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3-7-13 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon opens with his mobile car detailing issues.
– We talk about the use of drones in the U.S.
– Guy pours boiling hot grits on his wife, then backhands her with the pot. AND the wife refuses to testify against him in court.
– Si from Duck Dynasty takes a ride along with the Police.
– “My Strange Addiction” woman puts vapor rub on her eye lids and in her tea.
– Lady kicked out of the Westboro Baptist Church
– New Jersey cop appears to punch woman in the face outside of a club.
– Steve Pursall joins us for some movie reviews.
– A college is teaching their students hippies are dirty devil worshippers.
– “Bitch farted on my dick”
– Rick calls from his vacation.
– Killer bees have come to Florida!
– Christians anti gay rap.
– Man gets 85 pizzas delivered to his house for $1,500 and only tips $10.
– Amanda bit.

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