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02-03-2020 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Seth and Lummox shaved their beards down

Lummox shaved down to zero

Seth didn’t fully shave his beard down; Seth has a few on-camera gigs with the Lightning this week

Dr. Dan offers to do lipo on Seth and Lummox’s necks

Dr. Dan explains the process of lipo-ing a neck

Bubba and the guys get into the Super Bowl

Bubba explains to Dr. Dan how he got screwed over by Nipplegate

Lummox brings up that he watched the Super Bowl with 6 lesbians at his new girlfriend’s house

Dr. Dan mentions that he sold his Super Bowl tickets late yesterday

SEG 2:


Dr. Dan tells a story about going to the Lamborghini dealership

Dr. Dan sold his Super Bowl tickets to some rich dude at the dealership

SEG 3:
Dr. Dan shares a clip of the Silent Disco

Bubba starts to play some of the Super Bowl Half Time Show

Lummox asks a question about Shakira’s possible cosmetic surgery

Bubba cuts a promo on Lummox for his stupidity

Bubba and the guys continue to go over the Super Bowl Half Time Show

SEG 4:

Bubba and Dr. Dan talk about “pulling the plug”

Bubba and the guys continue to talk about the Super Bowl Half Time Show

Bubba and the guys talk JLo’s part of the half time show

SEG 5:

Jay Diaco in studio

Bubba opens phone calls for legal questions

CALLER – NUG87 – Shout out to the Walter Payton Man of the Year winner from Jacksonville

CALLER – Tin Hat wearing dude – Super Bowl Half Time conspiracy

Bubba and the guys talk about the last half of the Super Bowl

CALLER – Tom from Bradenton – Slip and fall question for the Diacos

CALLER – from the 269 – has questions regarding pain pills not given by doctors

Bubba and the guys continue to talk about the Super Bowl

CALLER – from the 813 – has questions regarding possibly getting a lien on someone’s house/judgement

CALLER – from the 239 – says he got in an accident; was not ticketed originally but was sent something from a lawyer saying he was negligent

SEG 6:
For Hims

Bubba talks about some of the prop bets he made with Bet DSI

Bubba and the guys talk about Jay Z / Beyonce not standing during the National Anthem

Bubba asks the Diacos about a legal issue his friend is having involving damage to their vehicle involving a mechanical gate

Bubba and the guys talk about some of the best Super Bowl commercials

SEG 7:
Light Stream
Bubba goes over Tony Stewart’s NASCAR HOF induction speech

Bubba and the guys discuss the Coronavirus

SEG 8:
Bubba plays Red Kingdom by Tech N9ne

Bubba and the guys go over some of the top Super Bowl commercials

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