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Highlights from Segment 1
Talk about the Naughty Alysha Dating Game.
Talk about the Truckin’ Bozo Show who helped catch the DC sniper.
Bubba mentions an Amber Alert.
Bubba thinks the internet and cell phones have caused the wave of child touching. Talk about “To
Catch A Predator” on TV.
Talk about different kinds of cheap liquor the guys used to drink as teens.
Spice is going out on a date with a girl he met on Review staff photos on
Bubba thinks Spice is bamboozling him regarding his date. Guys think they should put up a fake profile for Bubba on to see if he gets any responses.
Bubba is off to Charlotte to hang out with Tony Stewart.
Spice shows Bubba the picture of the girl he is going on a date with. Bubba gives advice on how to meet her.
Bubba is putting a weight clause in his prenup with Heather. Calls Heather to talk about the prenup.
Heather thinks Bubba should have a weight clause in the prenup as well. Heather thinks it’s funny if they put up a profile of Bubba on
Bubba says he never comes inside of Heather.
Dr Mark enters the studio.

Highlights from Segment 2
Guys give Bubba crap about Heather reversing the heat on him. Brent gets pissed when Bubba starts playing the Ned “Shut up Brent” drop over and over.
Spice talks about how he is going to tell his date where he works.
Bubba Price Is Right’s talk about Tom Cruise and who he sent flowers to.
Bubba calls Jenna. She has major heat with Bubba about something. Bubba wants to ask her about when Tom Cruise sent her flowers but Jenna refuses because she has heat with him over what Tyler said.
Janie Cakes calls in. Says Bubba already talked about the Tom Cruise story.
Dr Mark asks Janie Cakes questions about her vagina.
Janie tells the Tom Cruise story.
Play Ned’s Tom Cruise interview.
Eavesdrop on contestants for Naughty Alysha Dating Game.
Dr Mark says he can close the hole in Spice’s penis.
Bubba has something in his eye. Dr Mark says he can look at it.
(caller) question about vasectomy: has tiny loads. Bubba says he likes pulling out and blasting.
Bubba says he will pull out of Heather even after he gets married.
(caller) has problem peeing after screwing wife doggie style. Says Bubba should get the vasectomy.
Bubba doesn’t blast so he can eat out the puss afterward.
Talk about putting Mentos in someone’s asshole.
(caller) anything to give women to increase their libido

Highlights from Segment 3
Naughty Alysha in the studio for the Dating Game.
Contestant #1-Paul, contestant #2-Billy.
Talk about the N word.
Alysha doesn’t do scat play.
25Cent drops his pants to show off his cock. Bubba notices 25 has huge balls.
25 walks into the Green Room and taunts the contestants with his cock.
Alysha talks about Hedonism. Brent has tickets booked. Talk about eh parameters of swinging at Hedo.
Billy was K-fabing his name but the guys out him as Willie.
Bubba goes over the rules of the dating game.
Alysha asks the questions: How big is your cock #1: 7”, #2: 4×4. Are you shaved: #1 yes
Would you fuck or make love: #1: fuck, #2: fuck. What makes #2 think you can handle Alysha?
Bubba suggests that they should do a gangbang with Alysha.

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba shows off the 3 rattlers he carries.
Bubba hands out Cialis to the contestants.
Alysha likes to get choked out and get spanked.
Bubba shows Alysha the video of 25Cent getting sucked off by Jersey Jackson.
Alysha talks about some guy she will be fucking later in the week while her husband watches online.
They decide that both contestants and 25Cent will fuck Alysha.
Bubba doesn’t like anal because of a bad experience.
Bubba can only shave his ass so much because of his short arms. Contestant Paul suggests that Bubba go to a Chinese place to get his asshole waxed.
Brent references an article from R & R saying that everything should be written out.
Gene Lasker in the studio.
Alysha and Lasker role play about her picking him up in Best Buy.
Alysha talks about when she got into trouble for trying to pick up a guy at the Blue Martini.
Alysha talks about how she picks up guys in different places.
Bubba goes over with Alysha what she needs to report on after the gangbang.

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba talks about yesterday’s show with Luke and the pussy beer bong ,and Howard calling in
Ned says he is pissed at Bubba cause he gave him bit 2 days and he hasn’t played yet
Ned says it will be a big mark out fest today with the Diaco’s in today …
Bubba says this the 1st time Ned has flipped out on air for not playing a bit n t
Bubba says that Matty Yokam and the Diaco’s will be on the show today
Bubba plays the Howard 100 news clip about the Hogan parody The Hand made
Ned says that The Hand’s parody is shitty and the song is done by a guy in catface …
TheHand – Hogan what will I Do – with Bubba comments
Bubba asks Ned if he did an interview for Howard 100 news Ned says yes
Ned picks apart The Hand’s parody …
Bubba says he going replay a clip from the Chef pussy beer bong with Luke on the phone
Bubba talks about a girl who is in critical condition from The Super Himalaya ride
Bubba and Crew talks about The Super Himalaya and The Zipper rides and people who run them
Bubba says Manson did a bit about the Super Himalaya
Manson Bit – The Super Himalaya with Bubba comments
Bubba talks about the guys at the dunk tanks who would talk shit to you at the fair
Caller – says Heather should put pop-rocks in her mouth and give you head
Bubba says its a good time to play the new Ned bit But Ned is giving him shit
Bubba talks about pitchers hitting batters and managers giving the iggy to hit them
Brent says they should try get Jose Canseco in studio to talk baseball with them
Bubba says its time for commercial now and Ned gets on the chip
Bubba says after the break he will play the new Ned bit

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba talks about upcoming guests on show today …
Ned explains his phone call they are about play about bible action figures
Ned Phone Call – Biblical Action Figures -1st run with Bubba comments
Bubba plays clips from Jersey Jackson doing a pussy bong from yesterday’s show
Bubba says they are pop-rocking the puss next week on the show
Bubba goes back to playing clips from Jersey Jackson fucking herself with a beer bottle
Bubba asks Ned if he is into to farts … he says only likes celebrities farts
Bubba thinks that Jersey Jackson could have pissed in Chef’s mouth yesterday
News Story -Christina Aguilera says that she doesn’t care for Mariah Carey
Bubba says that Manson made a bit back in day about Christina Aguilera
Manson Bit – Christina Aguilera promotes albums
Bubba and Crew comment on the Manson’s Christina Aguilera bit
Bubba thinks the reason Manson made the bit was because Berlin had her cd
Bubba says that Matty Yokman is coming up next …
Matty Yokman is on the phone …
Matty Yokman says that is doesn’t wear makeup, Bubba swears that he does
Matty talks about the NASCAR all star race … and the traffic going to the race
Matty talks about the repaving of the track and more NASCAR talk
Matty talks about the All Star Race and how racers get voted in
Bubba and Matty talk about NASCAR
Bubba says that they should do a legends race …
Bubba says he doing to Richard Petty driving challenge
Bubba says that Tucker Carlson is coming up next …

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba says this is the 1st time the Diaco’s have been in the studio …
The Diaco’s call themselves Conservatives …
Bubba says that Tucker Carlson is on the phone
Bubba asks Tucker if he heard the show from yesterday with Luke and beer pussy bongs
Bubba explains to Tucker what the beer pussy bongs are
Bubba ask Dan if the pop-rocks would hurt the girls puss if they put them in there
Bubba ask Dan if they put Mentos in girls puss would that hurt them
Tucker tells Bubba about putting Mentos in a bottle of diet Coke about the explosion
Bubba tells Tucker that they are going to stick pop-rocks in a girl’s puss next week
Tucker tells Bubba that “Mikey the Cereal kid “ died from pop-rocks
Bubba says after the experiment with Mentos he’ll ask whether or not to pop-rock the puss
Tucker says he met an Episcopal priest that listens to the show
Bubba asks Tucker about the Da Vinci Code
Brent wants Tucker to prove to him that Bible is based on facts
Bubba and Crew discuss religion with Tucker …
Bubba says fuck all this religious talk lets talks about something else
Dan asks Tucker what would he do to fix the immigration problem in the US
Bubba says he going to vote for a republican this year Charlie Crist this year
News Story – Paul McCartney says he doesn’t need a prenuptial agreement
Bubba says he need to play the clips from yesterday still
Bubba tells Dan about Warren Sapp wanted to box him and talks Bucs football with him
Bubba asks Dan what he thought about Reggie Bush when he seen him at the combine
Bubba tells a story about his friend almost getting arrested for pissing in public
Dan talks about when he was working in New Orleans during Katrina
Bubba says the diet Coke & Mentos experiment is coming up next

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba says during the break that Steve & Dan Diaco’s pissed in the same toilet
Bubba says he used take a shower with Tara until he was 7 and he would piss on her
Bubba says he is doing the Mentos & diet Coke experiment to see what this would do a guy
Dan says he will drop the Mentos into the bottle everyone else is scared to do it
Dan drops the Mentos into the bottle and Bubba says it wasn’t that big of a deal
Bubba says it was an immediate reaction but shot 12 feet in the air
Bubba thought the Mento and Coke would be a ¼ stick dynamite explosion …
Bubba says he going to play the Jersey Jackson clip from yesterday’s show …
Clip of Luke on the phone with Jersey Jackson having phone sex with him
Clip of Jersey Jackson doing a pussy beer bong with Chef
Bubba takes a shit a Mentos and diet Coke footage
Bubba talks about Paul McCartney blaming the media for getting a divorce
Manson Song – Lost Her Leg (Bubba Comments)
Bubba says that Hedi Cortez will calling in and he will play Ned’s bit after the break
Bubba says that Hedi Cortez is on the phone
Hedi says that she in a hotel room with a girlfriend getting ready to go to the Maxim party
Hedi talks about her fake tits Bubba & Dan and about her show Tissue Time on Howard101
Bubba asks Hedi to give him story or make out with her friend for the truckers
Hedi puts her friend Wendy on phone and she says she not going to do anything either
Bubba asks Hedi to rub her puss for the truckers and she says no
Bubba says he going to tell Howard to have her show taken off the air
Bubba calls Hedi bitchy and cunty and Hedi tell Bubba fuck you and Bubba hangs up
Caller – says Bubba should have hung up on the Hedi earlier
Brent says that Tim Sabean is going to call him give him shit about what happen with Hedi
Bubba tries to call Tim so he doesn’t give Brent shit but Tim doesn’t answer
Tim Sabean calls in and talks about the Hedi Cortez interview
Bubba says that Ned was asking the Diaco’s for pain pills during the commercial breaks

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba talks having a huge BBQ after the show Friday
Bubba says went to Atlanta with the Hogan’s to watch Nick drift
Bubba hits the Price is Right music for a K5 for Brent
Bubba talks about drifting to Brent and wants to get Gene Lasker’s take on it
Bubba calls Gene Lasker and talk about drift racing with him
Bubba ask Gene what happened over the weekend at the races with Sport Allen
Gene gives his take on what happened at the race track over weekendder-der music going
Gene says that he smacked Sport Allen in face Bubba says he going to call Sport next
Bubba says he going to Sport Allen next to get his take on what happened
Bubba calls Sport Allen up to get his take on the story
Sport says that he hopes Gene dies a slow death and that he never smacked him in the face
Bubba calls Gene back and asks him if he heard what Sport had said about him
Gene says that he will fight Sport anytime,anyplace
Bubba asks the crew if they could find footage of what happened between Sport and Gene
Caller – asks Bubba if he would sponsor his drifting car
Caller – Ask about the price of BubbaRawcom
Caller – Comments on the Sport Allen & Gene lasker fight
Bubba says he has a major announcement at 4:50 today
Brent says that Baba Booey was asking for the Bubba rap cd today to play on the Howard show
Bubba gets on the chip because he doesn’t Howard making a fool of him on air
Caller – wants to be an intern for the show
Caller – says that Howard was talking about the how he wants hear the Bubba rap cd …
Bubba says that he is full hot at Brent for talking about the Bubba rap cd a couple days ago

Highlights from Segment 2
Caller – says he took a cruise and ran into Krispy Kreme mom’s Bubba’s ex’-gf mom
Caller explains that he was playing the name game to get some ass from Krispy Kreme’s mom
Caller says he got her number and that he has been emailing her
Bubba talk the caller into telling him that Kripsy Kreme gave him some head
Bubba says he will give the caller some Carson ‘s ribs for telling him the story
Caller tells Bubba that Kripsy Kreme’s mom has been to his house more than once
Bubba ask the caller where he is from tells Bubba Vegas and that he is 39 years old
Bubba plays a track from his old rap cd – 40 & Blunts
Bubba asks Ned if he heard about the Gene and Sport racing deal
Bubba goes back to replaying to the 40 & Blunts songBubba and crew comment on song
Bubba says they will be taking photos for their major announcement today
Manson says he was delivering flowers over the weekend
Bubba says that he will be calling Worldwide Sides next
Bubba says his got the number for Worldwide Sides & he seen the fight between Sport & Gene
Ned Song – Fucked Up by Gene Lasker
Bubba calls up Worldwide “Paul” Sides …Bubba tries play Evil Knevil to him
Bubba asks him about the fight between Sport Allen and Gene
Worldwide Side gives his side of story and says that Sport could have lifted in the corner
Worldwide Side says that he really didn’t see the fight he just seen Gene’s orange vest swinging
Bubba asks Worldwide what he has been up to he says just taking care of my donkey
Bubba says that one of Stevie Williams boys fucks goats on Friday nights
Worldwide says the reason he grab Bubba’s ball was to see if he had any …
Bubba says the major announcement is coming up next

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba talks about how rude Ned is to Garnet
Bubba tries to call Krispy Kreme gets her on phone to talk about her mom
Krispy Kreme answers the phone and asks if Bubba could call her back in 5min
Bubba tries to call Heather for the 2nd time today and she doesn’t answer
News Audio – Duke Lacrosse player speaks about rape case …
Bubba is freaking out because Brent gave him the wrong date for the Fox13 appearance
Heather calls in and tells Bubba why she didn’t answer the phone
Bubba thinks he looks to fat in the XXL shirt
Bubba is tweaking his nipples in the studio
Bubba is freaking out because he has nothing to wear to the lightning round tonight
Bubba tells Brent to call Craig the Bulldog to see if he can grab something for him to wear
Bubba calls up Krispy Kreme and tells her about the caller earlier with her mom
Bubba asks Krispy Kreme what she has been up too
Bubba talks about the time Krispy Kreme found a condom in his bedroom
Krispy says that Bubba told her that the dog brought the condom in from the guest bedroom
Bubba asks her about her trip St Louis when she was dated him
Bubba says she screwed her Army recruiter and her history teacher in high school
Krispy says she blew the guy on the way to St Louis …
Bubba tells a story about how Krispy Kreme blew a guy in bathroom went back to hotel
Bubba say after she went to the hotel with the guy she had sex with his 2 friends
Bubba says that Krispy had sex with Kenny Chesney and 2 of his crew members
Krispy says she is nenver calling the show again
Bubba wants to call Krispy tomorrow to get some more sex stories from her

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Highlights from Segment 1
Lasker in studio – talk about Bubba either racing or traveling with Hogan
Call to Hogan about going to Atlanta
Bubba complaining about Lasker’s vacation policy for employees (same as BRN now)
Manson – Lasker Had A Bad Day
Voice Mail to Scelzi
Play D-Ball carb cleaner from bubbaraw
Scelzi calls in

Highlights from Segment 2
Lasker reporting from the BBQ – eating on air
Rich Franklin on the phone
Spice in studio –

Highlights from Segment 3
Talk of Spice alleged bashing of Bubba when they weren’t together
Heather in studio
Phone calls
Tara calls in – pissed about Spice talking about sex – Spice apologizes
Tara says its all a Rib
Spice and Tara recap their hook up
E mails – Brent talks about his dogs
Reading e mails about Spice Boy
Bob Murray calls in

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Highlights from Segment 1
Vermont Teddy Bear live spot
Merch chatter, Naughty Alysha Dating Game talk
Talk about doing a Wives of the BRN show
Call to Scelzi – he can’t talk – at lunch with his 4 yr old son
Vote for Brian Brown at
Chip in trouble for burning a data CD, not an audio CD
Bubba spanks Chip’s bare ass for fucking up
Bubba wants 25Cent to use Crest White Strips on his teeth

Highlights from Segment 2
Promoting Bubbaraw updates
Bubba calls Hogan
Play The Hand’s Hogan song (Kiss – Beth)
Line about Brooke dumped out (bow wow inserted)
Call to Hogan
Hogan is upset Bubba has new work out friends
Dr. Mark in the studio – for a whole fucking hour…great.

Highlights from Segment 3
Marking out to Godsmack – Whatever
Marking out to Jesse James Dupree and Brian Johnson
Bands Bubba would want to play his wedding
Dr. Mark in studio
Call to Heather about wedding pictures
Talk about Government taking away online gambling
Bubba explaining why he dumped out of the Hogan bit earlier
The Hand’s – song about Lasker
Guys bash the bit
Phone call – trucker on CB

Highlights from Segment 4
Ron Capps on the phone
Flounder – Fail-ueJet Parody

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba thins that an FTE will find a missing child and credit him with the catch
Bubba sets up Blue Eye Jew bit from Manson
Bubba paper bagged Jessica Cane and feels bad
Jessica Cane says it was ok to put the pictures on the website
Bubba calls 25 Cent into the studio after 25 didn’t get Bubba’s soft ball
Bubba explains Jessica Canes smelly pussy and 25 Cent didn’t smell her pussy
Bubba talks about the shock the puss t-shirt that will be pulled off the website that night
25 is asked if he received a hand job from the Cheetah lounge
Dave is called into the studio to verify the story
25 says he played for 5 dances to get jacked off and Bubba says he would have come to a cross roads with the stripper after 3 songs
Bubba replays a stripper story where he let it ride in his pants and had to clean it up at a gas station
Bubba makes 25 admit to letting it ride in his pants
Bubba wonders how Dave didn’t see 25 getting his nut
Bubba mentions Pro-Sun

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba sets up Blue Eye Jew
Sirius Canada is going to expand 10 more channels and Howard 101 is one of them
Mention Vermont Teddy Bear
Bubba sets up and plays “Lasker Has a Bad Day”
Play Manson’s “Lasker Had a Bad Day Song”
Bubba plays the opening of “Boys of the Bass”
Bubba and the guys rib Bubba and The Bass intro
Bubba plays the first song of the album
long standing reporter in motorsports, Matt Yocum, is on the phone
Matt and Bubba talk about NASCAR Drivers and their eating habits
Bubba tells a story about catering for Tony Stewart and getting him McDonalds
Bubba and Matt talk about Slugger
Matt tells Bubba what he thinks about everyone’s chances to win
Bubba asks Matt who will be in the top 10
Bubba wants Matt’s spin on McMurry, Mayfield, and Ryan Newman
Bubba asks who is the biggest name in the biggest trouble
Bubba wants to know about Erin Crocker
Bubba talks about the time Ned was lost at the Fox Wood casino

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba is watching Bubba Raw when 25 shows his cock
Brent wants to play Boys in the Bass
Bubba starts watching the milk challenge on Bubba Raw
The guys talk about Bubba’s verse on the boys in the bass song
Bubba plays 40’s and Blunts but doesn’t want to
Mention Vermont Teddy Bear
Joe from sweetjesusihatebilloreillycom is on the phone
Bubba wants to know how Bill can get away with all the lies
Joe tries to explain how Bill gets around the half truths
Bubba wants to know about the sex scandal that Bill is involved in
Bubba talks about what Bill might make a year
Will Bill be leaving Fox News soon?
Joe talks about Howard being on Bill’s show and owning him
Brent says that Bill’s wart on Christmas is outrageous
Bubba wants to know the biggest BS story Bill spews everyday
Bubba wants the army to prank call Bill
Bubba tells us how he likes as news casters when it comes to politics

Highlights from Segment 4
Mention sinus busters
Caller hates the last interview and thinks Joe is a fag
Brent tries to debate the caller
Manson tries to make a point about George W not doing anything that helps the American people and the guy completely dismisses the question
The caller plugs his site therocketreportcom
Bubba talks about George W and how he has spent more money on government then all previous presidents combined
The guys want to move to Canada because America is broken
Play “Sucking Big Oil’s Dick”
Bubba recaps the show
Bubba says the “Shock the puss” t-shirts will be pulled tomorrow morning
Bubba plays a montage of the crazy bitch they had on yesterday
Manson sets up Blue Eye Jew
Bubba talks about all the banned bits the show has done throughout the years
Play Manson’s “Blue Eye Jew”
Bubba brings Tyler into the studio to play a new game
Bubba picks Kevin Harvick, Tyler picks Hulk Hogan ect……
Tyler picks the Seminoles as a good pick
Tyler picks Dale Earnhardt, Jr three times
How many beetles did Tyler save out of the pool?

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