charged with running a house of prostitution in North Palm Beach.

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11-19-13 Terrestrial Show

Sports scores and recap
Bubba discusses his favorite TV Series with 25Cent
George Zimmerman arrested after domestic dispute
Charleston, SC Police Sergeant killed in motorcycle accident
Tom Brady drops F Bomb on referee following loss
Britney Murphy may have died from rat poisoning
Man arrested after airing his genitals out in public
Fitness instructor accused of sexually assaulting girl arrested in Thailand
Teacher accused of sexual relationship with student
Teacher accused of showing wooden phallus to student
Teacher gets 25 years for lewd tasting game.

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11-18-13 Terrestrial Show

Bubba and crew recap their weekend
Sports scores and recap
Jonathan Martin addresses media after his meeting with the NFL
Clippers F Matt Barnes uses n-word on Twitter
Rutgers Football Defensive Coach accused of bullying
Toronto Mayor denies accusations of sexual harassment
Herpes virus found on library copies of Fifty Shades of Grey

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11-14-13 Terrestrial Show

Bubba kicks off No Panties Thursday
Bubba checks in with 25Cent live at 2001 Odyssey and Hurricane Stevens live at Oz
Dr. Mark in studio
Women call to participate in No Panties Thursday
Toronto Mayor admits to buying illegal drugs
Owner of Noel Biderman calls in

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11-13-13 Terrestrial Show

McDonalds stops by the studio
Back 9 Dave brings in special Bubba’s Chicken Dip empanadas
Hurricane updates everyone on his puppy’s health
Top 5 Pop Song Countdown
Bubba previews No Panties Thursday
Chiefs’ Dwayne Bowe admits to smoking pot
Kayla the Dwarf calls in
Mike Tyson claims to have fought on cocaine
Bob Costas wouldn’t want his son playing football
Women more likely to climax in committed relationships
Woman sues Ashley Madison after getting carpal tunnel syndrome from writing fake prouploads
Skin Industries President Al Borda in studio
X rated photos stolen from Nicolas Cage’s ex-girlfriend’s house
Man faces charges for attempting to join al-Qaida
Actor, comedian, radio personality, and author Artie Lange calls in

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