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09-03-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba says he came to the studio multiple times over the break

Bubba talks about the goats; Bubba says there is a new goat ‘Baby’

Bubba says Baby is the coolest goat ever

Bubba says Heather was given back

Bubba says Hootie has been sick and is on medications

SJL has been at the studio every day during the break to take care of the goats (PODCAST)

Tuddle wants a discount on Bubba Army Merch for the members of Tuddle’s Teamsters

Janessa said she gave up drinking after Bubba199

Bubba bets that Janessa won’t be able to NOT drink this weekend

Bubba and the guys talk Hurricane Dorian

SEG 2:
Bubba promos


Bubba and the guys talk NCAA Football

Bubba and the guys talk Hurricane Dorian; Breakdown Charleston’s CBS affiliates news report

Bubba plays a few different videos showing Hurricane Dorian hitting the Bahamas

Bubba plays a viral video of a guy explaining how to ‘fight’ a hurricane

SEG 3:
Bubba goes to SJL on slate to talk show goats

Bubba goes through a few emails


Blitz says its too close to call; has to put it to a poll

1st – Tuddle

2nd – Janessa

3rd – Bubba

Bubba and the guys talk about Kevin Hart’s car accident

SEG 4:
Light Stream

Bubba goes over the results of the Daily Cube poll

Bubba talks about re-skin

Bubba and the guys talks about Hurricane Dorian

Bubba talks about playing Cards Against Humanity; Bubba wants to play it on uncensored radio

Tuddle talks about going to the Hard Rock with Lummox

Bubba and the guys talk about an emotional support goats

Bubba talks about Florid Man Radio

Bubba talks about listening to The Monsters

SEG 5:
Bubba doesn’t think there will be Bubba 199

For Hims

Bubba introduces the new BRN goat ‘Baby’

Bubba breaks down all the drama surrounding the BRN show goats

12MINS IN Bi-Boy gets humped by ‘Baby’

Bubba and the guys go into the Top 5 Rap

5 – Drake ft. Rick Ross – NOT APPROVED
4 – Post Malone – APPROVED

3 – Lil Tecca – NOT APPROVED

2 – Lil Nas X – NOT APPROVED

1 – Lizzo – APPROVED

CALLER – has heat with Colton over BAR weekend programming

Bubba and the guys talk about a gunman who went on a deadly shooting rampage in Odessa, TX

Bubba and the guys talk about The Joker movie

CALLER – Talks about the Texas gunman; killed a postal worker who was on the phone with her twin sister

Bubba plays a clip from CNN that includes the twin sister of the postal worker who was shot

Bubba continues to talk about the Joker

Bubba goes on a Summer of Sam tangent

CALLER – Bubba Army Brad – talks about a commercial involving Post Malone

SEG 6:

Bubba and Blitz discuss the buildings issues with Frontier

Bubba talks about pole dancing robots at a French strip club

Bubba and the guys watch a broadcast of NC Governor’s press conference for Hurricane Dorian; talk about the ASL interpreter

Bubba and the guys talk about ASL interpreters at concerts

Bubba talks K&N

Bubba and the guys talk about people price gouging during Hurricane Dorian

SEG 7:

Baby is in studio again

SJL has to take a call from the Vets office

Vet needs to see Hootie

Bubba goes into a story about a woman who was arrested after she tried to avoid drug charges by impersonating her 21-year-old daughter during a traffic stop

Bubba goes into a story about a Volusia County man trying to loot before Hurricane Dorian hits the FL East Coast

SEG 8:
Bubba talks about Florida Man Radio

Bubba talks about 2 other potential markets starting next week

CALLER – Jerry The Jobber – Says he’s gonna be a dick; Bubba hangs up

Bubba promos TLC Show

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