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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba talks about how Tyler didn’t want to sleep in his own bed
Bubba says that Brian Brown is now in 9th place for the Racing for a Living voting
Bubba says that the “Shock the Puss” shirts are up on the website but only can accept Paypal
Cocoa comes in the studio and talks about what a pain in ass Paypal is …
Bubba plays the Price is Right music and asks Cocoa a K5 question
Bubba and Brent talk about the Tucker Carlson show from the night before
Bubba says that Jessica Cane will be in the studio for a U-Turn jones
Bubba asks Chip where did Jessica Cane come from and is she in any porn
Bubba says that Melissa Midwest will be in studio June 12 …
Bubba says he is jacked up on an energy drink call Kronik …
Bubba says Chip will be his refreshment bitch at his poker game on Monday
Bubba promotes upcoming showsSpiceBoy in studio Friday
Bubba talks about how he got several emails about him kicking out a stripper out of the studio
Bubba says he going playing a some clips of him kicking strippers out over the next few days
Clip of Bubba kicking a bitch name Cindermoon out of his studio …
Manson Song – Bought Jugs for a Stripper
Bubba talks his ex’s Rebecca Hamlink and Christine Hudson …
Bubba talks about getting Christine pregnant and having an abortion
Bubba says he has a clip from when him and Cowhead called his ex Jill Fox …
Bubba says that Denzil Lewis is running for sheriff in Terre Haute
Email – says she called child services on Bubba for letting Tyler race go-karts
Bubba gets on the chip over the email and explains why it’s safe for Tyler to race go-karts

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba talks about upcoming shows
Bubba says that Manson has 2 new parodies for the show today
Manson says its a Gene Lasker parodyfrom the song You Had a Bad Day
Bubba calls Gene Lasker to tell him about the parody song
Caller – “Big Wave Dave” comments on the email about lady calling child services on Bubba
Manson Song – Gene Had a Bad Day 1st run with Bubba’s comments
Bubba calls Gene Lasker back to see what he thought about the song
Bubba talks about how he rode in a helicopter and it ran out of fuel and had to land in the woods
Gene wants to come in Friday to bust Spiceboy’s balls
Caller – comment on the girl who spun out Gene Lasker
Ned’s says that he is down and out because he can’t come up with nothing creative
Bubba talks about the bit Blue eyed Jew and says they made him pull it off air
Bubba talks about how Ned fucking chickens could get him outta trouble
Clip of Bubba and Cowhead calling his ex-girlfriend Jill Fox
Cowhead gets Jill’s husband on the phone,Bubba tries to talk to him and he hangs up on him
Bubba wants the Bubba Army to try to find his ex’s Rebecca Hamlink & Christine Elifson
Caller – says he used to listen Bubba on PFR
Bubba is worried about playing the Blue Eyed Jew bit because of an Irish guy at Sirius
Bubba and Crew talk about the catholic church priests molesting kids
Caller – marks out to Janie Cakes …
Bubba says he wants to play a bit that he found from a old caller named Brain Bramage …
Clip of Brain Bramage pretending he had his on show

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba says that he needs to get in touch with T-Quest
Bubba starts talking about his days as a rapper with T-Quest and Boyz wit the Bass
Bubba says he got a flyer saying that there is a Boyz wit the Bass concert at Strokers
Bubba calls T-Quest and asks him about the concert
Bubba talks about one concert appearance when they rolled him out on a couch on stage
Brent says he couldn’t find the Bubba rap cd but will bring it in tomorrow
Bubba says he going to play a clip of him calling Gene Lasker when Gene hated him
Clip of Bubba calling Gene Lasker – Bubba wants fight Gene Lasker loser leaves town
Manson Song – Gene Had a Bad Day
Bubba talks to Tucker Carlson
Bubba ask Tucker his honest opinion about BubbaRawcomTucker says he loves it
Bubba tells Tucker that he pussed out with Sharpton last night
Tucker talks about Al Sharpton …
Tucker says he likes Keith Olbermann and talks about his ratings
Bubba and Tucker talk about Bush’s approval rating
Brent say he is on the chip with Tucker with his comments on Elder Jeff last night
Tucker talks about the Duke lacrosse rape case
Tucker and Bubba discuss rape laws
Tucker and Bubba talk about the Sopranos

Highlights from Segment 4
Ned Song – Today Was a Good Day
Bubba goes to 25Cent live in Green Room with Jessica Cane and feeds him lines to say
25Cent asks Jessica if she wants to see his penis and she says she will look at it
Bubba sends Blish into the Green Room to try to get heat with Jessica
Bubba plays the Pat O’Brien clips
Bubba checks in with the Green Room with Jessica and Blish
Bubba brings Jessica Cane into the studio
Jessica has a paper towel between her legs to soak up the blood from her period
Bubba says that Jessica has a flat ass and Jessica get a pissed at Bubba’s comment
Bubba ask to put Jessica up on the torture rack then do a U-Turn Jones
Bubba says that she so ugly to put her in the torture rack backwards in carney
25Cent straps Jessica in the torture rack and Bubba is going torture her
Bubba puts nipples claps on her puss but they won’t stay so he put them on her nipples
Bubba ask for a paper bag so he put over her face because she is so ugly
Bubba puts a paper bag over Jessica face …
Jessica gets on the couch and Bubba directs her on how to do the U-Turn Jones
Bubba asks to fart in Jessica face she says “yes” Bubba tries but almost shits his pants
Jessica says that dildo won’t fit in her ass
Bubba says something smells thinks its Jessica’s pussy and has 25cent smell her pussy
Jessica gets herself off …promotes clubjessicacom
Bubba goes to the Green Room to listen to Jessica to see what she thought of Bubba
End of show

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Highlights from Segment 1
Manson talks about bringing some of his friends into the studio and mess up Brent’s headphones
Bubba’s left eye is bothering him and he doesn’t know why
Dave plays with Ned and Bubba’s microphone volume
Bubba brings Chip into the studio
Bubba wants to know where they are with the “Shock the Puss” T-Shirt
Chip explains the Brian polling and why he is losing
Bubba explains the new green room camera for Bubba Raw
Play Ned’s “Live like you were Frying”
Bubba challenged 3 people from the stern fan network and he got an email from a fan wanting to fight bubba with stipulations
Mention Chrome Shop Event
Caller Marks out wants to hear Buck Cherry
Caller was Ned on King of the Hill?
Bubba explains his first week in Hartford when a women named Stacy called the show
Bubba plays “Psycho Stacy Part 1”
Psycho Stacy : Bubba gets his sister on the phone to debate Stacy
Psycho Stacy : Bubba asks Hartford people to call to take a poll
Psycho Stacy : Bubba tries to call her back at the number she gave them with no luck

Highlights from Segment 2
Hogan calls up and talks about his move to Miami
Bubba thinks VH1 doesn’t know how to work and won’t give him any air time
Hogan talks about Brooke and her new video with Paul Wall
Nick Hogan gets on the phone, Will Nick run hard in Miami?
Nick talks about fixing up their serial cars
Bubba talks about the John Matusak workout
Hogan wants to see Brent workout but Brent declines
Caller wants to work out with Hogan and Bubba
Caller Joe the Super Mark says Bubba looked good on Hogan Knows Best
Play Manson’s “Shock the Puss” song…
On the phone with Jason Sparrow crew chief for Tony Stewart
Bubba describes the night Tony and his guys broke into Bubba’s hotel room and tried to fuck with him. Bubba fought them off in his underwear
Jason talks about points and how far behind the team is in the race
Jason talks about Charlotte and the cars they will use for the race
Bubba wants Jason to wrench on his car
Bubba talks about Spice Boy being on the show Friday
Chip gets called into the studio to ask about the porn star problem
Caller Miller Man talks about the NASCAR In Car experience
Caller Marks out to Bubba and talks about the FTE t-shirt
Bubba plays “Psycho Stacy Part 2”

Highlights from Segment 3
Play Manson’s “Then Rush Got High”
News – “Talk of the Bay” How to become rich with Ivanka Trump
Bubba offers his advice to become rich
Caller Steve wants Bubba to shock his balls for Bubba to hang out with him for his bachelor party
Ned wants Steve to toss his salad instead of tossing a midget
Bubba lists his grooms men and best men
Caller says that Steve needs to quit it
Bubba plays “Psycho Stacy Part 3”
Play Hammil’s “Jene Lasker is a red neck”
Bubba sets up D-Ball getting head from a porn star
News Lisa Burris prostitution charges
Bubba has no problems with catholic priest getting some side ass
News child molester charged with 20 counts of child porn
Brent takes a look at Bubba’s eye
Janie Cakes calls ur to tell Bubba he’s cock eyed
Janie wants the price is right deal
Ned wants to pee in Bubba’s eye like how you treat a stingray sting
Bubba lists all the people Bubba had a crush on and tells stories about them
Janie Cakes says Howard wants to do a rap recap like she did
Bubba tells the story of when he got crabs while on the Indiana State football team

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba and Brent mock Glenn Beck for being a fake Christian
Naughty Alisha needs contestants to fuck her for the website
Brian Brown voting, he is 7th place now and Bubba is on the chip about it
The guys get on Bill O’Reilly
Bubba and Brent talk about Artie and Howard
Bubba wants to fight people from the stern fan network website
Bubba plays an old Phone call about Hulk Hogan’s nephew Horace
Play phone call bit
Horace’s wife answers to dirty bird but not rat
25 is ordered to work the grill tomorrow and asks if he can grill
25 says his mother will be in the studio Friday to help grill
Ned still wants to piss in Bubba’s eye
Caller Brent is the gas chamber going to happen?
Caller wants to put btls on his car for a race
Caller Mike from Vegas talks about the NASCAR experience
Same caller gives Bubba an update for NHRA
Caller Texas talks about renting a D6 and clearing out trees

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba previews Gene Lasker stunt
“Shock The Pussy” Manson Bit.
New Grill Talk

Highlights from Segment 2
Kevin Hayslett calls in about Kwame Brown case
Top 5 All Time NBA Players list
Denzil on the phone about LEO issues.

Highlights from Segment 3
Gene Lasker in studio on the torture rack and gets shocked
Matt Yocum calls in late.
Lasker smashes green room door

Highlights from Segment 4
Replay of Spice Boy jumping off 7th story into pool.
Ned “Banned Sex Toys Call”
Tim Saben calls the warmline.
Tyler in studio
Rush Limbaugh’s high bit

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Highlights from Segment 1
Talk about going up to 75 Chrome Show to do an appearance.
Talk about meeting with Scott Greenstein and Ross Zapin in Charlotte for the race.
Talk about working out in Bubba’s gym.
D-Ball will be getting fucked in the Green Room by Naughty Alysha.
(caller-female FTE) marks out, driving from OH to CA.
Bubba thinks Ned got into the Rattler because he is so lethargic.
(caller) has an idea for doing a piranha tank-type caper.
Talk about Rush Limbaugh and his get out of court deal.
Bubba plays Shock The Puss screams from his Instant Replay.
Play Manson’s new “Rush Limbaugh’s High” song.
Talk about what Beetlejuice did on Howard today.
Talk about Bubba working in the Warsaw Parks Department.
Manson talks about having to clean bathrooms.
(caller) idea to set up a gas chamber.
(caller) stopped @ 75 Chrome shop and bought Bubba merch.
Talk about John Daly, lost $50-60 million on gambling.
Talk about MC Hammer and how he blew all his money and Deion and Hammer experience.
(caller) marks out, verifies John Daly’s gambling issue.

Highlights from Segment 2
Talk about how hard it was to get a hold of Fabrizi on the phone.
Talk about the MIT kids who beat the blackjack system in Las Vegas.
(caller FTE Jones) former Marine NCO, talks about the gas chamber.
(caller) wants to lynch somebody.
(caller-Steve from Las Vegas, NV) former blackjack dealer, not easy to count cards now.
Bubba talks about Fabrizi’s roulette theory.
Bubba talks about comments on SFN.
Play Manson’s new “Rush Limbaugh’s High” song.
Talk about bringing in Spice and Cowhead in for interviews.
Play the Spice Boy in the Piranha tank bit.
Talk about US Supreme Court decision about Anna Nicole Smith vs the family of her deceased husband.
(caller-Frog from Polk county, FL) has a caper, wife is dating another guy, wants Bubba to hook him up with a cricket.
(caller) was out with a girl who asked him to stick a finger in his ass.
All the guys on the show are date retarded.

Highlights from Segment 3
Lasker will go on torture rack to be back on the show.
Playing Shock Collar Gladiator and Shock The Puss from Bubba Raw
Call Gene Lasker. Talk about Lasker getting on the torture rack being shocked.
(caller) ask about Richard petty Driving Experience in the Northeast.
Talk about Johnny Depp’s issue with a strip mall near his house.
Talk about Bubba eating a special brownie on the flight back from NYC.
Playing Mia Haze from Bubba Raw
(caller-Mini Norm) marks out, talks about his past with the show.
Tucker Carlson on the phone. Bubba doesn’t like Joe Scarborough. Tucker agrees that Martha Stewart’s daughter is a bit cunty. Tucker wasn’t a ladies man before he got married. Talk about Treei Schiavo issue. Talk about a possible housing market crash.
Girls in shower are beating each other.
Back to Tucker, talk about Duke lacrosse case. Talk about cameras @ BRN and all the things they do

Highlights from Segment 4
Eavesdropping on girls (Tiffany & Allison) in the Green Room. 25 says they are drunk.
Girls from Dreamgirls in the studio.
Bubba wants the girls to do a strap on deal but they refuse.
They do a sobriety check on Tiffany.
Girls on the stripper pole.
Bubba catches the girls in lies.
Bubba wants to go to the phones to determine if Tiffany is being cunty.
Tiffany gets pissed and leaves.
Eavesdrop on the aftermath in the Green Room.
(caller-female FTE) thinks it great radio.
(caller) thinks it’s solid gold.
(caller) talks about John Blackwelder.
Talk to Allison and her handler.
Try to call Tiffany on her cell phone but she doesn’t answer.

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