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06-04-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba says he had a rare early morning bowel movement

Tuddle says he’s been feeling sick and is on antibiotics

Bubba asks Tuddle about his alcohol consumption the last 24hrs

Blitz chimes in and says Tuddle is ‘pickling’ his body

Bubba says he is ‘fogging’ his body with his pills, weed and alcohol consumption

Tuddle says his doctor is in the process of weening him off his meds

Bubba talks about Tuddle’s alcohol consumption; Says Tuddle would steal nips left in the studio

Tuddle claims they are ‘show nips’ which are like props for the show

Bubba asks Tuddle if he sees nips like Bubba sees McDonald’s French Fries

Bubba asks Manson if there is something he just can’t go without; Manson says weed

SEG 2:

Bubba talks about Jay Z becoming the first hip-hop artist to become a billionaire according to Forbes

CALLER – BR from Ocala – says that he’s hearing reports about BRP being foreclosed on

Bubba talks about the people that pile on him when he’s down

Bubba talks about the various shows/stations that may have ripped him off

Bubba talks about James Holzhauer’s historic streak on Jeopardy ending

Bubba believes that everyone loves watching people fail

SEG 3:

Bubba promos this Friday’s dance party; Tuddle won’t be there

Bubba asks Tuddle if he will get a Trailer Park MAGA; Tuddle says yes

Bubba wants to know if you can eat karp; Tuddle says yes

CALLER – Nic from Monkey Knife Fight on air (15mins)

SEG 4:
Bubba promos that he will be doing Kegeling with Clem sometime today

Bubba roleplays with Manson; acts out being a fan talking to their son about Kegeling with Clem

Bubba talks about an environmental spillage


Bubba wants Caveman and the boys to find audio of Bubba putting over the St. Louis Blues from a few months back

Bubba talks about the St. Louis Blues tying up the Stanley Cup Finals with the Boston Bruins

Bubba and the guys talk about professional/college sports seasons being too long

Bubba gets into a story about a love triangle that led to a fatal shooting at Walmart in Merritt Island

Bubba gets into story about Officers banned from wearing their uniforms during Sacramento Pride festivities

Bubba gets into the story about Russia censoring a lot of the gay sex scenes from the movie Rocketman

SEG 5:


Bubba breaks down a video of SJL, Lummox, and Tuddle hanging out at Colton’s pool

Bi-Boy edited the video poorly and took out Colton’s hot sister

Bubba continue the video of Buds&Suds in Colton’s pool

Bubba and the guys talk about Tuddle’s tanned neck; calls him ‘Two Toned Tuddle’

Ned says Tuddle looks like a Chechin mercenary (13mins in)

Bubba gets into a video of SJL trying to impress Colton’s sister by breaking a wood board by doing karate

Bubba doesn’t like the campiness at the end of the video

Bubba plays a video of Lummox and SJL trading punches with the big bopper boxing gloves

Bubba goes to SJL on the slate; Bubba wants more videos like the trading punches video

Bubba wants to interview SJL’s girlfriend; does SJL’s girlfriend know SJL is trying to get with Colton’s sister

Bubba plays the SJL/Lummox video a few more times

Bubba gets into a story about a ball-gagged man who couldn’t call for help as their Grindr hookup robbed him

Bubba goes on a tangent about Mike Tyson vs. Holyfield

Bubba and the guys talk Heavyweight boxing

Bubba and the guys break down Alex Ruiz TKO’ing Anthony Joshua

Bubba breaks down the Peter McNeeley fight with Mike Tyson; McNeeley talked a lot of crap in the pre-fight interviews and got destroyed during the actual fight

SEG 6:

Bubba plays ‘Pat Tonight’

Bubba says Kevin Hayslett is off tonight; says he’ll be streaming tonight

Bubba promos the Friday Night Dance Party

Bubba says Blitz is working on the Make It Rain Machine; Blitz says the part would take a week to get here through a delivery

Bubba said he may have to get it himself

Bubba plays a clip from last week’s Friday Night Dance Party

Bubba plays more clips from Buds&Suds weekend at Colton’s

Tuddle is drunk and stroking Lummox’s beard

Tuddle is feeling piled on by Bubba

Bubba breaks down the video of Tuddle, Lummox and SJL drunk at Colton’s kitchen table

Bubba plays a video of Tuddle apologizing to Colton’s sister

Tuddle talks about a road trip that he and the other members of Buds&Suds plan on taking to Tallahassee

SEG 7:

Bubba breaks down more of the Anthony Joshua / Alex Ruiz Heavyweight fight

Bubba and the guys couldn’t believe Anthony Joshua quit the fight the way he did

Bubba gets into a story about a Kentucky pastor accused of asking underage girls to have threesome

Bubba and the guys talk about the Catholic Church aka ‘World-Wide Rape’

Ned would vote for Trump if he legalized weed and nuked the Vatican

SEG 8:

Bubba plays ‘It Jutts Out’

Bubba talks about this week’s Friday Night Dance Party

Bubba says Blitz is in the process of fixing the Make It Rain Machine

CALLER – Opie – comments on the Ruiz/Joshua fight

CALLER – Tom – Says Tuddle isn’t on the ending credits


Bubba goes into a story about an Illinois HS teacher charged with criminal sex assault of student

Bubba goes into a story about round $1 million of cocaine found off Charleston coast

CALLER – Says Tuddle played some of the stories on his own show

Bubba gets into story about a woman who threatened to use 2 machetes at St. Pete axe throwing business

Tuddle is having a bitch fight with a guy on Twitch named ‘Purple Jersey’

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