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Highlights from Segment 1
Today is the debut of The Kabuki Project
Akira is coming in town today to go on a date with Spice
Tucker Carlson audio (arguing with child touchers)
Bubbaraw promos
Melissa Midwest audio (from Bubbaraw)
Chip in trouble for not giving the correct clip number to Bubba –
Fucking with Brent about his mic handling techniques
Audio from a terrestrial station talking about Beyonce ( Hot 97 Miss Jones in the Morning)

Highlights from Segment 2
The Kabuki Project debuts
State of the Bubba (Doug and Balloon Knot)
State of the Bubba continues
Tyler was conceived during 9/11

Highlights from Segment 3
State of the Bubba continues
The wives come in
SOTB continues
Good stories told this segment of Bubba and Tara

Highlights from Segment 4
SOTB continues
Manson talks about Buckwheat and Chickenbone Robinson
SOTB continues
Bubba tells how he used to pee on Tara in the bathtub

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba tells Brent to cancel the gimp and the bitches
Bubba wants the Army to help out Bubba with the Sea-Doo situation
Bubba talks about the FTE t-shirt and says it sold out of 4X and 5X
Bubba says he got some heat from Heather because he wanted to watch Bubba Raw for an hour
Brent gets heat over the polygamy deal and Tucker Carlson
Bubba talks about some report on Prime Time about a religious group touching kids
One of the members of the group killed another and his mother for touching him as a kid
Bubba says he took some ambient and ate enough food to gain three pounds
Bubba says he’s pissed about SFN’s Magillicunty
Bubba explains the Magillicunty situation and reads her post on SFN
Brent wants to fight Magillicunty and Ned gets mad for not being named
Bubba calls Heather and she tells the guys about Bubba’s food raid
Bubba says he is the least abusive guy that Heather has ever been with
Heather says she respects Magillicunty’s opinion but says that she doesn’t know her
Caller The Hand… agrees that Magillicunty is out of line with her post
Caller FTE talks about the Sirius units for trucks

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba tries to call Sirius but he doesn’t know their phone number
Ned says he likes the bit about Mr Ed fucking Jessica Hahn from the Howard Stern show
Brent says he likes the bit with Grandpa al Lewis said Fuck the FCC
Caller says it’s 1(877) not 1(866) and Brent is mad that he was wrong
Bubba tries to call the number and gets busy twice
Caller executioner from SFM wants to start a gang online on Xbox 360 for Saints Row
Bubba asks executioner if O&A has any buzz in the industry
The Bunny Tails girl was getting a ton of press because of Bubba
Caller Billy Vegas gets heat with SFN
Bubba talks about the time a couple of fat bitches danced on Billy’s table and he kicked them off
Billy talks about Paris Hilton being at his club last night and she was late
Billy busts Bubba’s balls about a $600 dollar bottle of Grey Goose
Bubba asks Brent to calm down and go smoke some weed
Ned wants the fat fucks to buy more FTE shirts
Bubba apologizes to Manson and his wife for not calling her on her birthday
Bubba calls Donna to wish her a happy birthday
Trace hurt his foot during a football game and Bubba wants Hogan to talk to him
Trace wants to kick bare foot and he’s going after 12 year old girls… What is he Chip?
Manson bought a real goal post for the kids to play soccer
Caller says he listens to Bubba more because Howard doesn’t work Fridays
Lamar Odom says his cock is the same size as a snickers bar and Manson has one

Highlights from Segment 3
Janie Cakes is pissed because she was right on the car shit and so was Ned
Bubba asks Coco if he gets orders from Warsaw, IN
Brent says he blasts in his wife then puts on his shorts and that’s it
Bubba calls Amanda, No answer
Bubba talks about the time he ate a pot brownie and thought he was going to die
Bubba talks about the time he ate a brownie and thought his penis was huge
Bubba calls Heather to confirm his sex ritual and the brownie story
What would Bubba do if she died and the paramedics came to take her away
Spice says he would get a wet towel and wipe off the mess
Ned says he stands up and explodes and falls backwards off the bed like Jesus
Manson says he hears Donna cry in the shower after he gets insider her
Spice beat off to pregnant porn last night, He wasn’t happy about it
Janie Cakes said that the Car guy didn’t do it and now they find out that he didn’t do it
Play Ned’s “ Jonbenet Ramsey Phone Call“
News queen of Danish Festival had to step down for doing a girl fight porn
Janie Cakes calls in to recap the week and she wants some swag
The guys go off on Tuckers comments regarding polygamy
Janie Cakes is ashamed she voted for Bush
Brent is getting heated over the political mess that Bush has done to this country
Janie Cakes weights in on Nick Hogan saying he is out of control
Janie Cakes is on the chip because someone wants to turn the land behind her into a Ford Dealership Bubba says he could buy the land
Bubba wants his mother to say Fuck this Castrol Bull Shit at the race
Coco supposedly told MMA Fighter, Tito, to Shut Up

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Highlights from Segment 1
The guys mark out to Melissa Midwest
Bubba thought of Melissa Midwest the last time he was with Heather
David Lawrence and Lilly in studio
David got Bubba a voiceover gig for the video game Saints Row
Discussion of Saints Row being Grand Theft Auto on steroids
Bubba turns on Saints Row to hear his voiceover work
David explains the work he put into the script of Saints Row
Bubba wants the iggy on the hurricane
Manson has a new offering – SpongeBubba Siriuspants
Bubba questions Brent about how he treated Amanda over the blown threesome
Bubba and Spice say Brent verbally manhandles Amanda
Brent says he is a serious person
Brent recaps how the swing was arranged and did not happen
Brent says he was concerned for Amanda’s health-show vote says he was being rude
Bubba calls Amanda for her take on the caper
Amanda says she likes Brent being in charge but isn’t scared

Highlights from Segment 2
The guys mark out to Melissa Midwest
Bubba thought of Melissa Midwest the last time he was with Heather
David Lawrence and Lilly in studio
David got Bubba a voiceover gig for the video game Saints Row
Discussion of Saints Row being Grand Theft Auto on steroids
Bubba turns on Saints Row to hear his voiceover work
David explains the work he put into the script of Saints Row
David Lawrence and Lilly in studio
Bubba wants to hear his rock DJ voiceovers but the station plays a sweeper
Bubba’s voiceover plays during a fist fight in Saints Row
Lilly has Bubba sign her tits and uses them to hold a wireless microphone
David talks about his musical appearance on stage
Lilly talks about her sex lifeshe’s been apart of a 14 person orgy
Bubba compairs Sirius radio to good sex
Lilly wants to go to Tamp strip clubs
Bubba explains to David how to behave at a strip club

Highlights from Segment 3
Play – Manson – Spongebubba Siriuspants
Bubba plays a montage of drops of porn audio in studio
The guys debate what makes a good sexual experience and how to do a threesome
Bubba asks for advice on where to do a west coast appearance
Ryan Seacrest bashing
David Lawrence and Lili in studio
David talks about Lili wiring a Burger King for his remote
Caller- Mancow update from Chicago
Caller- wants tame pictures of the show wives to get an idea of how hot they are
David asks Bubba about his penis size and illegal substance use
Bubba offers to show Lili his erection then vapor locks when she agrees

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba says he was at the quarter -midget track with Tyler …
Bubba says he could do a stand only show with what happen in Vegas between Coco,Spice,etc
Bubba says he will talk about the Coco episode on the show today
Bubba says he made some great contacts with the UFC while in Vegas
Bubba talks about rolling into Vegas with Billy Vegas in an Escalade
Bubba talks about messing with 25Cent on the plane & 25Cent acting like monkey in Club Tryst
Bubba talks about how he was fantasizing about various things with 15 year old face on the plane
Bubba says that Melisa Midwest is in the Green Room and will be doing girl and girl stuff later
Bubba has 25Cent go into the Green Room and asks Melisa Midwest various questions
Brent tells Bubba that one of the girls handlers is her brother
Bubba asks the Bubba Army to get on the Sea-Doo people for not sticking behind their products
Bubba says he going on Stern Fan Network to see how Saturday’s Vegas show sounded
Bubba says that got Janie Cakes passes to the NHRA finals and is going to fuck with John Force
Bubba says that Akira will be in on Friday show and will be staying at his house
Brent says that Jason Ellis should be on the Howard channels
Bubba talks about the Full Trucker Effect shirts that just came in
Bubba says that Hammil is dressed in a diaper acting like Bubba’s retarded cousin Billy
Bubba sends Hammil in the Green Room to freak out Melisa and Cassie
Bubba listens in on the Green Room to Hammil and girls to get their reactions
Hammil shits himself and pulls his diaper off in the Green Room
Melisa walks out the Green Room, Bubba kicks Hammil out of the Green Room
Bubba says Hammil put a Baby Ruth in his diaper to make look like he shit himself
Ned Phone call – Ned Calls Gary Condit’s office

Highlights from Segment 2

Bubba says he got to get into Brent’s story from Vegas and Spice’s story as well
Bubba brings in Melisa Midwest and Cassie Le Anne into the studio
Bubba asks Melisa what happen on her court case on August 8 …
Cassie tells Bubba about her website and how she just started doing nude stuff on her site
Bubba tells Melisa that she can run the show today with the girl on girl show
Melisa says that Cassie will be fucking her today with a strap-on
Bubba says that Melisa & Cassie are first going make out, then boob lick , puss lick ,strap-on
Bubba tells Melisa about a cop in Indiana Greg Fairnsee who is member of her site
Bubba calls Greg up so he can talk to Melisa
Spice explains how Cassie is going to fuck Melisa with the strap-on after commercials
Melisa talks about her contest “The Next Melisa Midwest”
Bubba asks Melisa and Cassie to get naked so they can get the girl on girl strap-on session going
Cassie and Melisa start making out, then licking each other boobs
Cassie starts to lick Melisa puss says she has only done this one time before
Bubba says after commercials Cassie and Melisa will be doing each other with a strap-on

Highlights from Segment 3
Melisa starts a simulated head job on Cassie’s strap-on
Bubba asks Melisa what does she like in bed in her private life she says she likes anal
Bubba says that Heather likes it when he ruffs her up in bed
Bubba says its time for the girl on girl strap-on demonstration
Cassie starts to fuck Melisa with the strap-on
Cassie has Melisa bend over the counter and fucks her with the strap-on
Bubba shows Melisa how Heather like to be put in an arm while having sex
Spice asks to smell the strap-on …
Spice asks Melisa if her parents know what she’s doing for a living
Bubba promotes Melisa’s contest again and Cassie Le Anne website
Bubba starts talking about Brent three-some with Donna Doll over the weekend
Bubba talks about doing something special for the members of BubbaRaw com
Melisa says that she has only slept with 2 men in her life
Bubba promotes Melisa and Cassie websites
Hogan calls the warm line and Bubba wants to get into the Vegas stories still
Bubba says that Tito Ortiz was marking out Hogan when in Vegas
Hogan talks about Ken Shamrock trying to fight Brian Knobbs …
Bubba asks Hogan what was the biggest ass kicking he seen in the locker room
Hogan asks Bubba how was Vegas this weekend …
Brent starts talking his three-some with Donna Doll,says he took 2 cialis and 2 vicodion
Brent describes what went down in the bedroom between him,Amanda and Donna Doll
Bubba starts talking about Spice fucking a bitch bareback from Chicago
Hogan talks about his time in South Africa and almost getting killed for 70k for wrestling
Hogan says his time in Jamaica this past weekend was almost as bad as South Africa …
Hogan talks about Brooke’s cd and new single coming out & VMA’s
Hogan talks about Andre The Giant and how he would throw him around in the ring
Hogan thinks that The Big Show could beat anyone in the UFC
Bubba says he will bring in Cocoa next for his ass chewing

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba says he going to start filming Bubba Cribs for BubbaRaw com and Ned’s is first one
Bubba talks about hanging out with Billy Vegas in Vegas and the hot bitches out there
News Story – Jessie James calls George Bush a fucking dickhead
Bubba talks about how a cab driver in Vegas almost runs him over,so he kicked his door in
Bubba says that Jeremy Piven came up to his friend’s wife and hit on her in front of him
News Audio – Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush gets chewed out by Jeremy Piven
News Audio – Jessie McCartney slips up and says Jlo is pregnant on air …
Bubba talks about the new “Full Trucker Effect “ shirts …
Bubba brings Coco in for his ass chewing says he had an attitude problem in Vegas
Coco says he thinks that he getting treated like a jabrone at work …
Bubba explains to Coco how the radio industry works and how you have to pay your dues
Bubba tells Coco he doesn’t understand why he didn’t hang out with them all weekend …
Bubba tells Coco he is disappointment in him by what he did this weekend
Brent says he can’t drink Jack Daniels no more cause he wouldn’t be married any more
Spice explains to Coco never to take anything for granted in radio
Bubba says the old Bubba would have fired Coco right now
Bubba says on tomorrow show more Vegas stories

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Highlights from Segment 1
Show is live from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for UFC 62
UFC President Dana White with the guys Gives his views on the fights and the betting lines
Dana talks about the fastest knockout in UFC
Guys put over Spike TV for how they have handled UFC
Spice talks about choking out a chick last time he was in Vegas
Dana says that UFC fighters make more money than they let on
Randy Harris in the studio
Bubba introduces his personal security guard, Hector Rodriguez
Shauna from Sacramento joins the guys She is a fan of the show
Bubba talks about having to stop screwing while watching Hogan wrestling
Shana’s friend Noelle joins the guys
Guys talk about the different odds on the fights and how much money they will be betting
Jason Ellis joins the guys Talks about putting a phone in a girl’s ass
Ellis is going to get punched by one of the UFC fighters: Kitco

Highlights from Segment 2
Matt “Fuckin’” Hughes join the guys He talks about his friendship with Rich Franklin
Guys tell Matt about Rich and his confrontation with Jimmy Jamz
Matt talks about his fight with Gracie
Matt talks about his comfortable weight before a fight
Matt gives his views on the Shamrock-Ortiz fight
Matt Hughes chokes out Jason Ellis
Randy Couture joins the guys Talks about being on the Ultimate Fighter
Randy gives his opinions on the fights
Randy talks about going to Iraq visiting the troops
Randy talks about the Belford fight which was the bloodiest of his career
Guys think UFC will surpass boxing soon when it comes to popularity

Highlights from Segment 3

Guys from Tapout join the guys Give predictions for the fight
Jason Ellis is back with fighter Kitcope Amanda and Heather feel up Kitcope’s abs
Kitcope kicks Jason Ellis in the ribs
Bubba says he should sign Jason Ellis to a “Bubba contract”
Kitcope talks about UFC Thinks Brock Lesnar is a retard for leaving wrestling
Guys talk about the reaction of the fans to the show
Talk to Loren from UFC
BJ Penn talks with the guys Talks about his upcoming fight with Matt Hughes
Tito Ortiz joins the guys

Highlights from Segment 4
Mark Ratner joins the guys
Tito talks about his fight with Ken Shamrock
Tito talks about his influences and being a coach on the Ultimate Fighter
Tito gives his pick for the fights
Tito says he dislikes Ken Shamrock in person Says he looks up to Randy Couture
Tito wants to be in the movies and doing commentary after he retires from the business
Tito predicts his fight will go 4:30 in the first round
Rochelle from UFC All Access joins the guys Talks about her trip to Iraq and Brazil
Rochelle talks about Chuck Liddell
Brent talks about his dogs

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Highlights from Segment 1
Henry Rollins in studio
They all talk about Howard helping to get Bubba back on the radio
Rollins talks about early days on the road
Rollins talks about his mother and growing up cultured
Rollins discusses travel
Rollins discusses visiting veterans in the hospital and doing USO tours
West Memphis 3 talk
Rollins talks about Americans living beyond their means
Rollins talks about interacting with woman on the road

Highlights from Segment 2
Manson parody “My Show”
Talk about D Ball getting oral sex from a transvestite
Talk about how many people are going to show up at their live broadcast in Vegas
Joe the Supermark calls in
Playing audio of Meatloaf getting pissed
Playing audio of P Diddy

Highlights from Segment 3
Talk about Bruce Springsteen marital problems
Poke fun at Chad and Christie morning show
Spice does his impression of Desitny the tranny
Bubba talks about upgrading his flight to Vegas to first class and having a black Amex Card
More talk about Bubba’s black card
A caller says that Brent and Ned are the best and the rest of the guys suck, so Bubba, Manson,
And Spice leave the studio and the show to Brent and Ned
The other guys come back in, and are joined by Amanda
Janie calls in
They discuss the possible 3 way with Brent, Amanda, and Donna Doll
Janie and Bubba Talk about going to the NHRA Nationals in Indianappolis
Janie talks about who her favorite is on the Sten show

Highlights from Segment 4
Janie calls in to the warm line and hangs up on Bubba
Bubba wants to make sure everyone is packed and ready to go for Vegas
25 discusses the fallout of DBall getting oral from a tranny
Bubba askes the guys if he is mean, they all agree he is
Hogan calls in
Hogan discusses Brooke’s upcoming show in Jamaica, they are worried about a hurricane
The guys start drinking in preparation for the flight to Vegas
Manson does his Farrell imitation
The guys watch the Bubba Raw D-Ball tranny bit
Heather and Amanda are both in studio

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