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1-5-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Casey Anthony is back in the media with a video diary, why does Shannon like her more?
– Progressive Car Insurance on the brink of spying on customers. Find out what the “Snap Shot” is and what it monitors.
– Listen to songs created by The Bubba Army.
– How important is thread count on your sheets?
– Hear the story of a student who stabbed a bully to death after taking enough abuse.
– 8th grader killed by police after bringing a pellet gun to school.
– Shannon is looking for new tv shows to get into, find out shows Shannon likes and what shows make the cut.

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1-4-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon has tweeted a picture of his driving shoes, find out what The Bubba Army reaction is.
– How does Twitter make money?
– Have you ever been surprised by your bar tab?
– Would you ever propose in public? At at a sports venue?
– Find out how dangerous the syrup in soda is? Flammable and Hazardous?
– What would you do if you found Valtrex in your girlfriends house?
– Do you like dead baby jokes? Hour three is full of them.
– Friends and family members of cops get special treatment, do you care? Would you take advantage if you could?

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1-3-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon and the boys talks about their New Years Eve and hear audio of Rizzo after an
– Find out who won the football picks this week and what team Shannon will pull for not that his Cowboys are eliminated from the playoffs.
– Boy is killed after stray bullet falls from sky, find out who shot the bullet.
– With all the resolutions, Shannon list the rules of going to the gym.
– Listen to a story of a Sniper who was named “The Devil of Fallujah” by the locals.
– Do people have squirrels as pets?
– After considering the quality of life, how old would you want to live to be?
– 92 year old man chases down intruder and fights off the robber, listen to him explain how he was able to move so easily.
– What is the protocol for men adjusting themselves in public?
– Is it ok to use racial slurs during sports?
– Studio heated as Tuddle doesnt show up for work, find out what stopped Tuddle from getting to work.

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