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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba talks about the video Spanking in the Green Room that’s on the BubbaRawcom
Bubba says that Matty Yokman will be on the phone today and The State of Bubba Address
Bubba asks Spice if he fucked the Flesh Light and Spice says he did
Spice explains how he fucked the Flesh Light while watching a Max Hardcore movie
Bubba says that Kat Young will be in tomorrow and Dr Mark
Bubba tries to call Gary Scelzi
Bubba tells Gary that he going to have Ronnie Capps on the phone this week
Bubba and Gary talk about NHRA racing
Bubba says that Matty Yokman will be up next
Bubba plays the video of Stroking In The Green Room and comments on it …
Matty Yokman is on the phone
Matty talks about Tony Stewart’s injury
Bubba and Matty talk about the Sprint Cup Championship race and the last 4 races …
Matty talks about Kasey Kane …
Matty and Bubba talk about the upcoming Dover race
Bubba asks Matty if he seen the new car that Dale Jr is going run
Bubba and Matty talk about the Indy 500 race
Bubba asks Matty what he thinks about Danica Patrick
Matty talks about NASCAR
Bubba says that The State of The Bubba Address is coming up next

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba says that Doug and Mutt will doing the State of Bubba Address up next
News Audio – Barry Bonds talks about hitting 762 home runs and breaking Henry Aaron record
News Audio – Liz Taylor on Larry King
Spice says he would bang Liz Taylor
Bubba asks everyone in the room who is the oldest chick they would sleep with
Bubba throws the question out to the room either Martha Stewart or Oprah
Brent says Oprah ,Spice says Oprah ,Manson says Martha ,and Bubba says Oprah …
Bubba talks about leasing agent who was 53 years old that would suck him off
Bubba talks about Kat Young coming in tomorrow …
Bubba starts The State of Bubba Address …brings Doug in from BTLSfannet
Bubba says he wasn’t going to do a State of Bubba Address because of haters on the websites
Doug ask if he could trade one person off his show with one person off Howard’s show …
Bubba says he would trade Spice for Robin …
Mutt asks if he could could get a date for Bubba’s bachelor partyBubba says its next year
Doug asks if him and Heather would swing with Howard and BethBubba says no
Mutt asks how his relationship is with his real dadBubba says he has been working on it
Doug asks will you ever do mornings when Howard is on vacBubba says no
(Mutt asks Bubba how long how long was he on XM radio ) Cut out
Mutt asks Bubba if he knows what the Beth-o taping is – Bubba says its something for SpikeTv
Doug asks Bubba if he flies 1st class when he flies- Bubba says he doesn’t …
Mutt asks how did his Sirius contract go down – Bubba explains how it went down
Bubba says that Doug and Mutt will be asking more questions after the break

Highlights from Segment 3
Doug asks why doesn’t he have Sexy Savannha on the show no more
Bubba says she doesn’t fit the show …
(Bubba says fucked over by Clear Channel) cut out
Mutt asks if Bubba is going to be part of Sirius NASCARBubba says no as of right now
Doug asks Bubba if any of his ex-girlfriends have tried to get back with him Bubba says yes
Bubba talks about his ex-girlfriend Rebecca trying to back him since Sirius
Mutt asks Bubba is planning anything for his Canadian listenersBubba says yes
Doug asks Bubba what is one goal for the yearBubba says to keep up the success …
Doug asks name 2 guests he wants on the showBubba says Favre and Vince Vaughn
Mutt asks Brent if he going to do his show again- Brent says he will be doing his show again
Doug asks if there ever going to be a replayBrent says that Sirius does all that stuff
Mutt asks if Sirius has backed the show yetBubba says that Sirius has gotten behind them
Doug asks how many hours of sleep Bubba getsBubba says its varies from day to day
Mutt asks about penetration on BubbaRawcomBubba says he fixed everything on there
Mutt asks doing a monthly review on Bubbarawcom Doesn’t have the manpower to do it
Doug asks what were you doing for the 2 years when you were jobless
Bubba says he bought a bunch a gym equipment started working out
Mutt asks is the stungun and the gas chamber are banned – Bubba says they are banned
Doug has a FMK Chip,Lasker,& Ned Bubba says Kill Ned fuck Chip and marry Lasker
Mutt asks about them coming to Tower RecordsBubba say it would be for there new cd
Doug asks if there any past interviews that they what to do on SiriusBubba says OJ
Mutt asks Bubba what plan do you have if there is a hurricaneBubba explains the plans
Doug ask Bubba if he misses Hogan since he moved to MiamiBubba says he does
Mutt asks Bubba if Heather is fair game for MansonBubba says she is fair game
Bubba talks about when he was high on pot brownies over the weekend
Bubba talks about people hating on Stern Fan Network …

Highlights from Segment 4
Doug asks Bubba if Mexicans cut his lawnsBubba says that Phill cuts his lawn
Doug asks whats mags he reads …Bubba says he reads the Globe,etc
Doug asks if he folds or wraps his toilet paper when going to the bathroom Bubba says fold
Bubba explains what his does in the bathroom when taking a shit
Doug asks what Bubba what his perfect pizza is Meat lover with double meat double cheese
Doug asks what is your drink of choice Bubba says it’s a Sex on a Beach
Doug asks if Bubba if he seen Ned’s dealBubba says he has
Doug asks if you had to lose one of your senses what would it beBubba says it be taste
Doug asks who used the Flesh Light beside ChipBubba says that Spice did
Doug asks what vices did you have when you were fat beside foodBubba says none
Mutt asks if any of girls have freaked out about taped in the Green Room Bubba says yes
Mutt asks how Ned get on the showNed explains how he became part of the show
Doug asks Ned if it was true that his seen Gene Lasker penis Ned says no comment
Mutt asks about when Bubba talked trash about Howard back in dayBubba explains
Doug asks Bubba why did he give Brent Hootie the dog to himBubba explains why
Gene Lasker is pissed off at Spice and wants to kick his ass …
Gene walks into the studio and tells Bubba that The State of Bubba sucks …
Gene brings in some fighters from RFC to talk about there upcoming fight
Bubba asks Rob Kahn if he heard what happen with Jimmy Jamz & Rich Franklin
Bubba and Rob talk about the Matt Hughes and Gracie fight
Bubba wants Rob to put Chip in a arm bar brings in Chip into the studio
Rob puts Chip in arm bar , then Gene gets put in a rear naked choke by Rob
Rob puts Spice in a rear naked choke and Spice taps
rob promotes Gracie Tampa
End of show

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