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Highlights from Segment 2
Manson Song – Shock The Pussy
Bubba and Brent talk about Britnay Spears being a bad parent …
News Story – broker is selling Jessica Simspon’s wedding ring on Ebay
News Story – Paris Hilton was happy that she was the talk of the Cans Film Festival
Spice says he has some audio of Brandon Davis son of a oil tycoon talking about Paris
Bubba asks Spice who he rather fuck Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan he says Paris
Bubba says that he like having his balls grabbed during sex
Bubba plays the audio of Brandon Davis and comments
News Audio- Brandon Davis comments on Lindsay Lohan
Bubba asks when the Bubba panty contest is going to be on the website & yells for Chip
Bubba asks Chip whats up with the Bubba panty picshe says will talk to Boogie
News Story – Dave Navarro admits that he kisses guys
Bubba asks everyone in the room if they were stranded on the a island with a man who would they pick
Manson picks Jack Black,Spice picks LL Cool J , Brent picks Henry Rollins, Bubba picks Hogan,
and Ned picks The Great Khali WWE wrestler
Manson Song – So Happy Together Me & Terry
Spice is trying to call the girl he went out on a date with from Matchcom …
Bubba says the next cd will be a double cd called “On The Chip”
Bubba asks Spice if he made 375k would he worry about $6 drink,Spice says no
Bubba plays clips from Hogan Know ‘s Best and comments on it
Bubba talks about he and Rebecca went for a couples colonic
Brent says he would do a colonic on air
News Audio – guy dressed as Freddy Krueger stabs homeless guy
Bubba asks Spice to try recall his date and Naughty Alysha will be coming in …

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba says that Spice has the girl on hold he went on date with from Matchcom
Bubba asks the girl how many date she has many dates she has been on after Spice
Bubba calls her Ms Match and she comments on the date with Spice
Bubba tells her that Spice says he got the hint she wanted to fuck him by the end of the date
Ms Match thought Spice was a good looking guy but not going to fuck him on the 1st night
Bubba asks her what her favorite position is and does she like to suck dick …
Bubba Ms Match about the show and what she thought about the show
Ms Match says she wants to meet Ned
Bubba says he willing to pay for the next date for Spice and Ms Match
Bubba asks if she willing to give Spice a handjob if they go out on a 2nd date
Ms Match says who gives a handjob to anyone this days
Ms Match says she loves having sex on the counter-tops …
Ms Match says that Spice was talking how he like MatchBox 20 on the date
Bubba wants Spice and Ms Match to go on a date on Thursday and recap on Friday’s show
Bubba and Crew talk about not wearing condomsgetting head with condoms
Bubba talks about the Kentucky Derby and how they shouldn’t race horses
Manson talks about how they put the horses down if they break their leg
Caller – weighs 400lb asks Bubba for some for advice to lose weight
Bubba gives the caller his advice on how he would lose weight
News Story – Guys reports that his Jenna Haze blow-up doll was stolen
Bubba talks about when Ned called the real doll people
Ned Phone Call – Ned Calls Abyss Creations Real Doll

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba talks about BubbaRawcom and asks Chip what footage he’s putting up on there
Bubba goes live to 25Cent in the Green Room with Naughty Alysha …
25Cent asks Alysha who would she would fuck from the crew 1stshe says Heather
Naughty Alysha comes into the studio and talks about wanting to fuck Heather and Ned
Bubba plays clips from the Naughty Alysha dating game and comments on it
Bubba plays a clip of Paul and Alysha from a hotel room with 25Cent making a phone call
Bubba says 25Cent didn’t take the Naughty Alysha radio assignment serious
Bubba yells at 25Cent for taking phone calls during the Naughty Alysha date
Bubba says that he going to play the rest of the clip & explain the drama that followed
Bubba says that 25Cent join back in the action with Alysha with riding him
Bubba says that Paul hammered Naughty Alysha you could see her toes crinkle
Bubba says he couldn’t see 25Cent in the new studio cause it’s so dark in there
Bubba asks Naughty Alysha if she is willing to do a glory hole for the show
Alysha says she would love to fuck the shit out of Spice …
Bubba asks Spice to ask Alysha what could he do to her
Spice asks Alysha …beat off on her face, anal,lick ass,and gaping she says yes to all
Alysha says that Spice is scared to fuck herSpice says he knows her past
Bubba asks Alysha questions about the dating game
Bubba says that Paul ate her pussy after everyone fucked her
Alysha says she never thinks about her husband even when fucking her husband
Alysha says that Adam tells her to think about other men when having sex
Brent says he thinks about orgies to get himself off when having sex with Amanda
Bubba suggests that Brent & Amanda swings with Naughty Alysha and Adam
Bubba promotes BubbaRawcom

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