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02-14-2020 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Beard Equipment

Bubba talks about getting the track ready for this weekend’s event

Bubba wanted to not come in today but he couldn’t miss out on the Valentine’s day hitachi book reports

Blitz says he has a hitachi in his car for Tara Clem

Bubba tells a story about going to a brothel with his dad

Bubba and the guys talk about Valentine’s Day

Seth and the guys asks Bubba about any possible love interests

Bubba mentions that Millennials are naming their kids weird names to make their kids more ‘unique’

SEG 2:
Beard Equipment

Bubba and the guys talk about top names that Millennials are naming their kids

Bubba talks about Tyler’s mom being pregnant and how they got to the name ‘Tyler’

SEG 3:
Bubba promos Bubba 199 next Friday

Bubba talks about Mike’s Pizza having a heart-shaped pizza

Seth wants to get pizza with Bubba

Bubba wants to bring Seth, Blitz, and Cave to lunch

Bubba decides he doesn’t want to take Cave to lunch because of the heat he has with Cave’s wife

Bubba decides not to have Cave be part of Bubba’s Lunch Bunch

SEG 4:
Mike’s Pizza
Elder Ford

Bubba gets calls from some of the hitachi winners

Bubba’s phone lines are screwed up and mix Amber/Brittany’s numbers

CALLER – Brittany – gives her review of the hitachi


Blitz has to reset the phones

Bubba calls his brother-in-law

CALLER – Amber – Hitachi testimonial

Bubba and the guys talk about a Blue Jays player caught masturbating in Dunedin

SEG 5:

CALLER – Fawn – Hitachi testimonial

CALLER – Felicia – Hitachi testimonial

CALLER – Samantha – Jailhouse ID

CALLER – Meagan – Hitachi Testimonial

SEG 6:
CALLER – Lummox

Lummox and the boys deliver a hitachi to Tara Clem
Nick Di Paolo

SEG 7:
Bubba talks about his lunch bunch

CALLER – Rose – didn’t win a hitachi but bought one and gives a little review

Rose marks out to Baby Face


SEG 8:

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