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12-30-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– As 2011 comes to a close, Ledge recaps where DC has grown as where the show is heading.
– Find out what Ledge means when saying our country is hypersensitive.
– Ledge breaks down the evolution of human contact and how people avoid each other.
– Listen to the best and worst ways to pick up women.
– What is synchronicity according to Ledge?
– In 2012, where are we as a society versus where should we be? Ledge talks about this evolution.
– “Accept the resistance from the machine as this is a sign of progression”, find out what DC means by this.

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12-29-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Ledge opens the show with an audio piece devoted to the word Fuck.
– DC touches on the Ron Paul slander in the media. Hear the newest updates.
– Is America becoming a “Truther Nation”? Ledge and Revere give their reasons.
– Follow the money; DC talks about our fiat currency and how watered down the dollar’s value is.
– Listen to audio of Grayson and Bernanki talking about the trillions of dollars missing from the books.
– Why was the cast of “Mythbusters” silenced when trying to air an episode on RFID chips?
– If you could have your own floating island, what would it be called?
– Hear an interview between Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura about war.
– Did the X-uploads predict 9-11 with an episode that was pulled off air?
– Ledge explains what might happen if Ron Paul is elected.

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12-28-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Ledge opens the show with audio from a town hall meeting with Ron Paul. Hear his thoughts on the NDAA and Patriot Act.
– Punk Rock Politics with Jason Bermas, this week’s topics are; being in the government’s cross hairs, Ron Paul smear campaigns, Newt Gingrich, Campaign fund raisers, Genetically Engineered bugs and The Info War.
– Ledge and Jason talk about possible false flag attacks with the main oil supply in the middle east.
– DC talks about the end if tines prediction for 2012.
– What is SOPA? Ledge talks about the origin and hypocrisy of major corporations involved in SOPA.
– Is the government using the Anti-piracy act to begin shutting down the internet?
– Hear audio from President Eisenhower speech about “The Military Complex”.

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12-27-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Ledge opens the show with an emotional monolog by Alex Jones, find out what made him beak down on-air.
– “American Rehab” brings music from bands like; Rebel Inc., Poker Face, Barry McGuire, Chris Geo, Clearwater Creedence Revival and Sons of Liberty.
– What does Ledge mean by phycological vampire?
– With depression rampant this time of year, DC talks about how the holidays effect people in different ways.
-Ledge talks about the secret documents that The Vatican is releasing.
– What bands would you want at a hypothetical DC music festival?
– With the diversity and range of music played tonight, Ledge talks about how to destabilize a country.
– Hear why gas prices are influenced by speculation and why they change the price so often.
– Ledge cuts a promo on Tucker Carlson, hear what he had to say.
– Why does America only have a few political parties, after two hundred years of existence shouldn’t we have more?
– Who are the 25 richest members of congress?

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12-22-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Tonight is a hybrid of Thursdays and Fridays as DC gets ready for the Christmas break.
– DC starts by talking about the winter solstice and its effect on the length of days.
– With all the Christmas classics on television, the guys talk about new movies that could make the list of greatness.
– If you carry a weapon, should you bring your gun to dinner or holiday events?
– When performing oral, is there a certain type of music you prefer to listen to?
– Ledge’s friend Tina calls the show as we talk about sex music.
– Listen to an air check by Ledge from the mid 90’s.
– Are there any Christmas songs that you would have sex to?
– DC plays Christmas songs in preparation of the holidays.

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12-21-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Ledge opens the show with audio from judge Napolitano talking about terrorist plots that were planned and foiled by the FBI.
– Punk Rock Politics with Jason Bermas; Ledge and Jason talk about topics ranging from phycological warfare to Joe Rogan, fractional banking and domestic terrorist. Hear the origins of Christmas and how it relates to religion.
– With the group “Anonymous” being behind the curtains, does this allow a terrorist group to act and place blame on “Anonymous”?
– Scientists have geo-engineered mosquitos and have released them into the atmosphere. Is it a good idea to alter the cycle of life in nature?
– DC talks about flu shots vs human immune systems.
– Find out why Ledge thinks Chris Wallace is a bigger tool than Tucker Carlson.
– Ledge breaks down the difference between his “day job” and FOX news reporters.
– Listen to audio from Aaron Russo who met a Rockefeller and got inside info about premeditated terrorist attacks planned by the government.
– Why dont we see the 9/11 towers collapsing on television anymore? Ledge plays audio of first responders who claim there was separate explosions.

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