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08-07-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba talks about his interview later today with Deion Sanders

Bubba talks about last night’s Rays game

Bubba says he was prepping for Deion’s interview during the Rays Game

Blitz asks Bubba if he went to dinner last night; Blitz got an alert on the old show calendar

Blitz is excited that Rays scored 6 which means Papa Johns is 50% today

Bubba says he may order some Papa Johns for the boys today

Bubba goes over the final inning of last night’s Rays Game
SEG 2:

Bubba promos today’s Bubba Un-Sponged with Deion Sanders

Bubba talks about the feedback he’s gotten from the Amanda interview

Bubba talks about the heat he’s gotten some heat from fans over Amanda

Tuddle says it would have been great to fart in Amanda’s face; Bubba talks about the possible problems with farting in a woman’s face

Bubba and the guys go in a college volleyball/softball girls tangent

Bubba continues into emails

Bubba talks about a possible candidate named Allison who is interested in becoming a co-host

Bubba talks Daily cube


Seg 3:

Bubba talks about how Blitz was messing with him during the break



1st – Tuddle

2nd – Bubba

Bubba gets into a story about a group of kids ringing doorbells and attacking people with brass knuckles

Bubba gets into a story about people up in arms over a strip club sign
SEG 4:

Light Stream

Bubba explains how he was taught how to talk across the mic

Bubba shows how his mic has corroded over the years

Bubba promos Bubba Un Sponged

Tonight is the first night Tuddle will be staying at Lummox’s house

Tuddle talks about his sobriety; Tuddle plays minecraft to distract him from his drinking urges

Bubba and the guys talk about Lummox’s drinking habits


CALLER – Kyle from Ft. Myers – Thinks Tuddle is lying about his drinking; heard Tuddle say he may have had a drink during a hot mic break

Tuddle says he wasn’t lying about drinking

CALLER – tries to troll the show; promotes another Twitch streamer

Bubba gets into a story about allegations facing the Boy Scouts of America

Bubba and the guys discuss Catholic church/sexual abuse allegations

Bubba and the guys talk about the new Ford Mustang
SEG 5:

Palm Harbor Piping

Bubba talks about his top friends in life

Bubba says Denzell’s son Jake is a freshman in college and will be going to college in Tampa

Jake wants Bubba and Denzell to help him move in and act like they’re his dads

Bubba and the guys talk about Steph Curry getting cross over by a 7ft 5-star high schooler

Bubba and the guys talk about next year’s BRN Royalty Party; the new ring design

Bubba goes over the top party schools in the US

Bubba goes into a story about a Kentucky woman who pulled a bag from body cavity, snorts drugs in police cruiser

Tuddle’s Mean Tweets

Bubba talks about John Morgan pushing for recreational marijuana in the state of FL

Bubba calls John Morgan; leaves VM

Bubba replays the VM

Bubba talks about a lead he has on some Nigerian goats; plans on getting 2 males

Bubba gets into a story about a story about the Brazilian gang leader who dressed as his daughter in wonky prison-break attempt

Tuddle sends Bubba an updated story; the gang leader is now dead

Bubba gets into a story about a toilet that exploded after lightning struck a Port Charlotte home septic tank

Bubba asks everyone how long it takes for them to use the toilet
SEG 6:

98 Rock – Hex Head Mention – Call To Action


Hex Head Give Away – CALLER COOPER

Head Head Give Away – CALLER SHAWN

CALLER – Mandy from Charleston – New listener – PRIZE Pack from Rainbow Engraving

CALLER – Nick from Charleston – PRIZE Pack from Rainbow Engraving

Tuddle is full hot over people not knowing Bubba trivia

Bubba talks about Tom Brady putting his $39.5M house on the market

Bubba talks about his dream home; huts for his harem

CALLER – Michelle with MS from Bradenton – wants to try out for the female co-host position

Michelle – Daily Cube

Michelle – Shall We Play A Game


SEG 7:


Bubba talks about Papa Johns Pizza; Blitz just ordered us some Papa Johns

Papa Johns is 50% OFF when Rays score 6 runs

Bubba promos Bubba Un-Sponged

CALLER – DR – comments on Amanda; thinks Amanda has an Achilles heel in her daughter

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a guy who assaulted a teen for wearing a hat during the national anthem

Bubba and the guys get into a story about parents who disposed of their 4-year-old son’s body in a dumpster

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a man who accidentally threw away his life savings

SEG 8:

Bubba promos Bubba Un-Sponged today at noon

Bubba promos TLC

Tuddle says Bubba’s interview is in the green room

Bubba talks about what it may take to become a female co-host

CALLER – Glory Hole Greg

Bubba hangs up on G Hole Greg; doesn’t want him on his airwaves ever again

Bubba talks about what changes he may have to make when interviewing the potential female co-hosts

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