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5-9-13 The Diacos

Tonight you will hear a replay from 10/18/2012….

On The Show…
– The Diacos open the show with Jeff calling in from Orlando.
– Listen to Brian talk about his time at Gene Zimmerman’s bar the Courtesy.
– Jeff does his entertainment segment from a cell phone in Walt Disney World.
– Stephen and Dan drop dime on each other.
– The Diacos discuss the Presidential debate earlier in the week.
– Question of the night; What poster from your childhood are you most embarrassed of?
– Brian Motroni gives us an update in the sporting world including MLB playoffs.
– Ronnie the Limo Driver from The Howard Stern is on the phone to talk about his Block Party in Tampa.
– We watch Carmen Electra ride the Sybian from a previous Howard Stern Show.

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3-6-13 Knockout Radio with Randy Harris

On The Show…
– With Randy away for a little vacation time Derrick and Wegs steer the ship.
– Pete Longhorn joins them on the phone to talk Blackzillians and UFC analysis.
– We talk UFC on Feul TV with some callers.
– Josh Saman joins us in hour 2 for his weekly visit.
– Derrick and Josh talk about the upcoming card.
– We hear from a female MMA fighter in training.

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1-4-13 The Sam Simon Show

On The Show…
– Sam joins us a bit late after some brief, last minute technical issues.
– Jennifer Tilly joins Sam in studio to share some Hollywood stories.
– We hear a few horror stories about Sam’s hospital stay.
– Vegan Ari tells us a bout his new friend on the Sea Sepoard.
– We hear about some of the abuse that animals at Ringling Bros Circus have endured.

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