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1-9-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon opens the show with a recap of the NFL playoffs.
– Author Jeff Ashton on the phone to talk about his campaign for Florida State Attorney.
– As the former prosecutor of Casey Anthony, Jeff weighs in on the recent videos posted from Casey.
– Shannon talks about left over etiquette, is there proper way to eat pasta?
– Boy dies after smoking synthetic marijuana, should K-2 be illegal?
– New York schools to ban teachers from wearing jeans to work, find out why.
– Whats the best method to pee while driving in traffic?
– Tuddle drinks his own urine, find out why.

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12-30-11 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon opens the show with sad news of the show “Moonshiners” is fake.
– The government is enforcing light bulb standards, find out what will be eliminated.
– Shannon talks about how energy efficient his house is.
– California to require a prescription when purchasing Nyquil.
– Shannon has his Twitter rating and is among some elite company, find out who is in his class.
– SBS lists their best and worst moments of 2011.
– Should the Humane Society be responsible for treating an animal if the owner cannot pay.
– Tom Banks on the phone to breakdown the final week of NFL regular season games.
– Jamie The Physchic on the phone with predictions for 2012.

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12-29-11 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– The show opens with Colin and Rick arguing about sports, find out what has Rick so pissed off.
– What pubic hair trend is making a come back?
– Do you prefer your partner to have pubic hair?
– California police will be in full force trying to find distractions that impair drivers. What will be the fines will be for these traffic violation?
– Who is the safest drivers on the road?
– What is the most distracting object in your vehicle?
– Shannon lists the top ten movies of 2011.
– Have you been to a drive thru liquor store?
– Who cheats more, gay or straight couples?

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12-28-11 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon might be in a Twitter war with the BBC, find out the details.
– After the discussion yesterday, Shannon now believes the show “Moonshiners” is fake.
– Why arent film crews responsible for filming crimes and illegal acts during documentaries?
– Shannon talks about the top ten songs of 2011.
– Top ten tv series of 2011
– Top ten drama stories of 2011
– Listen to tweets from spoiled kids who didnt get what they wanted for Christmas.
– Is it racist to ask for identification when voting? Is it unconstitutional?
– Listen to interesting facts about the worlds biggest penis and vagina.
– Shannon talks about the strongest vagina and largest gang bangs.

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12-27-11 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon opens the show by recapping the Christmas holiday.
– Can grown men still wear t-shirts? Shannon talks about maturing and wearing collard shirts.
– A pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers caused madness in a shopping mall, hear why these shoes caused such a riot.
– Whats the longest you would wait to buy something you want?
– Whats the worst fight you’ve gotten into during Christmas?
– Would you become an Organ Donor? shannon talks about why you may want to reconsider.
– Hear Colin’s story about buying crack in the ghetto.
-Find out how Brad Pitt gets his abs and pecks.
– NFL analyst Tom Banks on the phone for a special breakdown of the last week of regular season games. Find out who is a lock for the playoffs and who is still fighting to get in.
– What did Mel Gibson’s ex-wife get in their divorce? What else does she get besides money?
– Are Twitter followers worth money? Listen to a story that may shock you.
– Criminals caught after posting robbery photos on Facebook.
– Should high school boys be able to wear high heels?

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12-22-11 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon starts the show with opening his gifts from the guys, find out what he got.
– Are you finished with your holiday shopping? Is there a good time to attack the mall?
– In a divorce situation, is there competition between parents of who spends the most?
– Whats the most disapointing moment of your Christmas?
– Why do guys break things when we are pissed off?
– Should Shannon make a resolution to wear more collard shirts?
– The Kardashians have been linked to sweat shops in Cambodia, is it their responsibility to check these things out?
– Teen blows up hand with a homemade grenade, hear the story.
– Netherlands reporter calls Rihanna a nigga ass bitch.
– Shannon plays audio of a Ron Paul interview where he gets up and walks out in mid-interview.

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