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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba found some cool stuff in the box of stuff people sent to him.
Bubba describes what “Liquid Ass” is.a liquid that actually smells like ass.
Bubba blasted 25 Cent with a squirt of Liquid Ass.
Bubba makes 25 Cent apologize to him for making him feel bad.
Spice recaps Chip’s date last night.Chip was wearing a cowboy outfit while at Secrets.
TBOC contest update.
Audio – clips from Chip’s date with Jersey last night.
Audio – clips of Chip and Jersey having sex inside a club.
Bubba calls Jersey for her recap of last night’s date with Chip.
Was Chip a pathetic fuck?.
Jersey says that Chip has had stuff in his ass before.
Jersey puts her roommate Bella on the phone.
Bubba tries to schedule another date with Jersey and someone else on the staff.

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba pitches some other ideas for the Tony Stewart show.
Ned left the studio during the Steve Cohen call.
Comedian Jim Florentine in studio with.appearing in Pinellas Park.
Artie the owner of “My Big Fat Greek Restaurant” in studio with Jim.
Jim comments on the Michael Richards “nigger” outburst.
Jim comments on Gallagher and Gallagher 2.
Who were Jim’s biggest influences?.
Talk about Sal the Stockbroker’s “nigger” routine.
Jim comments on Chip’s date and lame sex audio.
Chip comes in to explain why he told Jersey that he had objects in his ass.
Would Chip let a girl shove a finger up his ass to get a three-way?.
How much would Bubba need to let a guy eat his ass for 30 minutes?.
Jim rips on how Bubba looks for his age.

Highlights from Segment 3
Play Manson’s “Shock Jock” song.
Bubba tells Brent to go get a beer.
caller – on hold with Sirius customer service.(to get a key chain).
caller – black people need to “stop ragging on white people”.
Kurt Angle calls in.
Could Kurt Angle take out Tito Ortiz? Kurt predicts he could go three rounds with Tito.
Could Kurt cut weight to fight for $10 Million?.
Kurt asks Bubba to be his promoter for a huge pay per view fight

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba is excited by the Tony Stewart show on the NASCAR channel 128.
Bubba tunes into Tony’s show.
Bubba doesn’t want sprint car driver Steve Kinser on the air.
caller – really likes the show and has a song idea for Manson.(and sings it).
Donna Doll and the french girl Angelique Morgan in studio.
Donna recaps her mix in with Brent.but can’t talk about details.
The guys rip on Charles Taylor (aka Combover Willy).
Angelique and Donna Doll get naked.
Donna Doll and Angelique Morgan in studio (continued).
Bubba says that “blacks can’t drive”.so 25 Cent won’t be able to participate.
The guys attempt to drive a dildo strapped on a remote control car into Donna Doll’s puss.
Bubba yells at Charles Taylor for taking pictures in the studio.
Bubba takes a turn using the remote control car to fuck Donna Doll’s mouth.

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba thinks his microphone may be fixed.
Bubba explains why he is bringing Jaeger in for the SOTBA.
Bubba says satellite radio listeners are smarter than terrestrial radio listeners.
Bubba says that Nip Tuck show has hulked up.
Spice put Bubba in awe by delivering a “santa suit” today.
Bubba wants to send out a show Christmas card (but not to Penny Crone).
Joe the Super Mark’s girlfriend Julie sent in a painting of Brent looking really rugged.
Bubba talks about Sirius broadcasting NASCAR coverage next year.
Bubba claims he thought of NASCAR in-car stuff for Sirius.
Ross Zapin calls in.says he is done with Nip Tuck.
Ross loves “Deal Or No Deal” TV show.
Christie O’Quinn from Jacksonville (sex shop) mention.
Spice explains the schedule for the Chip date later tonight.
Bubba tells Chip what he expects from him during his “date” tonight.

Highlights from Segment 2
State of the Bubba Address (with Jaeger and Doug).Ned says he made up with Jager.
Bubba reads Ned’s blog and checks out two new TBOC contestants.
Lasker shows up in his wheel chair.Bubba thinks Lasker looks handsome with his new do.
Lasker would rather be dead than have a black man help him.
Is Sirius marketing Bubba properly?.
Has Howard ever been to Bubba’s studio facility?.
What breed of chickens does Ned like to have relations with?.
Why is Bubba allowing men to enter the TBOC? (ripping on contestant #2).
Would you still be Bubba’s friend if he wasn’t your boss?.
Why does Bubba have a fanny pack? Does Bubba wear one?.
Why are all the guys in the studio homophobic? (Lasker doesn’t know what it means).______
How long does it take fro someone to gain Bubba’s trust?.
What happened to the planned “Gene Lasker Investigates”?.
Why isn’t Spice in Brent’s top five friends on MySpace?.
Bubba asks Jaeger about the “black helicopters”.(Does Brent think he is Mancow?).
Is Bubba worried about being censored on satellite radio?.
What is Bubba’s favorite place to eat on the road?.Favorite southern meal?.
Lasker painted his Amex card it would match Bubba’s black card.
Why doesn’t Janie have a blog on
Bubba thinks his mic sounds too “bassy” today.
Bubba doesn’t know how to pronounce Melody’s name.but Lasker does

Highlights from Segment 3
Brent gets yelled at for eating during the show.
Melody Donna and Heather join the guys for the rest of the SOTBA.
Would Melody listen to the show if the fans bought her a radio?.
Why did Melody and Spice break up then get back together?.
Does Bubba regret the way anything in his career has been handled?.
Does Melody have any problems with Spice working for Bubba?.
What was Heather’s reaction when Howard gave up her wedding date on air?.
Did the guys go to their Senior Proms?.
Chip comes in before leaving for his date.Donna rips on his flower bouquet.
What will Manson do if he catches his kids getting high?.
Bubba plays a Brent song concert.
How did Bubba propose to Heather?.(in the bathroom).
Bubba says that Heather cried then blew him when he proposed.
What wedding song have Bubba and Heather picked out?.
Questions about Spice’s piercing.
Bubba says that Melody is “so hot” while he grabs Heather’s ass.
Why does Brent deny civil liberties and freedom to his wife Amanda?.

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba doesn’t like Jimi Hendrix “Angel” song.but Heather does.
Bubba says that Heather is not eclectic she is dumb.
Has Lasker ever tried to hit Bubba?.Lasker says that Bubba couldn’t take Bubba.
Bubba and Gene have had strange gay fights in hotel rooms.
Bubba recaps one of Lasker’s racist rants.
Will Ned attend the race between Bubba and Robin?.Who is he rooting for?.
Why does Bubba hate Claire B. Lange?.
Can Sirius help get Bubba more big guests for the show?.
Brent recalls snapping at a girl named Lisa at Sirius.and apologizes.
What is the “dark side” of SFN?.Why don’t the Stern fans on SFN really like Bubba?.
Bubba and Lasker talk about their race teams.Bubba is changing teams.
Will there be a BRN softball team next year?.
Will there ever be an in-studio camera?.
Will there be any major changes to the studio after the great flood?.
How long does it take for Ned or Manson to make a bit or song?.
What grades does Heather teach?.Kids have though she was a student?.
Jaeger asks Brent about his military career.
Bubba asks Jager and Doug for best of show recommendations.

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba says his microphone still doesn’t sound right.
Bubba apologizes for the construction sounds from outside the studio.
Bubba mentions Brewer Concrete Construction.
Artie Lange has called the Bubba crew the “Westies”.
Brent and Spice recap their night of shitting after the “Shit Off”.
TBOC contest update.
Bubba calls Heather to make sure she can attend the State of the Bubba Address.
Brent doesn’t want to go to the dog track with Bubba this Friday.
The guys recall greyhound breeder Jim Abernathy.and play an old call with him.
The guys tune into a live police chase video on MSNBC (female in Dallas).
callers – comment on the Dallas police chase.
caller – Ned is a fucking nigger.
caller – explains where the police chase just ended.
Martin Gramatica talk.and Manson’s “Gramatica” song.
More Jim Abernathy talk.he owes Melody $20.
news – Pam Anderson and Kid Rock file for divorce.
Talk about Pam Anderson’s scene in Borat.
Spice went to go see Tommy Lee “spin” the other day.
Do any Djs really spin anymore?.

Highlights from Segment 2
Play Ned’s “Shit Your Pants” song.
Bubba did pay Jughead $1000 for winning the “Shit Off”.brief recap of the event.
There are now over 100 TBOC contestants up on the website.
The guys pick their favorite TBOC contestants.
Play Manson’s “Had a Bad Day” song.
Bubba has an issue with a ruling that came down on the “shit off”.
How much does Brent spend per month on weed? ($300).
Does weed control Brent’s life?.
Rumor has it that Tom Cruise was wearing a girdle at his wedding.
Bubba calls Heather but gets her voicemail.
Bubba not happy about the small 9 foot tall Christmas tree that Craig got him.
How do Brent and Manson the Atheists celebrate Christmas?.
Bubba thinks Jesus is a shoot and Santa is a rib.
Are Bubba and Spice “all in” with Jesus Christ?.
Bubba flips out at Dave for how his mic sounds.Dave blames Jesus.
Bubba was once told to work for a Christian radio station by a preacher.
Heather calls back in.says the kids are in a shitty mood today.
Spice asks Heather if she will be taller than Bubba in the wedding photos.
Would Heather let Bubba wear a girdle or a cut-off sleeve tuxedo?.
Bubba noticed that Heather gained a few pounds over the weekend.
Spice asks what Heather’s “batty (or baddy?) boots” are.

Highlights from Segment 3
“Shit Off” and Great Flood videos now on Bubba Raw.
Bubba can’t blog since his old computer has busted.why is no one blogging?.
Talk about the upcoming date from the Chip Dating Game.
Play Bubba’s “Miracle Church Experience” story from back in the day.
The guys recall when Brain Bramage used to call in.
Bubba asks for the guys opinions on his miracle church experience.
caller – how is Gene Lasker doing after his motorcycle accident?.
Bubba calls Lasker for an update.
Bubba tells Gene Lasker to go to the PRI show in his wheelchair.
Lasker got kicked out of therapy for doing wheelies in his wheelchair.

Highlights from Segment 4
Play Ned’s “H.I.V.” song.
Bubba calls Janie to talk to the food critic that is reviewing Janie’s meatloaf.
Janie puts Ryan the food critic on the phone.he wants to fuck Janie’s meatloaf.
Ryan grew up near where Bubba did.
Ryan says that Bubba knows his mom and she said Bubba was her worst client.
Bubba says he doesn’t care about the construction sounds in the background.
news – Black leaders are asking the entertainment world to stop using the word “nigger”.
Play Ned’s “N Word” song.
caller – Brent is getting soft.
caller – what does Brent think about Shula getting fired from Alabama?.
Bubba tells the guys to bring supplies to “take a ride” tomorrow for SOTBA.

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba convinced that someone came in over the weekend and adjusted the mics.
The guys hear a hum after the great flood damaged equipment.
Bubba and Heather went to South Beach to see Hogan over the weekend.
Bubba was really impressed by the food at Rachel’s in Miami..
Bubba and Heather went to a “black” club..and went shopping while in Miami..
How much would it cost to get the wives to shit their pants?..
Bubba wants the listeners to tell him if his mic sounds like shit today..
Bubba is not happy about the hum he is hearing in the studio..
Bubba tells the guys to police the “Shit Your Pants” contestants..
Bubba offers money for the contestants to film themselves shitting after the show..
callers – don’t think that Bubba’s mic sounds any different..
Bubba wants to go see “Gravy” the band that will be playing his wedding..
caller – doesn’t hear any problems with Bubba’s mic..
TBOC contest some merch..and check out the newest TBOC contestants..
Ned brings in a new “Shit Your Pants” song..
Bubba heard Coco and Spice try to form a “shitting” alliance..
Bubba gets updates from the “Shit Your Pants” contestants (Jughead and 25 Cent)..
25 Cent starts to get really bad stomach pains..
The guys are disgusted by Jughead’s body..has his fiance seen him naked?..
Spice and Coco have a “body off”..
The guys gets down to their diapers for a group shot photo..
Big Dick is already trying to cut offers with the guys behind the scenes..

Highlights from Segment 2

Play Ned’s “Live Like You Were Frying” song..
Bubba pissed off by how his microphone sounds..
Janie calls in to tell Bubba that his microphone sounds fine..
Janie offers some advice for the shit contest contestants..
The construction workers upstairs are making too much noise..
Janie comments on getting ready for her cooking newspaper feature..
Bubba tries to outfit his mom with new BTLS merchandise..
Football talk with Janie..
Breaking news – Pam Anderson and Kid Rock file for divorce..
Travis Barker talk with audio..Bubba is tired of reality shows (like Rob and Big)..
Why doesn’t Bubba have a reality show?..Does Paris Hilton have herpes?..
Ron Mexico and Valtrex herpes medication prescriptions talk..
audio – Jesse Jackson interviews Kramer (Michael Richards) about his “nigger” outburst..
Would white people be offended by being called “cracker” by a black comedian?..
news – Lindsey Lohan has major drug overdose..but doesn’t die unfortunately..
Bobby Brown and Whitney reality show talk..
caller – (Brent from Wisconsin) husband of TBOC contestant #95..
Bubba checks with the guys for a “pooping update”..
The guys determine how to decide a legitimate tie breaker in the “Shit your pants” contest..

Highlights from Segment 3
Play Manson’s “Hogan Operator” song..Kabuki Project CD talk..
Hammil in studio..comments on Akira video on Bubba Raw..did he and Spice make up?..
Jughead’s diaper photo looks hideous..who has the bets body in the diaper photos?..
Bubba points out that Brent may have fat on his knees..(Brent blames 2D photos)..
Coco and Jughead come in for a “Shit Your Pants” contest update..
The guys rip on Jughead’s physical appearance some more..
Does Jughead’s fiance really think that he is hot?..
Brent has already made money for shitting his pants (after getting choked out)..
Bubba calls Jughead’s fiance Crystal..has she ever seen Jughead naked?..
Bubba directs Crystal to look at Jughead’s picture on and call back in..
Crystal admits that she has asked Jughead to wax his excessive body hair..
Bubba rats Bubba out for smoking at working..Jughead denies it..
Crystal threatens to call off the wedding if Jughead starts smoking again
Play Manson’s “Celebrity First Family Feud” bit..
Bubba invited Jaeger in to help host the State of the Bubba Address this week..
Bubba asks the listeners to get off the internet so he can view the TBOC contestants..
Bubba calls John Boogades about website bandwidth..
Coco calls in to give a shit pain update..
caller – Does Robin really have a chance to beat Bubba in the Vagina 500 race?..
Bubba tries to check out the most recent TBOC contestants..
Spice gets a sudden “shit attack”..
Bubba calls Chip to ask him what is wrong with the website..
caller – comments on the TBOC contestants (#32 is his friend)..
news – 46 year old man arrested for sexually abusing an 8 year old girl on a flight..
Coco comes in the studio with a trash bag and a towel to prepare for the “shit off”..
How will the guys contain all of the shit that leaks out of the diapers?

Highlights from Segment 4
Play Ned’s “Shit Your Pants” song..
Chip Dating Game update..
Spice asks for a clarification on the shit contest rules..
The guys argue over how to judge a shitting tie..
The guys get in position for the “Shit Your Pants” contest..shitting begins..
The guys all begin to shit at the same time..appears to be a five way tie..
Some of the guys begin to puke after the smell hits them..
Bubba tries to describe the smell in the room and begins to puke again..
Brent is confident that he has the largest amount of shit in his diaper..
Bubba has the diapers weighed to break the shit off tie..
Jughead had a huge pile of shit in his diaper..bigger then Brent’s log..
Play Manson’s “Sponge Bubba Sirius Pants” bit..
Spice may have blown out his “o -ring” and had a lot of blood in his shit..
The guys decide to make the “shit off” an annual event..
Bubba tries to determine how to pick a winner in next years event..
Jughead appears to be the winner of the “Shit Off”..
The guys question whether or not Jughead pissed in his diaper

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Highlights from Segment 1
First day back after the “great studio flood”.
The guy discuss all the flood damage and what it took to get the studio back on air.
Dave Rice hasn’t left the studio in two days.
The “shit yourself” contest has been postponed.
Bubba releases the “Kabuki Project” CD.
Bubba plays Ned and Manson Thanksgiving bits.
Rosie O’Donnell outs Clay Aiken.
news – soldiers tease an Iraqi kid with a water bottle?.
Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of K-Fed at the AMAs.
Bubba pissed by Kramer’s apology on Letter man show.

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba asks if he can put the Akira video on
Playboy playmate Jennifer Walcott in studio with Corey.
Talk about Jennifer’s football player boyfriend.
Has Jennifer ever had a threesome?.
Bubba tries to guess who Corey is dating.
Play Manson’s “Thanksgiving at the Lasoski’s”.
What are the guys doing for Thanksgiving?.
Manson plans on going to a karaoke bar.Bubba wants to bring Heather to see Manson.
Would Bubba sing karaoke if he went?.Why won’t Brent go?.
Bubba starts calling Brent Howard Hughes.
Why is Brent such a recluse?.

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba plays a cut from the new “Kabuki Project” CD.
Bubba puts Walter Sabo over.
Talk about the latest TBOC contestants.
Are any of the staff still blogging?.Why did Ned stop?.
Big Dick brings some burnt turkey in for Bubba.
Big Dick wants to volunteer at the Dick too negative to work at the BRN?.

Highlights from Segment 4
Whitey Pippin shows up with more turkey.
Coco weighs in on Brent the Brent agoraphobic?.
The guys analyze Brent.
Brent feels that Bubba is weird too.
Bubba compares Brent to Michael Jackson.
Whitey Pippin explains the rib the guys tried to pull on him.
Spice told Whitey that Bubba was in a car accident.
The guys talk about pulling ribs on each other.
Bubba is going out tonight.could Brent come with him?.

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba releases new BTLS merchandise.
Bubba flubbed the word “diversification” while on Bay News 9 this weekend.
Bubba doesn’t know where to get a regular massage.only shady below board ones.
Bubba blows Brent and Lasker for going to get jacked off with him in Hartford.
Bubba talks about his upcoming Muscle and Fitness photo shoot later today.
Bubba had makeup air-brushed on him.Heather wants an airbrush makeup machine now.
Bubba explains the song “Take the Diacos and Run”.
Hogan wore a McGillicutty shirt on Hogan Knows Best TV show.
Bubba marks out to Carson’s Ribs in Chicago.
Bubba asks if the staff is really going to do the “shit contest”.
Bubba missed the Matt Hughes fight due to Ambien.
Bubba changes the shit contest rules to “who can hold a shit the longest” after taking colon blow
Joe the Super Mark calls in with “insider information”.
Joe concerned about the replay show schedule.

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba works out the details of the “shitting contest” game.
caller – where did the term “burn a wheel” come from?.
audio – Kramer goes off on a black guy in the audience at his show (nigger).
OJ Simpson making big news this weekend.Fox pulls his program.
Play “Spanky’s Thanksgiving” bit.
Manson had a shitty weekend because his kid’s science projects were due.
Bubba can’t decide if Tyler should start school at 5 or 6 years old.
Chucky Gruden rumored to be sending out talk.

Highlights from Segment 3
Ned shows up two hours late.
Is Ned going to do stand up comedy?.
Play old Dr. Mark call “Herpes or Yeast”.
Should your wife be allowed to have a personal trainer?.
Spice recaps story about someone who’s wife screwed her personal trainer.
Talk about above board massages.
Bubba plays the “diversification” audio from his Bay News 9 interview.(bad audio quality)
Why did Bubba have a ring on his fiver in the Bay News 9 clip?.
caller – talks about Philadelphia with Bubba.
Has McCain locked himself in for 2008? What about Jeb Bush?.
What staffers will compete in the “shit off?

Highlights from Segment 4
Play Ned’s “Fuck The World” song.(
Talk about ear stapling.
Who is Rachel Ray?.is her husband cheating on her?.
Callers give advice on the “shitting contest”.
Bubba plans on making Ex-Lax brownies.
Ned offers to stick a finger in everyone’s ass to check for shit.
Bubba tries to convince Brent to let him finger his asshole.
Play Ned’s “Bubba’s Big Brown Finger” song.
Rectal itch talk.
caller – thanks Bubba and Dr. Mark for getting him to get cancer diagnosed.
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married over the weekend.
Could Tom Cruise kick Spice’s ass?.
news – deer attacks a man and woman.
news – woman sues Coca Cola because she drank too much of it.
caller – thinks that Robin will beat Bubba in the Vagina 500 race.

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