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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba and Brent will be in Vegas this weekend with Billy Vegas
A bachelorette party will be stopping by the meet and greet in Vegas
Bubba tells the guys about a program he recorded for Sirius last night (during Price is Right)
audio – Star Jones on Today Show with Al Roker
Rosie O’Donnell is a fat bitch and Barbara Walters is back stabbing bitch
Bubba is getting free flowers from Tiger Lilli’s Florist because Donna owns it
Play Manson’s “Hulk Where’d You Go” song
Spice and Ned are campaigning to go to Vegas with Bubba and Brent this weekend
Ned rips on “Mark the Dark” radio guy that will be at the meet and greet (with Shamron)
Spice checks out a picture of Mark’s wife Shamron Moore
audio – Sheriff comments having evidence to put John Couey to death
news – Tallahassee Shuffle voting fiasco is exposed(Frank Farkas is a dick)
news – Eddie Griffin caused accident while watching porn in his SUV
news – Oklahoma judge accused of using a penis pump during trials
How many BRN staffers shave their pubes
Bubba is taking Heather out for her birthday tonight
How do the wives of the BRN staffers groom their pubic areas?

Highlights from Segment 2
State of the Bubba Address (Part 1 with Mutt and Doug)
What did Bubba think about Chris Leben getting knocked out so quickly?
What aspect of the show drags you down the most?
Who goes to Stern Fan Network?
How much will Bubba spend on Heather’s birthday?
Are any of the staff members peter in-laws?(Bubba and Brent both screwed “Brandy”)
Heather the Vibrator Lady used to blow all of Bubba’s friends
Is Heather a mean drunk?
How can someone get into the meet and greet?
Does Bubba talk about Bubba Raw too much?
Does Bubba have any bad habits?
State of the Bubba Address (with Mutt and Doug) (continued)
Would Bubba let Heather ride the Sybian?
How did Bubba tell Tyler that he was going to bring Heather into the family?
Which one of Tyler’s toys is also Bubba’s favorite toy?
Would Bubba ever re-air the hog barbeque show?
Was Heather pissed that Akira was grinding all over Bubba’s couch?
What kind of cars do the guys drive?What would they like to drive?(Spice has a Lotus)
What was it like staying on 98 Rock for Spiceboy? What was it like working with Cowhead?
What is “good pick bad pick”?
Has Bubba met Heather’s ex-boyfriends?
What does Manson think about listener bit submissions?(like from The Hand)
Why did Brent choose to be a Marine?
Would Bubba clean up Heather’s puke?

Highlights from Segment 3
State of the Bubba Address (with Mutt and Doug) (continued)
Bubba restructures the State of the Bubba Address and breaks it into segment
How does Manson come up with sick bits when he is the most normal person?
Why does Bubba play the wildcat sound effect?Why does Bubba calls Brent “Ballard”?
Why did Kay fabe change to K5?Bubba recalls firing Mini Norm
Does Bubba find it a bit hypocritical to go to church services?
Will there ever be another “Lasker Investigates”? What happened to the Ned XM call?
Do Julia and Tyler get along?Does Bubba discipline Julia?
What would the guys do if they weren’t in radio?
Who is the biggest pain in the ass on the staff? Who is the most irreplaceable?
Did Spice use the threat of working for Bubba to get more money?
Bubba admits that he thought about killing himself when he was out of work for two years
State of the Bubba Address (with Mutt and Doug) (continued)
Will Bubba have any bands come in the studio?
Has Bubba seen Jimmy Jamz since he walked off the show?
Should people bring Brent pot while he is in Vegas?
Why doesn’t Brent want children?what if Amanda got pregnant?
Why does Bubba have heat with Macho Man?Macho Man applied to do a morning show
Bubba fucked Macho Man’s ex-girlfriend (Matt’s sister)

Highlights from Segment 4
Brent baffles Bubba with bullshit marijuana laws
State of the Bubba Address (with Mutt and Doug) (continued)
Was Bubba in the hospital to see Tyler’s birth?
Bubba didn’t talk about Tyler on the radio for almost a year after he was born
Will there ever be a West Coast show replay?
Who drives Bubba or Heather?
Do you do your own food shopping?Craig does all Bubba’s food shopping
Would Bubba ever have a resident female slut?
When did you lose your virginity?
Will Bubba bring Gene Lasker to New York again?
Does 25 Cent get offended by the show?
State of the Bubba Address (with Mutt and Doug) (continued)
Was Bubba harder on the interns back in the day at 98 Rock?
Has anyone on the show had a restraining order?
What is the most and least attractive thing about Heather?
How did Howard come to find out about Bubba and hire him for Sirius?
Bubba admits that he used to talk shit about Howard back in the day
What is in Bubba’s rattler? (Bubba won’t say)
Does Spice have a scat fetish?

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba talks about the new website revamping (including Bubba Raw previews)…
More talk about Rush Limbaugh busted with pills in Dominican Republic…
What business does Rush Limbaugh have in the Dominican Republic?…
Hammil used to have a Voyeur Dorm in Costa Rica…
caller – comments on location of Dominican Republic…
news – Three Orlando theme park workers busted in Polk County sex sting operation…
When will the public take a shit on Paris Hilton?…
Paris Hilton tried to bring six pets on plane from Vegas to LA…
Spice once taught a class at Connecticut School of Broadcasting…
Gary Stanton calls in to dyno test a 4 cylinder midget Mopar motor…
Gary heads outside to bring his cell phone into the dyno room…
Ned takes a shit on the sound of the dyno test on the cell phone…
Gary calls back on a land line phone for a better sounding dyno test…
Connecticut School of Broadcasting talk continued…
Could Ned teach a class at C.S.B.?…
Bubba took one radio class when he was in college…

Highlights from Segment 2
Talk about Bodog Tournament at Bubba’s house…
caller – heard that Tony Stewart was hanging out with Scott the Engineer…
Bubba replays the clip of him flipping out on a caller yesterday…
Bubba almost cried while watching Zebras getting eaten on an animal TV show…
caller – when will Bubba be racing in Knoxville?…
Gene Lasker in studio…talk about Nilla powdercoating…
Illusionist Chriss Angel calls in…
Chriss explains his upcoming motorcycle jump illusion…
Chriss originally wanted to call the show “Mindfuck”…
Chriss comments on David Blain…
Would Chriss be willing to debunk one of David Blaine’s illusions?…
Chriss offers to perform a mind control stunt on the phone next time he calls in…
Chriss’s cell phone cuts out…
caller – offers up some info on Jaco Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic…
Delilah Strong squirting talk…what is a cream pie and a snowball?…
Is eating your own shit or eating your own cum worse?…
Bubba asks for a copy of a Gary the Retard bit her heard on Howard’s show…
Spice reads an official ruling on what a “cream pie” is…
Bubba plays the video of Lasker torturing Louis on the torture rack…
caller – is Hogan getting back in the ring at WWE or TNA?…
Manson brings in a new song “Hulk Where’d You Go”…
Bubba got new hair clippers and shaved Tyler’s head bald….Jenna is going to kill him…

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba asks Lasker to try to host the radio show…
Play Manson ‘s “Bubba Cleaning Out My Closet” Eminem parody…
Talk about a new shark repellent… Bubba would like to try it in his pool…
How much would it cost to put 25 Cent in a pool full of sharks?…
Lasker says that black people are “born into monkeys”…doesn’t understand evolution…
Gene says he is not trying to be racist…just stupid…Bubba tells him to shut up…
Gene says black people walk and talk like monkeys…
25 Cent comes in studio to debate Lasker…
Lasker also thinks that black people were bred to have big dongs…
Lasker says that he would still own a slave if he could…
Bubba wants Lasker to challenge 25 Cent in a trivia contest…
Gene Lasker versus 25 Cent in a general trivia test…
Bubba also plays along with the trivia questions…
25 Cent beats Lasker…
caller – asks Brent a few trivia questions…
caller – loved the trivia contest…
Bubba checks out the new Jessica Simpson song (sounds like Madonna’s “Holiday”)…
Lasker thinks that Paris Hilton is a good actress…Gen Lasker movie reviews…
Gene comments on a double amputee jogging with GW Bush…
news – Elian Sanchez grabs kid and holds him at knife-point at airport…
Talk about pulling the troops out of Iraq…Lasker did not vote last time…
Play Chef’s produced interview with Bubba (CSB assignment)…
Sirius signed Barbara Walters…Bubba wants to ask her about Richard Pryor…
Is Gene Lasker a felon? Can he vote?…

Highlights from Segment 4
Play Manson’s “Moron Jeopardy” gameshow bit…
Is Brent really the smartest person on the show? What about Dave Rice?…
Bubba sent lobsters to some of the Dad’s he knows (LiveLobDirect)…
Lasker does not have a computer…
caller – when will Lasker start torturing people again?…
Bubba talks about Penny and Pam Proctor and Lance Perry…
Bubba calls Janie about real estate in Indiana…
Bubba and Ned mark out to Janie’s nipples…
Janie get heat with Bubba for shaving Tyler’s head…
Has Janie ever been tea-bagged or snow-balled?…

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Highlights from Segment 1
Sirius radio is now streaming over the webBodog poker tournament talk
Mel Karmizan from Sirius would like to buy XM Radio
news – Rush Limbaugh busted with pills on flight back from Dominican Republican
Bubba sticks up for Rush on Viagra charge
Bubba says he hands out Viagra and Cialis to the boys all the time
caller – (Rick Jackson) played baseball with Bubba in Warsaw Indiana
Bubba recalls Bimbo Atkins the alcoholic sprint car driver …
Play Manson’s “Rush Limbaugh’s High”song
Spice found a bunch of mislabeled bits in the library
Bubba glad he was able to strong-arm Clear Channel into letting him have his archive (removed)
Bubba plays an old call from Mathew an “Angry Black Caller”
news audio – black community in Mobile Alabama see a leprechaun in a tree
caller – sent Bubba the link to the leprechaun story months ago
caller – Navy SEAL team happy that they will be able to hear BTLS streaming online
Caller comments on the operation in Iraq
Will the US ever capture Bin Laden?
Bubba plays new Apocalypse Ned bit for Navy Seal caller

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba asks Dave Rice to flip out on ChipDave isn’t feeling it right now
When is the last time Bubba flipped out?
What do the guys think about Bubba getting married? Will it ruin the show?
Spice shows off his injury he got wrestling his drunk buddy
Why won’t Spice call Bubba up to hang out anymore?
Bubba addresses the listeners that don’t want to hear the “Price Is Right” theme any more
Spice scored a 19 year old at Hooters? She was allergic to latexso no condom
Bubba plays Manson’s “MTV Cribs – Spiceboy Edition”
The 19 year old sucked Spice off on the way to the Rays game
Will Nicole Daulton be upset if she finds out about the girl Spice “crushed”?
The guys discuss their puss parameters (how often)
Bubba calls Coco and Owen to the studioScelzi spilled a beer on Bubba’s new camera
Owen couldn’t get the Best Buy Geek Squad to take the camera back
Bubba sent Coco to Best Buy to get the camera returned and he succeeded
Is Owen even looking for pussy while at USC film school?
Own tries to run game on Spice
Spice and Bubba have been to some sick internet porn sites
Does 25 Cent have a problem being on MySpace too much at work?

Highlights from Segment 3
ubba explains how he used to jerk off with a vacuum cleaner
What kind of face do you make when having an orgasm
Did Janie know that Bubba once jerked off in her dishrag?
Why is Janie going to England for three months?Bubba sent Jane a check?
Bubba used to rush home after school to fuck the shop vac
Bubba shares his personal school age jerk off fantasy
Play Manson’s “Loving a Vacuum Cleaner” song
Bubba considers Crazy Bitch as a wedding songfinally has a date picked
Bubba just attended Dan Diaco’s Catholic wedding by himself
Frank from Salt Rock Grill is catering Bubba’s wedding
Bubba is afraid to be high at his wedding
Heather wants a chocolate fountain at the wedding
John Rocker talk
Bubba recalls taking the subway out to High Pitched Eric’s house in Queens
Bubba plays Manson’s “John Rocker” song
Bubba rips on Glenn Beck being a hypocritical asshole
news – Saddam Hussein quits hunger strike after one meal
audio – Bush is pissed off at New York Times newspaper
audio – Cheney comments on New York Times story
audio – Olbermann puts his spin on New York Times story

Highlights from Segment 4
Play Ned’s “Insane Fucking Hussein” song
Bubba questions Ned use of the word “sand nigga”
Bubba promotes Hammil’s party at Secrets in St Pete
audio – murder suspect shows up in the middle of live TV news shot
Hulk Hogan calls in to talk about Nick’s racing and Brooke’s new album
Bubba recaps the last WWE wrestling episode
Hogan wants Bubba to come to Miami for the Miami Vice premier
Bubba tells Hogan about Rush Limbaugh getting busted for Viagra
Rumor has it that Jeff Jarrett offered Hogan a bunch of money to come to TNA
Bubba talks about Test and Stacy KeiblerHogan asks for a Sirius boombox radio
Brooke Hogan gets on the phoneasks Bubba to come to Miami
Brooke admits that she is a female pimp and running several different guys
Hogan says a bartender told him Nick is drinking underage in Miami clubs
How much does Bubba miss Hogan?Manson has Bubba read lines for as song
Axl Rose got his ass kicked by Tommy Hilfigerand bit a security guard
Brent says that the band Korn has no talent
news – top Swedish meteorologist loses her job after posing half naked in Slits
Spice may have some material to bury Lex and Terry (Price is Right)
Bubba plays Manson’s old “Lex and Terry” song
news – man robbed by teenage girls through MySpace in Jacksonville
Brent says he is not afraid to die and would smash two fourteen year old girls
caller – FTE passing through Terra Haute Indiana
The guys check out topless Cameron Diaz photos
Brittney Spears now suing eight different tabloids for reporting marriage trouble
caller – offers some constructive criticism for BubbaBubba flips out on caller
new trend – Straight men and women are now having bathroom quickies
Bubba tells Brent how hot he is and asks him to pump him in the bathroom
New Superman movie opens soon

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba spent three days with Lasoski and Scelzi at charity golf tournament
Bubba didn’t really get much videoexcept video of Gary Scelzi’s brown asshole
Bubba wrestled and anally dry humped Gary Scelzi several times
Some of the guys ripped Bubba’s shirt off on the golf course?
Bubba plays a really gay voicemail that Gary Scelzi left him
Bubba recaps the celebrity race he drove in
caller – enough racing talkbring on the pussy
Bubba and Brent flying to Vegas to see the UFC fight
caller – went to Englishtown while wearing his Shock the Puss shirt
Sirius now streams the show online at Siriuscom
Play Manson’s “Bubba’s Wife” song
Bubba calls Gary Scelzi live in his motorhome to recap last week’s race
Scelzi compared Bubba’s fire suit to his car cover
Bubba borrowed a Bobcat tractor while on the golf course
What is up with Gary’s teammate Whit?
Bubba got arrested by the sheriff of some small town as a rib (found a gun and cocaine)
Bubba wants the guys to show him their assholes
Brent denies having a birthmark on his asshole (it’s on his cheek)
Bubba is enamored with the brown ring that Scelzi has around his asshole
Bubba calls Scelzi back to ask him about his brown asshole
Bubba disgusted by the Winky Wright fight outcome

Highlights from Segment 2
Play Manson’s “Bubba Gatorade” bit
Talk about Bodog Bubba poker tournament
Bubba describes magician Chris Angel to Bubba (says he’s awesome)
Bubba thinks the Adam Sandler movie “Click” looks stupid
Bubba plays Manson’s “Turkey Song” Adam Sandler parody
Bubba plays the video of Gary Scelzi acting like an ass at golf tournament
caller – wants to hear a Janiecake Rap Recap on the show again
caller – all the guys need to bring in pictures of their assholes
Brent shows the anvil shaped birthmark on his ass cheek
audio – funny clip from theMaury Povich Baby Daddy show
audio – Connie Chung sings a song on top of a piano
Bubba plays Manson and Ned’s “Brent Baffled Me With Bullshit” song
caller – comments on UFC fight this past weekend
audio – AOL customer tries to cancel his account
caller – what is going on with Tony Stewart this season
Bubba says he will never eat pot brownies again in his life
Bubba went to church with Heather yesterday and then ate pot brownies
Bubba forgot that he was supposed to watch Heather’s dog yesterday
Ned brings in a new “Apocalypse Ned” bitBubba doesn’t play it

Highlights from Segment 3
New “On The Chip” CD coming out soon
Bubba plays Ned’s new “Apocalypse Ned – Private Jones and Jefferson” bit
Bubba asks for the video of 25 Cent acting like a monkey
Bubba ribs Dave Rice for forgetting to hand video tape to Owen for editing
Did Dave get laid a lot over the vacation?
caller – worried about Bubba and Heather fighting a lot recently
Is being a pussy when it comes to Heather?
Spice was at the strip club while Bubba was at church
caller – had to close his checking account to stop AOL from charging him
news – hot high school teacher Rebecca Todd accused of sex with student
caller – Heather is pussing Bubba outSpice imitates Penny Crone
caller – Bubba is not being a pussy
news – Paris Hilton throws herself at a pro Hockey player Jose Theodore
Nicole Kidman prenup talkPeople magazine donates money after Shiloh Jolie photo
Justin Timberlake dating Ron Popeil’s daughter LaurenDJ AM dating a porn star
UFC fighter Chris Leben calls in from Vegasneeds to cut 20 pounds overnight
Chris explains how he is going to beat Anderson Silva
Chris says he would “slap Rich Franklin around”but is worried about Matt Hughes
Chris abstains from sex for a week before a fight(talk about Jimmy Jamz)___________
Play Manson’s “Jimmy Jamz Wa Kung Fu Fighting” song
Hammil comes in to talk about the party at his club(brief Lex and Terry mention)
Ned gets angry at his deal (like Vivian West does)
caller – doesn’t like the Price is Right music
caller – about to divorce his wife after she cheated on him and needs advice
caller met a new girl after telling her that her husband died in Iraq

Highlights from Segment 4
Play Manson’s “Sexual Harassment Challenge” bit
The guys vote on the “asshole photos” idea
Bubba calls Heather to see if she would take a picture of his ass
Is it weird to show the listeners pictures of your asshole?
caller – comments on the Patriot Act delaying credit card processing
Brent met Cameron Diaz at Bubba’s Beach Club back in the day
Bubba recalls the 3AM Shady Shows at Bubba’s Beach Club
caller – (from Napa CA) glad to have the guys back from vacation
Spice checks out Akira’s rubber pussy mold
Owen comes in to give a Bubba Raw video update
Bubba plays Ned’s new “Apocalypse Ned” bit
caller – asks to speak to a supervisorgets Evel Knieveljust came back from Iraq
caller claims that he listens to Bubba illegally over the military com systems
Bubba plays the “Shock The Pussy” video
Brent wants to punch Justin Timberlake in the faceBubba wants to pay him

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba calls Danny Lasoski for details on his upcoming race at Eldora
Bubba got sucked into watching the Brittney Spears interview last night on NBC
Is Dave Navarro gay or bisexual?
Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas having a hard time keeping skinny
Keith Olbermann on the chip via email with co-workers
Tucker Carlson had a porn star on his show (candidate for Nevada governor)
news – man charged with making prank phone calls
Bubba recaps the Akira photo shoot at his house
Bubba calls Heather for a photo shoot updateshe’s getting a pedicure
Would Spice pay for his girl to get a pedicure?
Play Ned’s “Cheap SPICE” song

Highlights from Segment 2
Sirius fans are pissed that Bubba is taking another vacation
audio – Paris Hilton releases a new fragrance
Bubba would like to blow shit on Paris Hilton after eating Taco Bell
audio – GW Bush cuts a promo on a blind guy wearing glasses
Bubba imagines what it would be like if he were the president (for the secret service)
news – GW Bush loves satellite radio
Bubba hates the way certain words are getting cut out of terrestrial radio songs
Bubba says that terrestrial radio employees are the biggest subscribers to satellite radio
Bubba talks about stealing Dave Rice away from Clear Channel
Owen comes in to give a Bubba Raw video update
Bubba would love to hear a Luther Campbell show (from 2 Live Crew)
Bubba plays an old Flounder bit “Luther Campbell Soups”
Spice found the old Bubba Friday chant bit
Bubba feels sorry for regular radioand is running tape on Lex and Terry (O and A mention)
caller – (Michael) wants a tour of the studio next week
Bubba recalls fucking a woman named “Dee Dee” in Milwaukee (after radio contest)
Bubba describes Dee Dee’s tight pussy(while he was still with Holly)
Bubba explains how good Holly was to him (ride her bike in the snow)
Spice recalls the story about how Holly used to wipe Bubba’s ass for him with a towel
Bubba describes his “T-Rex” arms and how he could not wipe his own ass
Bubba wants Spice to get in touch with all of Bubba’s ex-girlfriends

Highlights from Segment 3
If you had to be gay for someone who would it be? (Bret Favre and Hulk Hogan?)
Ned would like a three way with Sean Bradley and Manute Bol
Bubba listens in on Akira in the green room
Hammil admits he was aroused by the Akira photo shoot
The Mexicans next door were watching the photo shoot at Bubba’s house
Hammil took Bubba’s bedspread after Akira squirted on it
Bubba calls Craig to make sure he cleans the bedspread
Hammil says he had Akira wear Bubba’s shitty underwear during the photo shoot
Bubba has been getting text messages from Heather during the break
25 Cent heads into the green room with Akira
25 Cent asks Akira to masturbate for himshe says no, unless 25 Cent gets naked
25 strips down naked and puts on Akira’s underwear
25 Cent acts like a monkey at Bubba’s request
Akira masturbates in green room in front of 25 Cent (25 makes monkey sounds)
Heather is still texting Bubba about the bedspread
caller – is the green room stuff with 25 and Akira really live?
news – Ben Roethlisberger released from the hospital
Bubba calls Brian Brown from “Racing From a Living”

Highlights from Segment 4
Play Ned’s “Bubba as President – Storytime” bit
Bubba had “Shock Collar Karaoke” trademarked to keep it from getting ripped off
Radio station out of Portland Oregon violating Bubba’s trademark
Akira in studio to recap her photo shootapologizes for squirting on Bubba bed
Brent reads the registered trademark for “Shock Collar Karaoke”
How much did Akira squirt on Bubba’s bedspread
Bubba says his house is nicer then any of the houses on MTV Cribs TV show
Bubba and Heather were discussing a three-way with Akira last night
Bubba has Akira climb on the counter top naked to rub her puss again
Bubba asks to smell Akira’s pussyshe is afraid it is too smelly after working all day
Bubba calls Melissa Midwest to thank her for coming in
Bubba asks Melissa about any other radio shows she has been on (Todd and Trevor Show)
Winkie Wright fight talk
Heather calls in to ask where the bedspread is
Bubba gets heat with Hammil over the bedspread deal

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