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06-10-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba wants to do a track meet with Ned to get back to center

Bubba comments on a bad edit on his Bump In CD; Colton edited the song poorly

Bubba thinks he ate something bad; says he has piles

Bubba couldn’t sleep until 7AM the morning after the dance party

Bubba saw Tara Saturday; Tara gave Bubba a pill that knocked him out on her couch

Bubba has a big meeting today with the Ferret over internet stuff

Bubba talks about the Tuddle drama; Bubba thinks Tuddle has to stay off Twitter

CALLER – Scott from Delaware – Loved Bubba’s Friday Night Dance Party

Scott mentions a California based radio host Humble Harve who killed his wife; made a radio comeback

Bubba starts reading the All Access story of Humble Harve

Bubba mentions that David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic

Bubba mentions that people have been getting poisoned at a DR resort

Bubba talks about heat he’s been getting from people who dislike the kegels

CALLER – Dale The Shipper from PA – Says that Bubba often shows up in his love making sessions
Bubba talks to Dale’s wife; she finds it funny that Bubba comes up in their sex life

SEG 2:

Bubba mentions Rays winning last night

Bubba tries to ask Alexa about the Rays game

Alexa tells Bubba a bunch of facts about The Sopranos

Alexa finally tells Bubba the score from last night’s Rays game

Bubba reads an email from a guy who hates the kegels

CALLER – Scott from Peterborough – Wants to know where Tuddle is?

Scott says Tuddle is the ‘most over’ person on the show; Bubba faces Scott

Bubba continues on the anti-kegel email he received

Bubba says he is rabbit-nosing right now and no one knows

Bubba reads an email from a guy who enjoyed Friday’s show without Tuddle

SEG 3:

Bubba gets into Stanley Cup Finals talk

Bubba says today is a 30year anniversary of him getting a $52K contract

Bubba continues his Stanley Cup Final talk

Bubba brings up Game 5 of the NBA Championship; Caveman thinks that KD won’t play and wants to preserve his body to get a bigger contract

CALLER – Yoder – says he is pro-kegeling

Bubba talks about an exchange he had with Tuddle; Bubba thinks Tuddle is a snowflake for the way he’s acting

Bubba plays some old bits; Ned’s Redneck Shop

Bubba points out that some items should have been edited out of the original Redneck Shop bit by Big Dick

Bubba says ‘Up The’ and ‘In The’ should have been edited out of the bit; Caveman agrees

Bubba dumps out of the second Redneck Shop call; may be too racial

Caveman chimes in; Tuddle edited the Redneck Shop bits

SEG 4:
Bubba got a new kegel cd from the bullpen

Bubba is doing some pre-kegeling with the new music provided by Bi Boy

Bubba’s getting worn out by the pre-kegeling

Bubba hates the music that Bi Boy picked for kegeling

Bubba goes to Bi Boy on the slate; Bi Boy doesn’t have an answer for Bubba

Bubba goes to Tuddle on the slate; asks him about Bi Boy’s kegeling cd

Bubba churned Tuddle up

Bubba thinks that the guys are trying to sabotage the kegeling segment by giving him terrible music

Bubba gets into Tuddle’s Trailer Park MAGA

Bubba talks about the Royal Family; how much does the Royal Family cost the UK taxpayers

Blitz chimes in; on average UK residents pay about $100 a year towards the Royal Family’s budget

Bubba asks Tuddle if his dad loves everything Trump does; Tuddle says Wayne loves everything Trump is about

Blitz chimes in; says BFUDD jumped off the Trump bandwagon

Tuddle talks about his dad; wants to take him to the Miami/UF game

Bubba comments on the Democrats running for POTUS; Blitz chimes in on creepy Joe Biden

SEG 5:
Bubba plays Ned’s No Net of ‘Fat Guy’

Hex Head Art

Bubba goes to Tuddle on the slate to go over Hex Head pieces that Colton’s family has been purchasing

Bubba talks to Tuddle; Bubba thinks he likes Tuddle out there on the slate

Bubba talks about Joe Biden being handsy with a 10-year-old girl at a rally

Biden told a 10-year-old ‘I bet you are as bright as you are good looking’

Biden is being a super creep to the 10-year-old girl

CALLER – Comments on Joe Biden being a creep; asks Bubba the population of the UK and Bubba hangs up on the dude

Bubba goes into a story about a FL motorcyclist getting struck by lightning

Bubba goes into story about a police officer forcing a woman to give oral to an infant

Bubba thinks that we should get a Colo-Guard for everyone; Blitz chimes in and says they are $649 each

Bubba gets into a story over someone killing a woman’s therapy pigs

CALLER – Carl from Ft. Myers – Comments on Mike Calta getting a contract extension

Carl marks out to the show; loves everything except for kegeling

SEG 6:


Bubba talks to Tuddle on the slate about Bubba 2.5

Bubba wants to know why Tuddle is blowing everything out of proportion

Tuddle asks why Bubba has been retweeting people who have been putting him down

Bubba explains to Tuddle that Bubba doesn’t appreciate how Tuddle has been acting

Bubba says Tuddle tried throwing that he had job offers into Bubba’s face yesterday

Tuddle says he was trying to show his loyalty to Bubba by telling him that

Bubba says he’s tired of Tuddle just engaging him instead of listening to Bubba

SEG 7:

Light Stream

Bubba goes to Tuddle in the slate; Bubba offers Tuddle to come in studio

Tuddle says he wants to come back in tomorrow and restart new

Tuddle doesn’t want to come in studio until Bubba needs him

Bubba gets into a story about a town in Southern California that elected a dog as mayor

Bubba gets into a story about a mega-church leader arrested for sex trafficking and rape

Bubba tells Tuddle to get back in studio if he wants to be in studio tomorrow

Bubba gets into story about California lawmakers agreeing to health benefits for immigrants

Bubba says he doesn’t know if he will ever be 150lbs; Cancer is probably the only way

Bubba says he’d rather be fat and sassy than have cancer

Tuddle talks about his mom having cancer; lost nearly 125lbs due to cancer

Bubba gets into story about a duck that got eaten by a polar bear at the San Diego Zoo

Bubba and the guys break down the David Ortiz shooting story

Bubba mentions Rush Limbaugh and Blackbeard’s adult resort; Bubba goes through Blackbeard’s website

SEG 8:

Bubba plays Ned’s ‘A Lot’

Bubba promos his YouTube channel; Bubba talks about his pro pyloning

Bubba says most of the things that we do that are stupid are supposed to be stupid

CALLER – Tampa Terry – Rolls out his new name ‘The New Tampa Terry’

Bubba plays some of his pro pyloning YouTube live video from this weekend

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