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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba asks the guys the last time he had a 488 episode
Spice talks about the time Bubba freaked out after they got fined by the FCC
Spice says he is done with Maloney and Bubba agrees
Tony Stewart sets up Bubba with a pastor and discourages the pastor from buying a Sirius unit
Lasker and Richard walk into the studio
Bubba describes their next stunt Pop-Rock the Puss
Bubba asks Lasker to go upstairs and tell the construction workers to shut off the power tools
Lasker cuts a promo on the Mexican Workers
Bubba goes into price is right
Caller FTE with window down wants to call the IRS on the Mexicans
News Coach Tim Markum could spend 5 years in prison for an insurance claim
Play Manson’s Tim Markum gladiator bit
On the phone with Matt Yocum a reporter in motorsports
Matt and Bubba talk about Tony Stewart and matt kenseth wreck
Ned makes fun of Matt for not having a definitive answer
What does Matt know Robert Yetts?
Who will be in the top 5 in the upcoming race
How do the drivers like the new tires
The technology for the pit crew is changing and you can playback their performance instantly
Spice, Lasker and Ned ask Matt if he wears makeup
Bubba’s on the chip about Matt getting paid
Fabreeze talks about Bubba peeing his pants

Highlights from Segment 2
News Teacher has sex with retorted kids
The guys discuss retard sex website and how they can’t give consent
Caller doesn’t know the girl that had CP on the facts of life
News Barbie has a new “Way out west” Barbie to appeal to the older generation
Play Manson’s “Porn Star Barbie”
Bubba calls Judie to get some tickets to the next UFC fight in Los Angles
Bubba makes Richard mention Mandalay Bay
Lasker, Ned, and Spice cut a promo for Mandalay bay
Richard finally does his promo for Mandalay bay

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba gets in his directors chair
Christy Wild and Jersey Jackson are in the studio
Bubba asks the girls what they want to do; U-Turn or grinder…
The girls put the dildo about 90% of the way in
The girls start organizing and Spice has a boner
Spice suggest they put on the strap-on
What’s the difference between a whore and a slut
Bubba wants to put 25 and the girls to the green room
Bubba spies in on the girls in the green room
Bubba tells 25 what to say to the girls
Jersey Jackson is first and she wants to do a pile driver
Lasker pours the pop rocks and beer into the puss and they start popping
Lasker blows the rocks back into the puss
Brent has some questions for Jersey, She fucked Tom Sizemore
Bubba asked her how the pop rocks felt as it oozes out
Christy Wild gets into the pile driver position and Lasker lubes up the funnel
Christy Wild is pushing the pop rocks down and he pours the beer in
Christy is pushing out all the pop rocks Lasker compares it to an engine
25 takes the girls to the shower and Bubba spies on them
The girls put a shower curtain up and Bubba asks Lasker to pull it down.
Bubba wants to know how it sounded to the listeners
Caller wants less talking
Caller FTE thought it was awesome
Caller women wants to know how BubbaRaw is only $9.95

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