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Highlights from Segment 1
Gene Lasker will be late for the footrace with Spice today
Play Manson’s “Spanky’s Halloween” bit
Ned comes in late again
Who is the fastest person at the BRN?
Eminem claims he fucked Mariah Carey, Brittney Murphy and Brittney Spears
caller – extreme podcasting guy
caller – (Stevie B) claims that Bubba gave him the warm line number at a bar in Tampa
Bubba smacks Ned several times for saying that Bubba was at a gay bar
Bubba is getting heat for trying to set up the Vagina 500 race
Ross Zapin calls in and falls for Evel Knievel Ross is pissed at Bubba
Bubba pissed with Howard 100 News for covering his phone call
caller – Chrissy from Boston wants anal sex from Spice
Chrissy talks dirty to Ned
Would Chrissy be willing to screw people from the show and record it

Highlights from Segment 2
Why is Billy mad at Bubba? Does Billy have to replace the carpet in his plane?
Hogan calls in to tell Bubba to not get married
Hogan tells Bubba to not talk about his “We” photo shoot
Hogan asks if the Bubba Army is still voting for Brooke and buying her CD
Hogan tries to get Bubba heat with Billy “mudcarpet” Vegas
Was Hogan working the Bubba Army for Brooke votes before? (Bubba rips on him)
Play Ned’s “Halloween Spook” bit
Heather and Jenna are both taking the kids trick or treating tonight
What candy is Bubba handing out tonight for Halloween?
Bubba’s kids ride in a golf cart to go trick or treating
Could Brent live without weed or TV for one month?
Play Manson’s “Blackman Halloween”

Highlights from Segment 3
Play an old call Ned calls in to promote Spanky’s gig
Manson brings in a new “Clem’s Creek” bit
Tucker Carlson calls in
Is Tucker’s job getting cut?
Tucker comments on John Kerry and Rush Limbaugh
Talk about the upcoming elections
Are there issues with the voting machines?
What would Bubba have done if he had won the sheriff election?
Bubba announces his candidacy for Sheriff on 2008

Highlights from Segment 4
The guys prepare for the Lasker vs Spice foot race
Play Ned’s “Storytime” bit
What will the winner get? What will the loser have to do?
Lasker wants Spice tp work a full day at his powder coat shop
Can Spice cut off Lasker’s mullet?
Gene Lakser and Spice footrace
Spice and Jughead claim Lasker false started
Spice wins the second race
The guys review the tape to see if Lasker did false start
Lasker agrees to have the fans vote on the first race false start
Lasker tries to explain his side of the story

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Highlights from Segment 1
Lasker won the feature at East Bay.
Bubba tracked mud through Billy’s plane but blamed it on Spice the whole flight back.
Bubba thanks God for Billy Vegas.
Spice found a CD in Bubba’s car.?.
What is up with Ned’s blog?.
Was the costume contest at Manson’s party rigged?.
25 Cent and Chip talk about not getting any pussy at Guavaween.
Did Chef get any pussy? Is Chef a predator?.
Why did Chip and 25 Cent give out 100 Bubba Army dog tags at Guavaween?.
Bubba kicks Chip and 25 Cent out for wasting the dog tags.
State of the Bubba Address with Doug and Mutt.
Why wasn’t Bubba on Hogan knows best when Hogan moved?.
Is Tony Stewart dating Bubba’s sister Tara?.
Does Lasker own Bubba’s race car?.
Where is the toilet paper in Bubba’s “shit” video?.
Why does Howard say that Heather is a different girl now?.
What is Ned’s favorite drug?.
Where would Spice be if Bubba didn’t hire him?.
What does Melody think about Akira?.
What happened when Bubba tried to sell Hogan’s boat?.
Why did Brent get his Bizarro tattoo?.
How did Bubba wipe his ass when he was heavier?.
Bubba once chased Spiceboy with a shitty towel.
What kind of thinks do you want your woman to do that she hasn’t ye

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba is meeting with Tim Sabean to finalize the Vagina 500 race with Robin.
Can Bubba replay the infamous pig slaughter show on Thanksgiving?.
Ned says he would gladly replay the hog show.
Did Hogan help Bubba get his Mopar sponsorship?.
The New Years Vegas broadcast has been canceled.
Why is Brent a Gator fan?.
Did Bubba get his new bed yet?.
Is Bubba saving his money for anything right now?.
Has Bubba ever been to Graceland?.
When is Bubba’s wedding?.
What is a relaxing day for Bubba?.
When will a Manson specialty show be ready? When will Ned’s be ready?.
What does the rattler look like?.
Would Manson let Donna bang Jason Ellis?.
Why does Bubba call Brent “Ballard”?.
Has anyone ever screwed a girl on Bubba’s desk or in the studio?.
What is the least amount you have ever paid for a hooker?.
Bubba drives a bus over Caesar, Guido , Cowhead and Champagne Joe (fucking hookers).

Highlights from Segment 3
Donna and Heather in studio for SOTBA.
Trace is in trouble and may be off his school’s team.
Manson is threatening to send Trace to military school.and offers $10,000 for straight A.
Heather and Brent debate over the education system.
Has anyone ever actually had a “cock off”.
What was Julia’s first impression of Bubba?.
Lasker rides his motorcycle into the building.
Lasker in studio.
Ned shaved his fu manchu mustache into a Hitler style one.
Gene recaps the race he won.he won $1400.
Did Gene really win because of an equipment violation?.
What was the Lasker Knoxville cricket caper?.
Could the BRN wives do a Gene Lasker makeover?.
Why did Lasker yell at the #01 car at the East Bay race?

Highlights from Segment 4
Is Brent stingy with his weed?.
Anyone ever get drunk enough to fall down the stairs?.
What job does Heather have?.
How does Heather feel about Bubba getting a vasectomy?.
What would you change about your sex routine?.
What do the guys say during sex?.
Is anything keeping Spice from marrying Melody?.
Have you ever pissed on a girl?.
How long has Donna owned the flower shop?.
Is Melody totally shaven? Has Spice ever had anal sex with her?.
Has Lasker ever pulled a gun at the racetrack?.
Why doesn’t Bubba talk about Julia much?.
Where do you like to have sex?.
Has Ned ever killed anyone during a sex act?.
Did Brent really have a steak knife to Amanda’s throat while in Vegas?.
Lasker argues that he is faster than anyone on the show.even Spice.
How many listeners does the show have?.
Will Heather take Bubba’s last name?.
Would Bubba ever have Eric the Midget on the show with Hogan?.
Why doesn’t 75 Chrome Shop have Bubba merch?.
what would you change on your body? Or your significant others body?.
Would Donna get fake tits if Bubba paid for them?.
Why does Sirius censor Bubba?.

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Highlights from Segment 1
Live Saturday Broadcast from Florida vs. Georgia game in Jacksonville..
Bubba recaps the short flight to Jacksonville on Billy’s plane..
Bubba apologizes to Tim Sabean for all of the emails..
Bubba wants to take the show to the Dominican Republic for a sex tour..
Bubba is getting a vasectomy in two weeks..
Bubba talks about Douglas Vanderlin..tells him the show is back in Jacksonville (for the day)..
How much has Billy lost on Brent’s sports picks?..
Bubba recaps the Mariah Carey concert..
Bubba asks Spice about the infamous “Tara Twist”..
Will Brent beat Amanda if Florida loses the game?..
Billy talks about how shitty Club Tao is..
Talk about the “Lex and Terry Funeral”..
Bubba talks to some sorority girls that show up

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba makes fun of the people walking by the broadcast area..
The BBQ grill catches fire..
Does Spice ever worry about catching any STD’s?..
Bubba interviews “Jessica” from the crowd..
The girls from “Pure Vanilla” show up..but won’t show their tits..
Jughead rides the mechanical bull in just his underwear..
“Turner” a Georgia fan goes nuts when he thinks Spice insulted Dale Jr

Highlights from Segment 3
Does Spice still talk to Akira?..
Who would get top billing if Billy’s plane crashed?..
Are Mexicans better workers?..
“Turner” comes back to try his hand at his own radio show..and fails miserably..
Bubba interviews the Chinese Pure Vanilla girl..
Georgia fan claims that her dad invented the “fridge pack”

Highlights from Segment 4
A couple from Hudson showed up just to meet Bubba..
Why won’t the Hudson guy marry his girlfriend?..
More Georgia whores roll up to get busted on..
Brent predicts the Gators will win 38-6..
Drunk horse trainer girl shows it all..

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Highlights from Segment 1
Ned pissed at Billy Vegas..what does he really add to the show?..
Did anyone see Meatloaf on the Today Show?..
Is the show turning into the Brent Hatley special interest show? (Todd McFarlane, Gator Game)
Brent gets pissed..says he didn’t plan to broadcast from the gator game..
Bubba proposes a Brent Hatley roast..plays Ned’s “Brent Hatley” songs..
Bubba continues to rib Brent making him more pissed off..
Bubba considering having a Tampa area Toys for Tits event..
Ned wants to be in on the Jennifer Emerson mix-in..
caller – (Paul) can’t get the streaming Sirius trial on his Mac..doesn’t know he’s on the air

Highlights from Segment 2
Play Manson’s “Clem The Fan” Eminem parody song..
Bubba thinks that Melody has probably gone down on a girl before..
Is Michael J Fox really as bad as the videos show him to be?..(Katie Couric show audio)..
Ned brings in a new “Storytime” bit..
Bubba stops the bit..why does Ned keep doing Mel Gibson anti-Jewish bits?..
Tim the “Taliban” Sabean is probably booking flights for Bubba and Brent now..
Bubba says he is already at two strikes with Sirius..
People are requesting Donna Doll ringtones..should there be Vivian West ringtones too?..
Manson votes to play the new Ned bit..Bubba questions the content of Ned’s new bit..
25 Cent comes in studio for an impromptu birthday celebration..
25 Cent got his teeth cleaned..he claims to still be in pain..
Bubba gets excited by how clean 25 Cent’s teeth are

Highlights from Segment 3
Play Manson’s “White Guys in the NBA” and Ned’s “Sick of the Sponge”..
News – David Hassellhoff beats and pees on his wife..
news – Indiana teacher gets 9 years for screwing kids..
news – Exxon Mobile reports huge 3rd quarter profits..
Former UN weapons inspector says Iraq war is a pure failure..
news – landscaper killed when lawnmower flips on him..
Play old “John Deer Mower” call..
Can Billy be part of the Jennifer Emerson mix in?..
Todd McFarlane calls in..
Todd talks about his new Lost figurines..
Talk about political ads..should there be a flat tax?..
What has been the best selling sports figurine ever?..
What sports figure has been the most difficult to deal with?..
Todd wants to make a Ned figurine

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba calls Hogan..Hogan sings on a plane..
Linda Hogan explains why she is upset with Bubba..
Hogan rubs the phone on Linda’s puss..
Brooke Hogan on the phone..who is she into right now?..
Spice would dump Melody for Brooke Hogan..
Nick Hogan on the phone..
Play Ned’s “Camel Toe” song..
Why is Xpac outside the studio?..
Bubba releases the new “Fuck This Place” shirt..
Is Bubba a Stern Fan Network mark?..
caller – (Jenny) asks about Lasker

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba reads his Ambien induced blog from last night..and new listener emails..
What happened between Spice and 25 Cent before the show?..
25 Cent bailed from the Guavaween float..
Bubba mandates that Chip and 25 Cent go to Guavaween and bring girls..
Ned calls in to see if he can come in the studio late..
Is Blish screwing up the whole Guavaween deal?..
Bubba kicks 25 Cent and Chip out of the studio..
Ned shows up 31 minutes late..
news – second Florida altar boy accuses the Mark Foley molesting priest..
Talk about the Gary Dell’Abate roast today on Howard Stern Show..
Play Ned’s “Catholic Town” call..
Jennifer Emerson emailed Bubba..wants to get together with him?..
More new listener email..
Are women grumpier in the morning than men are?..
Ned brings a new “Storytime” bit..will Bubba even play it?..

Highlights from Segment 2 is getting crushed by new listeners..
Would Chip bang Jennifer Emerson?..
Tara Reid has been talking about her botched plastic surgery..
Talk about Borat movie..
Bubba may have found the next “Lasker Investigates”..
Bubba calls Jennifer Emerson with the Evel Knievel button bar..
Jennifer agrees to have a threesome with someone on the show if she gets voted Pet of the Year..
Play Manson’s “Hogan Operator” song..
Dr. Mark in studio with John from
What does human growth hormone do? Who is a prime candidate for it?..
caller – 28 year old doesn’t want to bang his pregnant wife and “jiz on his kid”..
email – problem with man tits..
email – will Cialis work with anti-depressants?..
email – has bloody shit for several days..
Dr. Mark’s health bus postponed for multiple reasons

Highlights from Segment 3
Play Ned’s “Red and Dirty”..
Recap the Jennifer Emerson agreement to lap down one of the girls..
Kurt Angle on the phone..
Bubba tells Kurt to not fuck things up with Karen..
Bubba tells Kurt to wear an “FV” (Fuck Vince) shirt in the ring..
Talk about Samoa Joe Daniel Pooter and Chuck Liddell..
Kurt says that Vince McMahon has squashed his career outside of wrestling..
Bubba tells Kurt’s wife Karen that he will take her if Kurt screws up again..
Bubba marks out to how hot Karen Angle is..
Is the WWE a breeding ground for pain medication abuse?..(Kurt won’t answer)..
Play the Ned “Underwear Model” call that got a huge fine..
Play the “Scooby Doo” bit that got fined..
caller – Female FTE..Bubba tries to get her to rub her chia on the phone..
Play the “Pasco Pussycat” talk break that got fined..

Highlights from Segment 4
Play Manson’s “Hootie and Bubba” song..
Spice’s girlfriend Melody in studio..
Has Melody ever been with a girl before?..would she hook up with Jenifer Emerson?..
Ned calls in..pissed off that Bubba won’t play his bit..
Ned asks if Spice likes tasting John Lynch’s dick..
Bubba Brent Melody and Spice reenact an FCC fine transcript..
Bubba Brent Melody and Spice reenact an FCC fine transcript (continued

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba introduces the cast to any new listeners .
Talk about how Bubba got kicked off Raw Dog channel in 18 minutes .
Bubba replays the Chelsea and Sierra puss shockings .
The BRN softball team lost again last night .
Actress Shawnee Smith from “Saw III” on the phone .
Shawnee claims she has been begging for crack from the last 48 hours .
How does Shawnee feel about anal sex? .
Shawnee talks about using ecstasy .she sounds pilled up now .
Shawnee claims you can chart the seasons by the size of her tits? .
Who are Shawnee’s baby’s daddies? .
How high is Shawnee right now? .
Would Shawnee rub her puss on the phone if her movie makes over $15 Million

Highlights from Segment 2
Chris from Three Doors Down calls in .
Chris is on his way to install his own flooring .
Where is Chris’s favorite studio? .
Chris comments on music piracy and getting high .
What is the Three Doors Down rider like? .
How does Chris feel about Scott Stapp from Creed? .
When are the guys from Three Doors Down going back into the studio? .
Bubba tries to negotiate down the $100 that he owes Spice .
Bubba goes after Spice with a pair of needle-nose pliers .
Spice squeezes his own nose with the pliers .
Bubba gives Spice $100 to stop mutilating himself .
Play Manson’s “Riding Girls Bareback” song .
Hogan calls in to talk about his appearance on Howard’s show .
Brooke’s video is still #1 on .
Hogan talks about the heat between him and Linda .
Brooke was partying with Dennis Rodman last night .
Brent reads an email that came in from a listener in Holland .
Talk about where psychedelic mushrooms come from and pot brownies

Highlights from Segment 3
Ross Zapin calls in to talk about Nip Tuck .
They butt-fucked the shark on last night’s episode .
Talk about the success of the Sirius free trial .
The guys speculate on how the Gary Dell’Abate roast will go tomorrow .
Play Manson’s “Hogan Operator” song .

More email comes in from Holland .the show is #1 in Holland .
Ned needs to step it up with some new bits .
Will Melody and Amanda ever blog? .
caller – (Melody) Female FTE sucks a dick while on CB effect .gets hung up on .
caller – why didn’t Sirius replay Bubba’s show last night? .
More email from Holland .
Bubba plays the old “Princess Di” call by request .
Bubba talks about some of the bits that he has been fined for .
Play “Bubba’s Big Balls” .

Highlights from Segment 4
Play Ned’s “Today Was a Good Day” song .
Does rapper Fifty Cent have heat with rapper The Game? .
audio – Madonna on Oprah .
Rush Limbaugh getting heat for Michael J Fox comments .
Bubba challenges Rush Limbaugh to a UFC style fight .
Play Manson’s “Rush Limbaugh’s High” .
New Ice-T album cover is banned in the US .
news – Deputy Shaquille O’Neal present during a botched child porn raid .
news – 7-11 pulls “Cocaine” energy drinks off it’s shelves .
Kurt Cobain bumps Elvis off list of highest dead earnings .
Lamar Thomas in studio .
Has Lamar gotten any other job offers? Has he gotten any new pussy? .
Lamar talks about using the word “nigger” .
Lamar talks about getting road head .Bubba recalls Lamar getting more ghetto in the past .
How much of Lamar’s money was spent at Doll House? .
Lamar recalls his first day as a Buccaneer .
Lamar claims that his comments were made after the fight was over and edited in .
Lamar gave his Big East ring to a girl that blew him

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