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1-15-13 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– We hear some new details about Armstrong’s interview on Oprah,Shannon can’t wait to tune in.
– Some sports are enhanced by steroid use, are fat women more likely to be guilty.
– Many of the lottery jackpots that are won are never claimed.
– A caller needs some advice with his wife who began stripping to help pay the bills.
– James calls in to tell us he’s finally getting out of the hospital.
– A Florida woman is arrested for trying to get out of a ticket with oral sex.
– We talk a little about the recent changes and proposals related to gun control.
– Cynthia and others call to offers their thoughts on the subject, we learn what gun bumping is.
– A woman and her husband for making a dog porn.
– Anthony calls back to give us an update from the champagne room.
– Rick shows us a new development in jeans that we’re not entirely comfortable with.
– Sean Ras joins us for this week’s edition of conspiracy corner.
– We hear Micheal Savage’s thoughts on the use of flu shots, Sean gives his thoughts.
– Are psychotropic drugs at east partially responsible for the rise in gun violence.
– Sean talks about some of the reasons Obama should be impeached.
– We talk about the fact that the second amendment was meant to protect us from our government.
– Florida Professor James Nutty believes Sandy Hook was a conspiracy.

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1-14-13 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon talks about his marriage and reception.
– Shannon hits on and doesn’t even remember what he bet on.
– Talk about golden globes and how many tits wear out and about.
– Corvette releases new model, Lance Armstrong is going to admit his doping on Oprah.
– You can email Mark Zuchklerburg for $100, Django talk heats up the Golden Globes.
– Should short skirts and skimpy clothes be banned from work place.
– James Holmes now has a fan club called the Homies.
– Pubic lice may be a thing of the past and landlords find new ways to keep peoples dogs from shitting on the grass.
– Shannon talks about our friends at and how they’ve helped him keep up Sadaam.
– Rick talks about walking his dog and his trick for getting out of cleaning up after it, we hear a couple horror stories from callers, shit is the enemy.
– An Ohio man is robbed of the 38 thousand dollars he won that night after cashing out.
– The Orlando Sheriffs Office has considered flying drones drones over the city, we argue the ethics of drone use.
– Pat Robertson blames women for allowing the romance to be lost from their marriages.
– Parakeet learns to sing dubstep, a New York man shoots a cab driver.

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1-10-13 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Rick opens up our last live SBS of the week, both Amanda and Shifty join us in studio.
– We get a look at what we hope to be the new style of playboy photos, will we see the magazine get any racier?
– Is it ok to drink on the job, if your job is running into burning buildings?
– Amanda and Shifty complain about it being 80 degrees in January.
– Rick talks about a new digestive supplement and talk about healthy shits.
– The NFL may be upgrading the padding inside player helmet to a more shock absorbing material.
– Is there any way to completely remove concussions from the NFL.
– A man is caught with 34 pounds of weed and a guard gator and in another story a father has his car stolen, with his three month old daughter inside, luckily the baby was returned unharmed.
– Cooper our resident teenage analyst gives us his picks, Shannon calls in from the French Quarter to say hello.
– Sean Raz joins us via Skype for a little Conspiracy Corner.

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1-8-13 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– We come back live as Rick hosts the show, with Shannon on his honeymoon this week we will be doing 3 live shows.
– Rick and Amanda talk about the end of the NHL lockout.
– We talk about Shannon’s wedding and Rick’s latest stove top caper.
– Shannon calls in to offer some advice and tell us how the honeymoon is going.
– We hear about a man who choked his girlfriend with his dreadlocks.
– A woman kills her step daughter with chili powder.
– Should the girl’s father share any of the blame?
– Rick introduces us to Dog Grog a new beer made for dogs.
– Dave calls in to inform us about the dangers of canine alcoholism and snake hunting.
– Shannon calls back to put Mrs. Burke on the phone after feeding her a few drinks.

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1-2-13 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon opens the show talking about his Christmas and New Years vacation.
– Hilary Clinton has blood clots in her head, will this stop her from taking the stand for the Benghazi situation.
– More people got hit by stray bullets, find out what race is responsible this time.
– Is Kathy Griffin do-able?
– New Jersey now has some school districts with city police running security.
– You are now legally allowed to flash your headlights in Florida, Shannon explains.
– Shifty’s Bit.
– Sean Ras is on the phone to talk about the new products and companies with conspiracy tendencies.

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