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Highlights from Segment 1
Manson and Ned bit “Let’s Talk about Brent”
Bubba plays with the pitch control
Talk about Lasker coming in with girls from the Harem House, to apologize and try to get back on the show
Talk about a global warming fundraiser
Joe Scarborough Talk
Bubba and Manson talk about crying when their kids were born
Football Talk
Bubba talks about being in Fit Model International
Talk about the set up for anal ring tug o war
Ned “Racist Survivor” Call
Joe the Supermark Calls In
Would Manson let Donna have sex with Jason Ellis or Mark McGrath
Donna on the phone talking to him about Jason Ellis and Mark McGrath

Highlights from Segment 2
Playing Dog the Bounty Hunter audio about his arrest in Mexico
Bubba talks about when he had kidney stones
Manson “Spice Bareback It” Parody Song
Manson “Radio Survivor” bit
Play the Brianna Brag segment on Bubba Raw
Hogan calls in

Highlights from Segment 3
Ned’s CBS survivor phone call
Play Kat Williams audio from his HBO special Pimp Chronicles Vol1
Sal Governales and Richard call in
Listen in to the green room with the Harem House girls
Listen to the final Kat Williams cut
25 and Lasker come in studio to talk about the Harem House mess

Highlights from Segment 4
Harem House girls are in studio
2 girls make out
The girls critique 25s penis
Put a girl in the torture rack and spank her
Two sisters kiss
The girls negotiate out of anal bead tug of war and agree to do it in the vagina instead
A game of vaginal tug o war
The guys listen in to the green room after the harem house girls leave

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Highlights from Segment 1
Ned drinks his milk shake and makes a noise that Bubba catches
Bubba has the Ned’s “He baffled me with bullshit” on his button bar
News Global warming is not human caused; Brent gives his facts to counter this news article
NHRA, Gary Scelzi, is on the phone to rib Brent about global warming
Gary Scelzi calls back after losing reception, Bubba wants him to
Tyler likes Gary Scelzi because he gave Tyler a die-cast car
Gary wants to know if Bubba takes everyone to Denny’s for dinner?
Gary and Bubba talk about Robbin’s race in Pocono, they don’t think she went to 150MPH
Ned doesn’t think that drag racing is a sport and Bubba wants to show him that they are athletes
Artie and Robbin talked about how Bubba looks weathered
Bubba says he can’t fight back the way he wants to because it is Howard’s Show
Caller says that Bubba is talking it out of context
Caller says they ragged on Bubba but didn’t actually hear it
Caller talks about “Kerry Gray” and Bubba says he helped him as in intern
Kerry Gray is the one that thought of the name “Bubba the Love Sponge”
Bubba calls up Billy Vegas and wants to know what the Howard show said about Bubba
Bubba wants to do a “Bubba v s Artie boxing match”
Bubba thinks that everyone on the Howard show hates him
Billy says they called Bubba fat Bubba says everyone can call him fat but not Artie and Bingie
Bubba is on a poster in the a magazine that will be sold soon
Ned says Bubba looks fat and weathered
Caller Robin and Artie were talking smack about Bubba says it was mean spirited
Caller thinks that Bubba will win his race with Robin

Highlights from Segment 2
News Air force one will be in town to do a fund raiser at Raymond James
he guys try to guess how expensive it is to fly the president around
News Audio death of Danielle Smith
Jughead is called to the studio
News Eminem and his wife are back together
Jughead talks about Bubba Raw, Brent takes a swipe at the camera and hurt Jugheads eye
Ned gives Bubba the first of Brent Hatley concert songs; Bubba plays with the audio pitch
Jughead does the state of the Bubba Raw address
Why is Brent mad so much? Brent says they fuck with him to much
Caller describes what happened on the Howard show
Spice has an email; What does Bubba think about Nip Tuck showing more guy ass
Play Manson’s “Stan the Fan”
Is Whitey’s kid out of control?
News Audio “The View” Rosie O Donald and Gail get into an argument and Gail cries off air
Ned admits his interviews are fake
Play Ned’s “Rosie O Donald interview”
Bubba has a new button bar and plays some of his buttons
Caller it’s Elizabeth not Gail
Caller wants to talk to Brent, says Brent doesn’t get to chime in as much
Is Brent on the chip more often?
Spice thinks that people are not using their head and he gets mad at them
Manson thinks that they make fun of him to much
Brent says he should be mad but it’s a combination of everything
Bubba gets Brent strait with what he has in life; Brent can’t bitch
Brent says he is still upset about his good friend Zack passing away
Bubba tells Brent that Zack would want him to get over his passing
Bubba talks about how he is pissed about the U S Government but it was a blessing in disguise

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Highlights from Segment 1
Talk about upcoming Bubbaraw content
Bubba recaps the BRN softball game
Bubba and Brent argue about the upcoming schedule
Caller – Talk about Robin practicing at Pocono Speedway
Talk about Tyler racing
Play a listeners bit
Audio of Bill Maher putting over Bubba the Love Sponge

Highlights from Segment 2
Play Bubba Man Law Bit
Go over the Bubbaraw Cribs schedule
Plays Timberlake’s Bringin Sexy Back – plays other songs complains about music
Spice takes heat over Akira
Manson bit – Riding Girls Bareback
Bubba calls Steve Langford for updates about Robin learning to race
Bubba and Robin get heat
Bubba says racing Robin is a modern day Battle of the Sexes with Ebony and Ivory parameters

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba summons Jughead to the studio for a BubbaRaw update
Bubba does not like being filmed off-air
Bubba and Jughead describe Bubba’s nighttime pill capers
Bubba asks to see everyone’s belly button
Everybody gets heat over doing things as a group in New York
Caller- Murph from NY marks out to Bubba’s Las Vegas strip club recommendations
Murph describes paying girls from Scores to give a show and service 4 guys in a hotel
Bubba gets heat with Brent over not inviting him and the boys to dinner with Ronnie
Brent also says Amanda can’t leave the room without telling him first
Brent says its for her protection so she doesn’t go missing…the guys say he’s paranoid
Bubba summons CoCo to the studio for his opinion about Brent and Amanda
Play audio of Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Play audio of Flavor of Love
Brent explains the current situation with Pope Benedict XVI

Highlights from Segment 4
Play – Manson – Riding Bareback
Play audio of Hogan at SummerSlam
Pete Rose and Barry Bonds commentary
Play audio of CENTCOM disagreeing with Iraq War strategy
Manson as George W Bush details the Iraq War strategy
Play – Manson – Right Wing Sex Line

Steve Langford calls back to update Bubba on Robin’s driving
Steve loses signal in the mountains and Bubba plays Price is Right
Bubba reads Spice’s New York bullet points…They all involve Akira
Bubba summons Jughead to the studio
Bubba explains his bathroom behavior and peeing in the shower
Jughead describes being passed out while Spice and Akira had sex in the room
Jughead sat between two Muslims reading the Quran on the flight home
Jughead describes Bubba’s meltdown and cutting a promo on the front desk
Bubba recreates his promo
Dave explains how Akira asked for matches from the front desk
Dave Spice and Brent had girls talk them up at the Playwrite
Spice and Bubba rib Brent on telling the girls to think while talking to them

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba talks about losing his voice
The guys talk about the Manhattan Hooters Meet and Greet
Crosstalk about doing on air guys audio sex tapes
Ned Catholic Town call
Talk about Howard Stern on 60 minutes
Talk about upcoming appearances possible NYE trip to Vegas
Howard intern Jackson in studio
Marijuana talk with Brent, what would he tell his children about marijuana
Drama with Lasker, Lasker left the meet and greet and Bubba is upset about it
Heather is out shopping with Billy Vegas

Highlights from Segment 2
Manson Parody Sponge Bubba Square Pants
Old Manson bit where he called a woman as Jack Nicholson
Talk about the trouble Dog the Bounty Hunter is in for grabbing a fugitive in Mexico
Call Coco in Tampa, talk about Hammil’s feelings about Spice and Akira, and the softball team
Hammil now on the phone to talk about how he feels about Spice and Akira
Spice talks about Akira doing porn, he would leave her if she did guy/girl porn
More talk about what stuff Spice is comfortable with Akira doing on her website
Bubba complains about people coming in and out of the studio door
Artie stops by and comes in
Bubba invites Artie to come do a show in Tampa and stay at his house
Talking about the premier of Beer League
Talks about writing the script for Beer League

Highlights from Segment 3
Artie still in studio
Artie talks about still hanging with his old high school friends
Artie talks about being poor after his father’s accident
Artie tells some bookie stories, he tells the “ash Wednesday” story
Artie talks about no longer using a bookie
Artie talks about lightning bets
Artie talks about gambling with Norm McDonald
Artie talks about Howard giving a quote for Beer League and his stand up DVD
Manson bit “Farrell interviews Jesus”
Artie still in studio
Tim Sabean in studio
Bubba tells the story of telling Jennifer to tell Alexis she’s a cunt
Ross Zapen in studio
Brent says hes refuses to apologize to Alexis
Artie talks to Spice about Akira
Scheduled strippers get cancelled, two had bad attitudes

Highlights from Segment 4
Ned’s Brokeback Mountain Parody
Caller says he just saw Beer League and loved it
Talk to Spice about terrestrial radio’s reaction to Sirius
Bubba says Brent has been really competitive lately and putting himself over
The guys give Brent a hard time about signing authographs with Think before his name
Ned’s “Red and Dirty” parody
Brent tries to talk college football
Bubba asks Brent if he’s been drinking or if he’s in a “xanax hole” from the pills he took the night before
Hogan calls in
Artie comes back in studio
Artie talks about going on Alexis’ radio show and continually bringing up Bubba
Artie talks about watching Bob Eucker call a game in the broadcast booth

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