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Highlights from Segment 1
Last show before vacation
Ned wishes Bubba well tells him not to kill himself racing in Knoxville
Play Ned’s “Fatman Sprintcar Ride”song
The show will be live from New York on September 11th
Talk about Racing for a Living …
Chef is into really sick shit
Talk about Aaron Russo’s movie about the Federal Reserve got Heather’s dad flapped up
Aaron Russo director of documentary “America- Freedom to Fascism” on phone

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba shot Spice with Coco’s pellet gun now owes him $100
Bubba shot Spice in the asshole with the BB gun
Bubba reschedules interview with Chop from “King of Cars”
State of the Bubba Address with Doug and Mutt
Has Bubba ever drawn his gun on someone?
Has there ever been a fist fight on the air?
Does Heather give Bubba advice on what to wear?
Has a guy ever hit on Brent?
What would Brent change about the show?
How hard was it to tell Brent’s parents he was an Atheist?
What is keeping “Basic Training” from becoming a show on Sirius?
Has anyone from the show been in jail?
Will Manson ever do standup comedy?
Have any bits not lived up to their expectations?
Where does Manson get his best ideas from?
Will Bubba help cook at the Bubba BBQ?
What celebrity does Ned have the hots for?

Highlights from Segment 3
Did Janiecakes show her tits to Ned yet like she promised to do?
When is the first time Ned got high? What is the wildest thing Ned and Garnet do?
What rank was Brent in the military?
What are Spice’s responsibilities at the BRN?
How do women react to Spice’s extra penis hole?
What is the fattest woman Spice has ever fucked?
Would Spice wear pink panties?
Is there anything that Brent doesn’t like about Howard?
Spice Bubba and Brent admit they have been suicidal before
Bubba and Manson admit to having gone to therapy before (Heather broke up with Bubba)
What alcohol makes Brent want to kill himself? (Brent has a list of people to kill)
Why is Lasker here when he recently said “fuck the fans”?
Would Lasker take three months in jail or six weeks of anger management classes
What did Lasker think of Bubba when he met him?
How did Lasker kill a guy?
Why did Lasker want to buy a baby?
Does Lasker get irritated by the impressions of him?
Why drive Ford trucks but race Mopar engines?
What hurt worse shocking the balls or the firecracker?
Will Lasker ever cut his mullet?
Would Lasker participate in a makeover?
Manson once had a makeover on air (cut his hair off)

Highlights from Segment 4
How does Heather feel about the two finger cul-de-sac maneuver?
Why did Heather break up with Bubba previously?
How did Heather know she wanted to be with Bubba?
How does Bubba compare with with Heather’s ex-boyfriends?
How is Donna’s relationship with Bubba now with the show on Sirius?
Who would Heather screw on the staff?
Would Donna let Ned watch her children?
Are there any nude photos or videos of the show wives around?
25 Cent – F,Marry, Kill (Heather Donna and Amanda?)
Lasker and Coco answer the F Marry Kill question
Would Heather let Bubba paint her toenails?
What annoys Amanda the most about Brent?
What does Coco do for Bubba?
Do any of Manson’s bits make Donna worried about him getting fired?
Has Donna ever grown her own weed?
Did anyone warn Heather about Bubba?
How did Bubba and Heather meet?
What is the hottest thing about your man
What bugs Heather about Bubba?
Heather sings Dixie Chicks karaoke

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba explains why he plays Voodoo Child
Ned has a tape worm
Heather was rubbing Bubba’s boner while taking notes last night
Bubba mentions Billy Vegasmight get K Fed to call in
Bubba explains “calling the puss”
Dr Mark took Bubba to the eye doctor todayhe was diagnosed with floppy eyelid syndrome
Bubba concerned that a huge thunderstorm may knock the show off the air today
Bubba explains how the doctor diagnosed his “floppy eyelid syndrome”

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba hosting a staff party after the show tomorrow
Bubba threatens legal action against porn star Jade De Luxor for squashing stuff?
email – requests to hear old Ned outburst
Bubba plays classic “Ned Gets Kicked Out of the Studio” segment
Bubba had a bad case of road rage while getting his hair colored
Spice and Manson grease Bubba for getting his hair colored (sound gay)
Tyler got kicked out of school at four years old (failure to pay the school bill)
Bubba admits to driving 107 MPH and driving into the side of another driver (Road rage)
caller – Bubba and Howard can unite the nation
Talk about the Federal Reserve and the Aaron Russo movie Bubba watched
How much gold is in Fort Knox?
news – Madonna demands a brand new toilet seat at every venue
The BRN has a truck stop type bathroomNed shits in the sink
Bubba insinuates that Hogan pisses in the sink of every flight he takes
Play Ned’s “I Wanna Talk about Me” song
Dr Mark in studio to answer men’s health questionsBubba describes “calling the puss”
Bubba says he eloped (is married now) and wants to get a vasectomy now
Bubba considers freezing his own sperm in his freezer(vasectomy reversal talk)
Warts herpes and bore punching talk
caller – Bubba is a turkey burger eating pussy now
caller – comments on jerking off at home for sperm samples
Bubba calls Heather to ask her about Bubba getting a vasectomy

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba watches Tessa shower in the green room shower
Bubba says “we are the shadiest people in the world”
The guys watch Tessa shave her puss
Bubba meeting with Randy Michaels soon about the show
Bubba wants to light farts on the airthe guys work out the details
Blish talks whit the Brass Flamingo girls in the green room (Tessa and Melissa)
One of the girls (Melissa) does not want to be on the radio right now
25 Cent heads in to pre-interview the girls
The girls say that all they know about Bubba is that he’s “an asshole”
25 Cent tells the girls not to have bitchy attitudes when in the studio
Melissa does not want to show her tits
Bubba pissed that he can’t hear the girls talk because of the air conditioner noise
news – Woody Harrelson chokes out a photographer
Tessa’s friend calls her to tell her the guys are listening to them in the green room
Tour de France drug testing talk
Tessa and Melissa try to find the camera in the green roomthey find the shower cam

Highlights from Segment 4
Tessa and Melissa give Blish a hard time about being recorded in the green room
Bubba talks about heading to Knoxville Iowa to race the 360 Nationals
Saints Row video game talkPlayboy party talk
Bubba thinks he shit his pants while farting
Bubba blames the fart smell in the studio on Spice then on Owen
Melissa actually works for Channelside Hooters and not the Brass Flamingo
Bubba talks about the Hooters VIP card(Spice and Bubba disagree about tipping)
Tessa may not want to fuck Tony Stewart now because he gained weight
Tessa explains why her last relationship didn’t work out
Tessa says that Blish threw her a curve ball last time she was in
Melissa says that Tessa likes to give anal (fingering assholes)
Bubba choked Heather out too hard in the Bahamas
Bubba threatens to kick the girls out if they don’t get topless
Spice shows the girls his assBubba asks the girls to grab Spice’s balls
Tessa and Melissa in studio (continued)
Bubba asks the girls if they would be interested in “calling the puss”
Bubba talks Melissa into showing her tits but them misses it when she does
Bubba sets up dates with Melissa and Chip
Spice and Tessa kissTessa lets Spice lick her nipple

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Highlights from Segment 1
Play Brent’s version of “Straight Outta Compton” from yesterday
Show votePlay the Gatorade bit or not?
Cowhead got Bubba hooked up with the Vitamin Water people
Bubba has a photo shoot for “Muscle and Fitness” magazine in September
Bubba got his MAC makeup card (from having his SAG card)
Is all makeup equal? The guys discuss makeup and cosmetics
Is 25 Cent pissed that he has to get pissed on by the Gold Club girl?
What does Bubba do when he comes into work? The guys say he fools around
Heather wants a new bed at Bubba’s houseBrent will get Bubba’s old one
How do Brent and Amanda sleep on a Twin size mattress?
caller – got his friends to join after letting them hear a Ned CD
Spice claims he doesn’t get any mark pussy
Bubba is getting a new car that comes with XM satellite radio installed (2007 Escalade)
Bubba calls Sean from Car Tunes (car stereo installer)
The guys are trying to give up red meat(Bubba would suck a dick for a Big Mac)
Talk about the Knoxville Nationals and Gene Lasker
news – man cuts off his own hand with meat slicer for Allah
audio – Andrew “Test” on ECW last night

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba asks for an update on the Ludacris parody he asked for(could The Hand do it?)
Bubba analyzes Manson’s “black promoter voice”
Bubba gives Spice next week off
What is Brent doing over the vacation? (writing a book “The Illusion of Free Speech”)
Is marriage causing Brent to act differently?was it the Vivian West incident?
Brent claims that world events have him depressed (or vexed)
Brent and Manson think the country is going to hell (illegal immigration talk)
Does Brent just need some sun or time away from home and work?
Should the BRN staff start a softball team?Donna calls with information about a league
Manson was once in a Christian softball league
Play Ned’s “Redneck Grammar” song
news – man in chicken suit getting abused by the public
news – Andrea Yates found not guilty
Talk about Carla Tuckerplay Manson’s “Shot In The Arm” song
news – Saddam Hussein requests death by firing squad
Should the US put Saddam back in Iraq?(Talk about Israel and Hezbollah)
Why do Islamic people hate Jews so much?

Highlights from Segment 3
Play Manson’s “Atheist Mans and Agnostic Boy – Noah’s Ark” bit
Christy Brinkley divorcing her fifth husband
Janie calls in to agree with Brent’s Israel theory
Janie imitates Crazy Alice from Howard’s show
Janie tells a story about Grandpa Fred abandoning her to live with another family
Bubba’s stepdad Jeff is a Mason and working towards a Shriner?
TV Journalist Bill Kurtis from A&E’s “Cold Case” calls in
Bill owns three radio stations in Kansas and Oklahoma
Scientology documentary talkdoes Bill know why it never ran again?
Bill met with people from the Church of Scientology
Brent tells Bill about the West Memphis Three
Bill also slings tall grass fed beef
What is Bill’s political affiliation?
Bill is a former Marinecomments on Hezbollah and Israel
Manson admits that he doesn’t know who Bill Kurtis is

Highlights from Segment 4
News – local jack shacks in Tampa area busted
Monte Kiffen’s son busted for breaking into vans
Bubba takes calls about Bill Kurtis
Pot Brownies talk
caller – (female) talks about losing her virginity(cherry popping talk)
Spice watches Bubba Raw with his mom
Bubba calls Janie to play the Vivian West and Donna Doll clips for her
Bubba would like to watch 25 Cent bang his mom
Bubba reads listener email
caller – comments on Juan Pablo Montoya in NASCAR
What are the official titles for the guys on the show?
caller – comments on Jessica girl that spun Lasker out and passed Danny Lasoski
caller – (female) loves to talk dirty and swallow

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba went to attorney’s office today and lost 7 pounds
Can people from other people listen to Sirius online?
Brian Brown dropped to 13th place in “Racing For a Living” contest
George Lasoski will make Bubba take his earrings out
Bubba talks about racing shocks (and a shock dyno)
Bubba calls Lasker to grease him for not knowing about racing shock dynos
caller – (Sandman) had a great time at Secrets party
caller – how many listeners does Bubba have n Sirius? (compared to terrestrial?)
Danica Patrick not going to NASCAR but instead going to Andretti Green Team
How many computers at the BRN are full of porn? Who has the most porn?
Bubba comments on the Wendy girl that Howard had on his show today
Brent says that he is “blacker” thank Bubba is Who is blacker Brent or Bubba?
Bubba challenges Brent to a “rap-off” Brent raps “Straight Outta Compton”

Highlights from Segment 2
Play Manson’s “Pasty White Boy” song
Bubba talks about his “man steamer” sauna regiment (Lucky Louie talk)
Talk about child discipline Heather’s daughter (Julia) having behavior issues
The guys apologize to the Dixie Chicks for bashing them prior
Heather wanted to sing a Dixie Chicks song while in the Bahamas
Bubba calls Heather she sings a little of “Sin Wagon” song over the phone
George Michael wedding called off after getting busted in the bushes
Was George Michael ever really butch?
audio – Hogan cuts a promo on WWE
Bubba talks about what Hogan should have done
caller – Bubba is missing part of the Hogan and Randy Orton angle
caller – did Bubba see Scelzi mark out to John Force on TV last night?
Ned leaves a message for Gary Scelzi
caller – did Bubba see the Shamrock vs Ortiz fight?
audio – Larry King interviews woman who refuses to leave Beirut
Gary Scelzi calls in about his recent NHRA win

Highlights from Segment 3
Play Manson’s “Hulk Where’d You Go” song
New Manson bit “W Dice Clay”
Bubba checks in on the Gold Club girls in the green room (brought in by Lasker)
news – Man sentenced to 8 months in prison after secretly taping Michael Jackson
Bubba wants modern pictures of himself in the green room
The girls don’t want to show their pussies Bubba sends Lasker in
The girls flip out don’t want to do the stuff Lasker asked them to do
Chip confronts the Gold Club girls in the green room
Chip claims he won a contest to film a porn scene with them get a double head job
Spice goes into the green room to bring the Gold Club girls in studio
Bubba asks the girls (Tessa and Casey) why they look like they are flapped up
Tessa tells Bubba that she is not willing to get naked
The girls tell Bubba that 25 Cent told them they would have to get naked
Lasker has some shit to say to God when he meets him
Tessa and Casey show off their tits
Tessa claims that Bubba got ten table dances from Bubba at Diamonds

Highlights from Segment 4
Tessa and Casey from the Gold Club in studio (continued)
Heather on phone to recap her Atlanta airport story (black guy selling beats)
Bubba uses his black Amex card to get into the Delta vip room
Heather knows the hot Russian girl from the Gold Club
Heather admits that she has had “relations” with the Russian girl
Bubba assumes Heather mixed the Russian girl in with her ex-husband

Bubba mentions Jughead the new video editor
Tessa and Casey from the Gold Club in studio (continued)
Tessa shows off her pussy tattoo and talks about squirting and anal
Tessa once pissed on a guy would she be willing to piss on a guy for the show?
Tessa and Casey make out
Bubba sends the girls back to the green room (so he can listen in on them)
Tessa calls her dad from the green room
Bubba thinks there is a domestic situation happening at his home right now
caller – can’t wait to jack his meet to the Gold Club girls
caller – asks about Tessa’s “juicy” pussy tattoo
Bubba explains why he doesn’t screen his calls
news – homeless Orange County man licks boy’s feet
Brian Brown text Bubba saying he will dust Lasker in Knoxville
caller – Bubba shouldn’t be upset about Heather hooking up with Russian friend

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Highlights from Segment 1
Back from VacationBubba thinks there is a new wind screen on his microphone
The guys saw the Fox 13 special on Tyler’s racing
Bubba recaps Hammil’s party at Secrets
Spice’s girl was putting the moves on Heather?Did Spice hit on Heather?
Bubba calls Heather to ask about Spice hitting on her at Secrets
Bubba recaps his vacation in the Bahamas with Heatherhad a lot of sex last week
Bubba says “maybe we got married in the Bahamas”
Bubba has dandruff after getting sunburned
Why didn’t Brent’s threesome with Vivian West happen? (she was too drunk?)
Brent had to carry Vivian West to her hotel room bed
Bubba bought a wedding band while in the Bahamasnot used to wearing it
Why did Bubba calls himself “Todd Clem” on Tyler’s Fox 13 racing segment?
NASCAR and Tony Stewart recapTony flips off driver and spins him out
Lincoln Nebraska police chief got so many emails he had to change his email address
Brent has been forgetting about certain show segments lately
Bubba is on vacation next week racing in Knoxville Iowa
Coco got a pumping from a hook up at Secrets
Who has sex in a bathroom?
Brent wears a vibrating cock ring?
Bubba has a caper with the Jessica girl that once spun Lasker out
caller – heard Hogan marking out to Lex and Terry on Rock 104

Highlights from Segment 2
Hillsborough County Commissioner Brian Blair on phone
Brian wants to talk about impact fees and Bubba wants to hear about the adult use ordinance
Brian comments on Mayor Pam Iorio and Rhonda Storms
Brian comments on flag burning
Play Ned’s new “Pasty White Boy” Brent burial song
Bubba comes up a with a shitty bit idea and tries to sing it (number one spot)
Bubba told Heather that she couldn’t sing karaoke in the Bahamas

Bubba recaps the outburst that occurred during the commercial break over missing Mt Dew
Chip moved the soda back to the refrigerator so it wouldn’t freeze
Lasker will be bringing in girls from the Gold Club?
Bubba may cancel the State of the Bubba Address if more questions don’t come in
Bubba plays the most recent Vivian West clips from Bubba Raw
Bubba had porn style sex whit Heather while in the Bahamas
Will the sex stop when Bubba gets married?
Bubba talks about how he masturbates (uses lube so he doesn’t chafe)
Bubba likes to have his balls pulled hard and jiggled (like dice

Highlights from Segment 3
Play Manson’s “Hulk Where’d You Go” song
Entourage TV show talk
Bubba has already lost 11 pounds and kept on his diet while on vacation
Bubba talks about how expensive his trip to Atlantis was
Brent says he is done trying to pick up side-ass
What would have happened if Spice’s girl was really into Heather?
Is Bubba a swinger if he is willing to bring home another couple?
Does Spice want to pump Heather?
audio – Fox 13 feature on Tyler’s racing
Is Oprah Winfrey gay?
caller – BJ Shea has been ripping Bubba bits off
news – Richard Hatch from Survivor sent to jail for tax evasion
Play Manson’s “BRN Survivor Island”
Manson is still working on the “Kabuki Project” bit
news – gang member executed (but not because he was a shitty rapper)
George Michael talknot butch enough for Ned
caller – comments on the proposed puss-off between Ralph and Bubba
Bubba has been over-eating because of the Ambien he is taking
audio – TMZ interviews Paris Hilton

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba plays a Vivian West audio clip montage
Play Ned’s “Pasty White Fuck” song
Talk about Madonna’s vibrating “exercise machine
Talk about the state of the world (Israel, Iran, etc)Brent gives Readers Digest version
GW Bush said “shit” in a G8 meetingIs “shit” a bad word?
Bubba gets ribbed for saying “epitath”
Play Manson’s Budweiser Ferret parody bit
Billy Mays talkrumor has it that Billy Mays loves the show
Sex before public speaking can help calm your nerves
Manson shares his “teach in” experience
Joe the Super Mark calls in to mark out to wrestling
caller – offers chicken fucking advice (snap their necks)

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Highlights from Segment 1
Friday before vacation Hammil’s party at Secrets is tonight
Bubba gave Spice a “baby rattler” for his sleeping pills
Bubba tells listeners to lie in their complaint emails to Lincoln Nebraska mayor
Bubba recaps the Bodog poker tournament from last night (got mad at Owen for being cocky)
Lasker won the poker tournament
Bubba checks out the brackets for the BRN office staff fight club
Bubba really wants DaveRice to fight Owen and Lasker to fight Chip
caller – comments on Chris Leben getting his ass kicked at UFC
Talk about the old “Pasco Pussycat” and “jack shack” bits
news – two men charged with fobbing East Tampa jack shack
Play the classic “Pasco Pussycat” call
Who is the fan favorite Vivian West or Donna Doll? (play clips of both)
Bubba plays some Hed PE music (anti-FCC song)
Manson gives an update on the “Kabuki Project” bit production
email – Bubb needs to do a meet and greet in Pittsburgh
Hed PE and Kottonmouth Kings in green room
Chip heads into green room wearing panties and nipple tape

Highlights from Segment 2
Hed PE , Big B and Kottonmouth Kings in studio
The guys try to talk their tour manager BJ into getting on the torture rack
Bubba lets the guys fuck with BJ while he is in the rack
Bubba plays Kottonmouth Kings “Where’s The Weed At” song
Bubba talks to Big B about his TV show
Talk about the FCC and the record industry
Talk about weed how much weed do the guys in Kottonmouth Kings smoke?
Jared from Hed PE tells story about almost missing a show because of a weed shipment
What are the best cities for weed?
Any girls on the bus stories?
The guys try to find the hidden cameras in the green room
Bubba tells the guys about the politician that gets fisted by Fit Dina
Bubba plays the Donna Doll audio drops for the guys
Vivian West in the green room with 25 Cent and White Boy
25 Cent whips out his meat and gets head from Vivian West
BJ heads into the green room to freak out 25 Cent
BJ turns into a real predator with Vivian after 25Cent leaves the room

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba asks Hammil to sing along to Bad Company “Feel Like Making Love” song
Hammil makes up an impromptu Vivian West song
Gene Lasker in studio recaps his poker tournament win from last night
news – Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes holding out for millions for picture of Suri
news – Pete Coors gets a DUI
news – Jacksonville woman gets he lips super glued shut
Fox 13 wants to do a special on Tyler’s racing next week
Lasker claims he punked out the guys from the bands earlier (called them “rapsters”)
Vivian West in studio
Vivian recalls sticking a microphone in her pussy Dave Rice recalls cleaning it
Bubba tells Gene Lasker not to speak unless asked to
Brent Lasker Spice and Hammil have a “ball-off” while Vivian West “visually” inspects

Highlights from Segment 4
Vivian West in studio (continued)
Vivian shares the results of the ball-off
Hammil had the largest balls and Lasker had the smelliest balls
Would Brent be in one of Vivian West’s movies?
Bubba calls Amanda to ask her about a possible Vivian West mix in (sounds like a man)
Bubba confirms that the “On The Chip” CD project will be for sale
caller- never received his lat CD order
caller – comments on Bubba talking another vacation
Spice thinks that Tom the Tree Man is a rib
Vivian West in studio (continued)
Winners of the Bodog poker tournament in studio Bubba tells them they can’t take photos
What kind of sex does Vivian like? Where should Brent blow his load on Vivian
Will Brent have premature ejaculation problems when fucking Vivian?
Vivian West rubs one out tries to top her last performance (Spice pours water on her)
Vivian “whacks off” several times then does ATM with her dildo
Bubba calls Amanda to get her thoughts on Vivian’s beat off session

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