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12-14-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon opens show addressing the elementary school shooting that just happened in Conn.
– President Obama makes a speech in regards to the shooting. Shannon agrees Obama did the right thing by making a statement
and addressing this issue.
– Rob Parker suspended for comments about RG3 saying “My question is, and it’s just a straight, honest
question: Is he a brother, or is he a cornball brother,” Parker said. “He’s not really. He’s black, he does
his thing, but he’s not really down with the cause. He’s not one of us. He’s kind of black, but he’s not
really like the kind of guy you really want to hang out with.”
– Shannon tells story of a guy who got on his bike joking and dropped it; needless to say Shannon popped
him in the mouth. Cancel drunk guy riding Shannon’s bike day.
– Talk about traffic camera that ticketed a car that was stopped at a light and gave them a ticket for
– Shannon figures out this “standard of blackness”, as in that most black people think there is a certain way other black people should behave.
– Party where friends set a passed out buddy on fire. Shannon says he would rather be peed on than set
on fire if passed out.

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12-13-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Jerry Brown / Josh Brent car crash news.
– Casey Anthony spotted in a Steakhouse in Fl.
– Lindsey Lohan storage unit up for auction. Can we get the Storage Wars guys on this?
– 12-12-12 Concert recap
– PA – Get your Burke gear!
– Man sues Hustler club for a $28,000 bar tab he rang up.
– G.I. Handbook tells them what to do.
– Viral photo of a 5 year old boy wearing pink zebra shoes.
– Facebook interns make 67k a year.
– Jenna Bush is prego?!
– Are commercials too loud?
– Oregon mall shooter. “I am the shooter.” Audio
– A dad carved a pentagram in his sons back and calls the cops on himself.
– Mailman pepper sprayed a 10 year old girl in the face on accident.
– Are airlines getting “crafty?”
– Jack Cates from Go To Casino

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12-10-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show….
– Shannon opens with words about Colin’s service’s from last night. More talk of how some drama unfolded at
the service from Colin’s son Zach, which was well needed by most/all parties there. Rick spoke his mind
freely about his feelings for Colin’s current wife and said how he felt she was just using Colin in the end
and trying to grasp for money from this lose.
– Talk about the Burke Kitchen and how Rizzo was making tons of omelets for the guys.
– Picking callers brains of where to put Colin’s account to win some games for his boy’s.
– Callers start calling wanting to hear the Zach audio from the service. More love from callers for Colin,
and wanting to hear the speeches from the service.
– Talk about the Cowboys DUI Josh Brent has been arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter
stemming from a late night crash that resulted in the death of a teammate. Jerry Brown Jr., a 25-year old
currently on the Cowboys’ practice roster, was killed in the accident.
– Shannon talks about how Jimmy Johns is being douches and won’t deliver to the Studio. Jeremy saves
the day and gets the Jimmy Johns delivered.
– Joe from Maine plays- “Colin Goes down on Gina”.
– Talk of how the water resources are being poisoned and some places you can light your tap water on
fire. Some tap water has methane in it and can be lit on fire.
– Sustainable hyper condoms (dissolving condoms). People who promote safe sex and sustainability are in a bit of a
sticky situation. Of course they’ll encourage sexually active people to put on a condom, but the thought of all that
latex ending up in a landfill isn’t very exciting.
– Women go to Chilli D’s restaurant and get labeled “Fat Girls” on the receipt, and are up in arms about this label
they got from a random waiter. Waiter got suspended and the group of women got a discount. Callers start calling
in with their fat girl stories.
– Joe tells story of when he slept walked out of his 2nd story sliding glass door during renovations.
– Talk of bar owner who lets his customers pay a yearly fee to join a smoking room where you can smoke pot inside
the bar’s special room that serves alcohol and food.

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