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Highlights from Segment 1
Studio is in the middle of remodeling.
Bubba believes that he is the biggest radio personality to come out of Tampa.
Brent thinks Bubba has ADHD.
Bubba talks about the studio at his old radio station.
Ned has heat with Bubba because he thinks Bubba didn’t have his mic turned up.
Ned plays drops off of the Instant Replay.
Bubba mentions an Amber Alert
Bubba plays Tony Soprano drops. Says it’s like he’s talking to Fabrizi.
Bubba reads another Amber Alert.
Reads e-mail about the champagne puss bomb.
Bubba reads other e-mails that mark out to the show.
(caller) asks for Bubba who he was going for in the UFC: Matt Fuckin’ Hughes.
Guys talk about Vince Vaughn. Bubba didn’t like Swingers but loved Wedding Crashers & Old School.
Bubba talks about jacking off to Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith.
Bubba thinks Jessica Alba is great beat off material.
Ned jacks off to Reba McEntire.
Read article Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are engaged.

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba correlates music to where he was working at the time
Manson talks about his time being in a hair band.
Spice says there’s an over/under in the office with Bubba’s marriage.
Play Manson’s So You Wanna Marry The Love Sponge song.
Dan DiAco calls the show. Says he’s been engaged 3 times before he got married.
Bubba says he’s ready to settle down.
Dan says he thinks 80% Bubba will stay married. Says a successful marriage is when a woman knows her role.
Bubba repeats Dick Fabrizi’s advice: I know when to give up my 51% fast.
Bubba thinks there’s more pressure on him than Heather.
Play Ned’s Catholic Town call.
Bubba thinks the show should take a vacation to Las Vegas.
Bubba made the newest issue of Penthouse magazine.
(caller) got the Shock The Puss shirt.
Talk about Michelle Rodriguez found her true love in jail.
Janie Cakes on the phone. Says she will be scared of the lobsters Bubba is sending her. Janie is pissed that Bubba hasn’t told her he is getting married. Bubba is afraid to tell Janie because he has to invite Doug Clem. Janie is “fine” with it.
Bubba says who the Best Men at his wedding will be: Brent, Hogan, Larry Plummer, Denzil & Fabrizi. Ned is upset that he isn’t one of them.

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba complains about the rejoin music. Blames Spice but it was 25Cent.
Bubba wants Buck Cherry to play his wedding. Brent says it’s insulting.
Brent says he used to work as a strip club DJ. Bubba makes the guys do their best strip club rap.
Gene Lasker in the studio.
Tucker Carlson on the phone. Says Las Vegas cab drivers get 30% from hooker fees. Bubba would rather meet Bill Clinton over Brett Favre. Bubba talks abot his Ambien dream where he met President Bush and marked out to him. Tucker talks about troubles with voting. Bubba and Tucker talk about
Getting fired and severance packages. Tucker talks about his experiences during Hurricane Katrina.
Guys talk about potential Presidential candidates for the 2008 election.

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba gives Ned heat for opening up a Miller Lite on the microphone.
Hulk Hogan calls up. Hogan is miserable being in Miami. Bubba talks about how he and Hogan run the west coast of FL. Hogan wants out of Miami.
Bubba invites the guys over to watch the UFC fight. Bubba says he will throw Lasker out if he doesn’t behave.
Bubba gives commentary on 25Cent getting tortured on Bubba Raw.
Bubba wants a girl who can fart in front of him.
Bubba talks about a girl he dated that wouldn’t fart in front of him.
Coco in studio. Says he watched Bubba crank Rebecca.
Bubba thinks his marriage won’t last because he tells on himself too much.

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