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1-4-13 Sex Talk with a Dirty Girl

On The Show…
– The girls start off the show recapping their time away for the holidays.
– Katie talks about her birthday and the Zombie Apocalypse movie she was in.
– Brazilian man steals a golden vibrator, how much are they worth?
– Why are some guys into anal play and others not? Is it an age thing?
– The girls take calls and answer questions about your sex issues.
– A sperm donor is being forced to pay child support by the state.
– Another Brazilian virgin is auctioning off her virginity, find out how much she wants.
– How big is the Lactating Fetish?

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1-3-13 The Diacos

On The Show…
– The guys open the show talking about their Christmas and New Years.
– Brian gives us an update on The Diacos’ fighter Hector Lombard. Find out why they are giving him such a tough road.
– The guys talk about all the NCAA bowl games we watched over the break.
– Do you still make New Years resolutions?
– What’s On Rick’s mind?
– TDC joins us on the phone to talk about preparing for the visit from a secret artist.
– The Diacos may have the next best Movie idea, find out what it is.
– Shaun King, former NFL quarterback and current NFL analyst is on the phone to break down the 2012 NFL playoffs.
– Find out why Shaun King thinks NFL QBs need sports psychiatrist.
– Jeff has the latest in Entertainment News.

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1-3-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Today is the last live show before Shannon and Rizzo wedding, find out if the ceremony will be streamed on Ustream.
– Find out how the families of the Aurora Theater shootings reacted to an invite to the re-opening.
– A NY newspaper has hired armed guards after releasing names and addresses of registered gun owners, ironic?
– Sandy Hook Elementary is back to class now at a new building with same furniture.
– Hollywood TV producer and host, Billy McNamara is on the phone to talk about his new project Trouble with Billy.
– After a Triple-bypass open heart surgery Steve Persall is back on the line to talk about his heart attack.
– Man sought for brutalizing, raping a miniature horse.
– Next week! Live shows on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
– Auto Parts Nerd Daytona 500 tickets. We’re auctioning the tickets off! Send your bid amount to Bidding starts at $500.
– Sean Ras calls in for some conspiracy talk.
– Jack Cates from Go To Casino to talk some football!
– New Joe and Steve. Shandos Bum.

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1-2-13 Knockout Radio with Randy Harris

On The Show…
– Randy Harris opens the show talking about his show merging with Tune in for the details
– Listen to the guys breakdown the MMA and Boxing matches from the weeks were away.
– Will we see a Bisping vs Cromier card?
– What happens when judges score a fight completely different from the next?
– Will Koscheck vs Robbie Lawler be as exciting as it looks on paper?
– Can female MMA fighters be attractive? Should they be the “face” of UFC?
– Ultimate Fighter winner Colton Smith is on the phone to talk about his background and experience on the show.

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