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08-02-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Gene Lasker is in studio

Gene has been at a federal trial regarding the murder of one of his friends, Paul

Bubba tells a story about meeting Paul

Bubba tells a story about Paul helping Bubba out at BRP

Bubba mentions that Ninja moved from Twitch to Mixer

Bubba mentions he will do a Friday Night Show; doesn’t know if Janessa will take part

Tuddle says he’s gotten a few emails over goats

Bubba says he’s been looking for goats on craigslist

Bubba promos that Lahna Turner will be in studio later today

Tuddle says Lahna and Bubba hit it off last time she was in studio

Bubba says Lahna is a chubby chaser… was she flirting with Bubba last time she was in studio?

SEG 2:
Lasker makes fun of Bubba’s hat

Lasker says Bubba is looking good today

Bubba and the guys pontificate about if Bubba should grow a beard like he had in the Power Pig days

Bubba talks about how he would wrestle people and use his beard on people

Bubba promos Wednesdays ‘Bubba Unsponged’ series


Bubba and the guys talk about what a ‘Unicorn’ is in the ‘lifestyle’


SEG 3:

Precision John brought some lasagna in for the guys

Lasker busts on Precision John’s lasagna; says its not really lasagna because of all the vegetables

Bubba and the guys talk about names that work for men and women

Bubba says he’s a little spun out about today; Bubba’s excited

Bubba didn’t go to sleep until after 11 last night

Bubba talks about peeing in his backyard

1st – Bubba

2nd – Tuddle

3rd – Lasker

4th – John

Bubba and the guys talk about their preference for flaps

SEG 4:
Palm Harbor Piping

Bubba tries to show people how to donate money to the YouTube feed

Bubba gets into a story about an old woman getting aggressive over getting a traffic ticket

Bubba talks about A$AP Rocky’s trial

Bubba brings up a story about Billionaire and accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein having a ‘baby-making factory’ to spread his DNA

Bubba plays the full body cam video of the old woman getting aggressive over getting a traffic ticket

SEG 5:
Lahna Turner in studio

SEG 6:
Gene Lasker left the studio early; took the rest of Precision John’s lasagna he said he ‘hated’

Bubba asks Tuddle about his sobriety

Tuddle says Shannon Burke was watching the show; had some comments about Tuddle

Shannon will call in next segment

SEG 7:
Bubba calls Shannon Burke

Tuddle keeps interrupting Shannon

Shannon hangs up

Bubba calls Shannon back

Bubba and Shannon have a big meeting in Orlando today

Bubba gets into some audio from last week’s Boned & Stoned Show

CALLER – Mariann from Brooklyn – Checking in; hopes Bubba doesn’t feel that Mariann took advantage of Bubba

Bubba ssys he’s been going through therapy lately

SEG 8:

Bubba has to get right out to go to his big time meeting

Tuddle says that he has a guest in the green room

Bubba talks about how he’s interviewing possible new female co-host

Tuddle has a new troll messing with him all week long

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