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03-16-2020 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Lummox and Colton are missing

Bi Boy is missing too; Bi Boy is no longer on the show

Bubba and the guys talk about all the shows that are talking coronavirus today

Bubba and the guys talk about all the show that are off for the next few weeks

Bubba says he doesn’t want to talk about coronavirus too much

Seth brings up that he advised his parents not to leave their household

Bubba and the guys talk about the possibility of quarantining anyone from 65 years and above

Bubba says he has heat with both Colton and Lummox

Lummox broke up with his girlfriend

Colton is here; Bubba doesn’t want to get to him yet

Bubba calls Lummox to see why he isn’t here yet

SEG 2:
Bubba brings Colton in studio

Colton says he came in late because he was getting Chic-Fil-A

Bubba is upset that Colton puts himself first above getting to work

Bubba wants to talk to Colton’s dad regarding his job

Colton says his dad is still in Las Vegas

SEG 3:
Bubba plays the Dan Diaco/Low Rider parody

Seth has been texting Lummox’s ex-girlfriend

Ashley says that Lummox was sexting an ex-girlfriend

CALLER – Mark from North Central Ohio – chimes in about the Colton situation

Bubba calls Lummox; Lummox picks up

Bubba asks Lummox about the truth of what happened with his ex-girlfriend

Ashley had access to his phone and found the sexts

Bubba and Seth interrogate Lummox about what happened between Lummox and his ex-girlfriend

Ashley is on the phone to recount what happened between her and Lummox

Bubba tries to see if he could hook up with Ashley

Bubba asks Lummox if he could hook up with Ashley; Lummox says ‘no’

SEG 4:
Bubba and the guys talk about the coronavirus
Bubba and the guys talk about the precautions people are making to “Flatten The Curve”

Bubba plays a clip of Donald Trump addressing the public about supermarkets being opened; advises people not to hoard

Lummox has finally arrived to the studio

Bubba and the guys ask to see the texts that got him in trouble

Stoned Joey Logano came to Lummox’s house to wake him up and get him to the show
Bubba just got a pic from Lummox’s ex-girlfriend

Bubba plans on doing arts and crafts with Ashley later today

SEG 5:

Light Stream

Bubba asks Lummox if he wants to be part of the show

Lummox wants to be part of the show

Bubba asks Lummox about an incident that happened at a pizza place in Ybor

Lummox recounts what happened at the pizza place in Ybor

Lummox says Capt Iceland Mike may have been flirting with Ashley

Bubba calls Ashley to get her recollection of events at the pizza place

BEAVER – ASHLEY (lummox’s gf)

Lummox has an angry outburst

SEG 6:
Bubba plays a Seth parody song

Bubba explains the Colton situation to Lummox
Bubba talks to Lummox about possibly adopting out the show goats

Lummox says that he and Colton took Baby the show goat out to the beach

Lummox has a mini outburst about the show goats

Dr. Dan leaves the studio to applause

Bubba explains how Pookie had multiple seizures Saturday night

Seth tells Bubba to get CBD for Pookie

Bubba thinks Lummox needs to distance himself from the BRN / show goats

SEG 7:

For Hims

Bubba and the guys talk about the coronavirus briefly

Bubba and Lummox talk about Lummox’s series of events from this weekend to this morning

Bubba talks about possibly letting go of Lummox and Colton

Bubba gets Jay Diaco’s perspective on the Colton situation

Bubba brings Colton back in studio to talk about his stupidity

CALLER – chimes in on the Colton situation

Seth thinks that Colton is addicted to fast food

CALLER – George – is pro-Colton

CALLER – GHG – hung up on immediately

SEG 8:
Bubba says he’s been texting a few people about goats

CALLER – says Colton’s CFA addiction is total bull crap

CALLER – Mike from CT – thinks Bubba should go back to ‘Old Bubba’

CALLER – Catastrophic – thinks Colton needs to be suspended without pay

Iceland Mike is in studio

Bubba asks Iceland Mike about what actually happened Saturday evening between him and Ashley

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