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09-06-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba feels today will be a good show

Bubba has some good news he will be announcing at 7:15AM

Bubba feels there is some tension between Tuddle and him

Tuddle is visually frustrated at Bubba

Bubba thinks Tuddle’s clothing makes him look uptight

Tuddle has some issues with Baby the show goat

Bubba thinks Tuddle and Caveman are goat haters

Tuddle talks about Baby pooping all over the place

Bubba talks about Packers beating the Bears last night

Bubba says the landlord will be coming by at 10:15AM today; Bubba wants Tuddle out of the building

SEG 2:
Bubba talks Florida Man Radio

Bubba talks about the show press photos he wants for Florida Man Radio’s site

Bubba really wants to find an image for Blitz

Janessa wants to see Blitz in a dog gimp mask

Tuddle gets another pee joke in on Bubba

Bubba thinks Blitz has taken counter programming to the next level

Janessa talks about the strength of her periods

SEG 3:

Bubba asks Tuddle about the skuttlebutt with Janessa

Blitz brings up some stuff that occurred during yesterday’s creative meeting

Bubba says he has everyone’s back at the BRN

Bubba goes to SJL to ask him if he’s been cleaning Baby’s mess

SJL talks about sealing Baby’s piss

SEG 4:

For Hims

For Hers

John from Precision Laser is in studio with new stencils for the show goats

SJL brings Baby in studio to check out how the new stencils look

Bubba and the guys talk about Baby

Bubba goes through some show emails

Bubba wants to bring back kegeling

Bubba goes into his big announcement; Baby poops on SJL

Bubba talks about all the new distribution channels for the show


1st – Tuddle

2nd – Janessa

3rd – Bubba

Bubba gets into a story about an Ohio Weather Guy caught with child porn

Tuddle admits that when he went to jail he was trying to get pills

SEG 5:


Bubba gets into various companies that plan on helping with Hurricane Dorian relief

Bubba and the guys continue the story of the Ohio Weather Guy

Bubba and the guys talk about a guy who rapped about burying his girlfriend; charged with murder

Bubba and the guys get into a story about an elected official skipping out on work; reporter confronts him while mowing

Bubba and the guys talk about stores banning guns from their stores

SEG 6:
Hex Head Art

CALLER – Tom “Casey’s Boyfriend – Trying to bust Tuddle’s balls

Tuddle has heat with Purple Jersey in the Twitch Chat

CALLER – Mike from Indiana – Thinks Tuddle is being a whiny bitch

CALLER – James fromCharleston – Firefighter calling in to mark out; gives a Dorian report for Charleston

CALLER – Brian from Tampa – Thinks Tuddle is doing a great job being sober; thinks he sounds better on air while sober

CALLER – Jersey Rich from New Jersey – Calls in to mark out to Tuddle

Bubba goes into Kevin Hart’s 911 Call from his crash

Bubba and the guys go over their life’s “Theme Song”

SEG 7:
Bubba has his friend Clint Grubbs in studio

Bubba gets into a story about Clint getting in an ATV crash

Bubba tells a story about Clint Grubbs helping Bubba out by hiring him for some work last year

Janessa’s Hot Chick Picks

Bubba talks Krispy Kreme’s new Pumpkin Spice donuts

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a Pinellas County woman in trouble over allowing her dogs to kill ducks

SEG 8:

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