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08-15-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba points out that the boys put out the mats for the Bubba vs. Dr. Dan Wrestle Off

Bubba is feeling sore from working out and doesn’t know if he should wrestle Dr. Dan
Bubba thinks Dr. Dan is going to try him today to see if he can provoke Bubba to shoot him with an airsoft

Bubba pontificates on if Dr. Dan would gloat if he were to win

Bubba talks about being at odds with Tuddle compared to being at odds with Blitz

Bubba says we should call Tuddle’s Union the ‘Tuddle Teamsters’

Bubba says he watched Django Unchained

Bubba and the guys talk Django Unchained

Blitz brings up that there will be a game at the Field of Dreams site

Caveman chimes in about why they’re playing the game at the Field of Dream site

Bubba says he got his haircut from Lady Jane’s

Bubba and the guys talk about how much they’d pay for an “Adult Lady Jane’s”

Tuddle says there should be beer on tap

Bubba points out Tuddle is like 29 days sober; Blitz says the math is up

Bubba goes through the math of Tuddle’s sobriety; Tuddle is actually 34 days sober


SEG 2:


Bubba plans on doing a Bubba 199 with the boys tomorrow night at 9PM

Tuddle talks about how his parents are dealing with his sobriety

Bubba and the guys talk about SJL work ethic

CALLER – DR from Ocala – marks out to Bubba’s Tony Stewart interview

Lasker is coming in studio tomorrow; Lasker wants to talk about the legal case surrounding the death of his friend

Bubba talks about a potential female co-host backing out

Bubba wants to do a game with Gene tomorrow

Bubba wants to avoid competition between Gene and Tuddle

Bubba goes through the Tuddle Teamsters roster

Bubba says he’s trying to get Larry Bird to do an UNsponged; too busy for next week


SEG 3:

Bubba starts his Light Stream endorsement; has mic issues

Tuddle points out Bubba can’t do any engineering without using the help of a union member

Light Stream

Bubba talks about all the new content on YouTube

CALLER – from the 407 – Can’t get the show via TuneIn

Tune In is down, Bubba promos

Bubba plays a video of Tuddle trying to pull out of a space by pushing it out


1st – Tuddle

2nd – Bubba

Bubba talks about Denny Hamlin; Denny Hamlin is from the Tampa Bay Area

Bubba talks about possibly doing new press shots


SEG 4:
CALLER – Dave from Bradenton – is full hot with Tuddle

Dave points out that Tuddle doesn’t have a Bubba Army sticker

Tuddle gets hot over the caller calling him ‘Pat’

Bubba brings up how fans have tried calling him ‘Todd’ when his own mom calls him ‘Bubba’

CALLER – from the 662 – issues with TuneIn

CALLER – from the 740 – TuneIn is back up and running

Bubba goes through some of his sound effects on Nexgen

CALLER – from the 904 – Marks out to the newly updated Bubba Army APP

CALLER – from the 812 – Says Tuddle is an Asshole

Caller thinks everyone in radio makes $200K

CALLER – Cabledawg – talks crap about the previous caller; marks out to Bubba UNsponged

Bubba asks about Cabledawg’s daughter

Bubba talks about Warren Sapp having heat with Gerald McCoy

Bubba plays a few old Warren Sapp bits


SEG 5:
Bubba calls Lasker

Lasker is full hot

Lasker wants to be in the press pics

Bubba assures Lasker that he will be part of any future press pics

Bubba talks about his friendship with Lasker

Bubba and Lasker talk about how they first became friends

Suffered a collapsed lung, displaced heart

Bubba and the guys talk about new details surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein


SEG 6:

Jay and Dan Diaco are in studio

Dan is already poking Bubba in the chest by messing with his mic on purpose

Bubba plays some clips of Dr. Dan during last week’s Diaco show

Dr. Dan slams the door to poke Bubba in the chest


CALLER – plugs Cluster F

CALLER – from Charleston, SC – has comments on copy-cat Walmart shooters

CALLER – Ron from Brooksville, FL – thinks he broke his hand during a fight he had a few months back

Dr. Dan is wearing a singlet under his clothes

Bubba and the guys talk about Warren Sapp

Bubba shows a picture of Dr. Dan in his singlet

Bubba and the Diacos discuss Jeffrey Epstein

Bubba gets into a tangent about ‘Killer Ratings’

Bubba and the Diacos continue to discuss Jeffrey Epstein

CALLER – Mike Z from Pennsylvania – Has a few questions regarding drinking mineral water

CALLER – Renae from Ft. Myers – Has a few questions about the HPV shots for girls

CALLER – Nug87 – Has questions about tetanus

Bubba and the Diacos go over a video showing Yankees GM Brian Cashman having guns drawn on him by some cops by accident


SEG 7:


Bubba forgot to get the Diacos to do the cube and if they’d be part of the Tuddle Teamsters

Bubba goes through the members of the Tuddle Teamsters

Bubba wants Tuddle to create a Tuddle Teamsters testimonial CD

Bubba plays today’s Previously – Perfect example of a testimonial

Blitz goes over some of the people Bubba forgot who were in the union

Bubba gets into a story about a Bradenton man arranged date on Facebook, raped her while she slept

Bubba gets into a story about a Pasco man charged with holding an Uber Eats driver against her will, threatening her with gun


SEG 8:

Bubba promos TLC, YouTube, and Bubba 199
Super Fat Bubba Lite donated over $1K

CALLER – Super Fat Bubba Lite – Call in; Bubba and the guys mark out to him and his generosity

Bubba and the guys do Super Fat Bubba Lite LINERS

Coltons asks for some TLC Cheap Sweeps

Bubba talks about Big Slop

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