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12-30-11 The Tuddle Show

On The Show…
– Tuddle starts out talking about the best and worst of 2011.
– Tuddle plays audio from a cursing kid.
– Tuddle talks to his wife about the best need things of 2011
Why are Americans not bothered by things on the internet?
– Why did Russle Brand and Katy Perry split?
– Tuddle plays audio from queffing girl.

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12-28-11 Knockout Radio with Randy Harris

On The Show…
– Derrick is back in town from Chicago and talks about what restaurants he ate at.
– KO radio talks about the Nate Diaz press conference and the scuffle.
– Find out why Randy does not like the start time and date of the UFC 141.
– The guys talk about the movie “Warrior” and if it was an accurate MMA movie.
– Randy asks; What do you want to see in the new year when it comes to MMA?
– Listen to an interview with Johnny Hendricks from Las Vegas to talk UFC 141.
– The guys start previewing UFC 141 and breakdown the fights and who they think will win.
– Randy says he likes fighters to hate each other for real and fighters who hate life in general.
– Who would win in a matchup between Chael versus Brock?

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12-27-11 Spice’s Happy Hour

On The Show…
– Emailer claims shananigans on Sean’s sexual conquests.
– Spice gives the “how to” on not getting raped in prison
– Morgan has a economical method of masturbating, find out what position and room it requires.
– Happy Hour talks about the different ways people “clean themselves up”.
– The guys talk about whether circumcision is the best option for your son?
– Is racism natural?
– Dual personality talk (professional vs party).
– 7 causes of sex drive loss in men.
– Where has Arnold been?

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12-22-11 The Diacos

On The Show…
– The guys talk about their holiday plans and the vibe around town.
– Jeff reviews the movie; “The Change Up”.
– Question of the night; “Whats your sex fetish or pregnancy story?” Find out the fetishes of The Diacos.
– Hear Stephen talk about his feces stories.
– Can you get a STD from a dead body? A caller phones in to ask.
– Antonio Tarver on the phone to talk about his life growing up and the hardships he has faced on his way to the top.
– Hear how Antonio plans to shake up boxing in 2012.
– Is there a place for “luck” in sports? Antonio Tarver and The Diacos dismiss this theory.
– Deirdre Capone, the great niece of Al Capone on the phone to talk about the family history and how the gang/mafia era started.
– Deirdre talks about how hard it was to grow up as a Capone and some of the hatred she experienced.

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12-21-11 Knockout Radio with Randy Harris

On The Show…
– Randy starts out the show talking about The Shannon Burke show playing Hall and Oates.
– What would the perfect gift for an MMA fan?
– KO radio talks about the possibilities of a MMA TV or Radio channel.
– Brock Lessner is getting fined for killing something he did not eat.
– The guys debate on how a world cup MMA tournament would go and what type of format would it be.
– Interview with MMA fighter Mike Pyle on the phone to talk about his upcoming fight in Brazil.
– Randy interviews Jorge Masvidal about his latest fight and the injury that he sustained.
– Derrick from Knock Out Radio calls in live from Chicago.
– Hear an interview with Jeremy Fullerton from Topps trading cards.
– The guys preview the next UFC pay per view.

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