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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba asks Hammil if pop- rocking the puss is up on Bubbarawcom
Bubba talks about his house keeper and how she called into Spiceboy’s show on 98 rock
Bubba talks how he was playing PS2 before the show and Chip came in and messed his game up
Bubba says that John Witherspoon will be on the phone & Dr Mark will be in today …
Bubba talks about the pop-rocking the puss footage …
Bubba says that Lia from Lia19com will be in today
Bubba talks about Manson getting black flagged on the go-kart track
Manson calls the warm line and defends himself about getting a black flag go-karting
Bubba talks about his filming his wedding for BubbaRaw and making a dvd …
Bubba says that Kevin Cronin will be in tomorrow and talks about REO Speedwagon
Spice asks Bubba if he would ever made cds for chicks
Bubba says he used make cds for Rebecca in Spice’s office at 98Rock
Bubba plays Highway to Hell and Brent says he wants them to play that song at his funeral
Bubba is playing random songs from his Ipodfrom rap to rock …
Brent says that Kiss has sold just as many records as AC/DC Bubba says bullshitBets Bubba
Manson Song – To Become Bubba’s Wife
Bubba talks about the new cd coming out “On The Chip” …
Spice has the facts about Kiss records sales & says that AC/DC sold 66million and Kiss sold 19
Caller – comments on AC/DC records sales …
Spice says that AC/DC’s Back in Black sold 21 million only …
Bubba says that John Witherspoon will be coming up next

Highlights from Segment 2
John Witherspoon on the phone
Bubba and Crew talk about the Friday movies with John
Spice asks John how he likes doing the show Boondocks on Cartoon Network
Bubba asks John if he is still friends with David Letterman
John talks about how much money he made on the Friday movies
John promotes his Cd coming out and a movie coming out called “Little Man”
Bubba asks John what town has the hottest asshe says that Tampa has some hot ass
Bubba says that next time John is in studio he will have some hoes for him in studio
Caller – talks about him calling Howard from the bathroom
News Story – guys pissing on plane in the middle isle then lights up cigarette
News Story – Jury says man who is 5’1 is too small for prison after being convicted for child rape
News Story – dr says that they found a pill to make you stop stuttering
Caller – comments on the the guy who was too small for prison
Bubba says Tennessee Wildlife is thinking about passing a law allowing you to hunt from a car
Bubba says that Dr Mark will be in next
Bubba talks about doing a Glory Hole with Naughty Alysha and D-Ballshaving his pubic area
Caller – says she has a funny story about Lia from Lia19com
Janie Cakes calls in and asks Dr Mark a question about taking hormones …
Janie talks about her lobsters that she got in the mail but she is afraid to look at them
Bubba and Crew joke with Janie about fucking the lobster and having a dried cooter
Bubba asks Janie Cakes how many guys she has slept withShe says 4 men
Janie Cakes says that she lies to the Dr’s about smoking
Bubba asks Janie to look at the lobsters one more time before he lets her go
Bubba says that Dr Mark will answer emails after the break

Highlights from Segment 3
Email – wants to know if taking Viagra for a long time will you become dependent on it
Email – Has a boil on his inside of his leg that will not pop and leaks puss
Email – spending his money on a natural penis enlargement- is his wasting his money
Email – wants to know if he is too young Cialis
Email – just switched over to Cialis from Levitra was the best thing he ever did
Email – says he is has a girl coming over this weekend wants to know how to take Cialis
Email – 30 year old male says he can’t get an erection
Email – says he uses a cock ring and tightens so much that his balls turns blue
Brent talks about his vibrating cock ring and how he uses it on Amanda
Bubba says that Heather wants sex 3 more times after they do it
Bubba says Heather wants sex all the time and he can only do one time
Bubba says he likes it when Heather tells him dirty stories it gets him off
Spice asks Bubba if he has brought has an another girl in the bedroom no answer from Bubba
Bubba plays clips from the Pop-rocking the puss
Clip of a girl on girl from the pop-rocking puss with Jersey Jackson and Kristy Wild
Clip of the Pop-rocking the puss with Jersey Jackson and Gene Lasker
Clip of Gene putting Pop-rocks in Jersey Jackson’s puss
Bubba says that Rich Franklin will be on the phone tomorrow
Bubba talks about the REO Speedwagon and going to their concert this weekend …
Bubba calls Heather and asks her if she wants to go the REO Speedwagon concert
Spice talks about the REO Speedwagon album Hi Infidelity
Bubba says that Lia from Liacom will be coming up next

Highlights from Segment 4
Manson Song – Bubba’s Back on Radio
Clip of a John with Cerebral Palsy calls Bubba from 98Rock …Bubba messes with him
Bubba goes to the Green Room with 25Cent with Lia …Has 25Cent asks her few ?’s
25Cent asks Lia if he wants to see his cock and she says yes & tells JP he can look at it too
Bubba says that Leah is a good looking chick
Bubba says they are coming back with Lia after break
Brent says he has a girl that is full hot and wants to talk to Leah when she comes in
Bubba asks Lia where she is from and if she has starred in any movies
Bubba ask Lia if she is into girlsshe says yes
Bubba asks what she thought about 25Cent’s dick she thought it was 3 outta of 10 …
Spice wants to know if he could have Lia’s tampon to sell it on Ebannedcom
Spice asks what is the kinkest thing that Lia has ever done
Lia says that she let a cop use a nightstick on her …
Lia talks about her website and how she got it started and the movies she has been in …
Lia says that she loves to lick asssays Bubba can call the guy’s ass she licked
Bubba tries to find the caller on the phone lines since Lia says he was listening
Bubba tries to clear the lines so the Arizona ass licker can get through
Bubba talks about the email that saying that Lia slept with her husband while she was preg
Spice says that the Arizona Ass Licker is on the warm line
Lia lets Brent lick her nipplesBubba yells at Brent for licking her nipples and not sucking
Lia talks about licking Arizona ass Licker’s ass …
Rebecca calls in and confronts Lia for sleeping with her husband
Bubba hangs up on Rebecca cause the show about to end

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