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Highlights from Segment 1
Manson – If You Like Buah A-Lott-a
Bubba wants to see Manson and Donna kiss in studio
Bubba wants all couples in the studio to kiss – Brent, Manson, Doug???? and Brent’s Brother
State of the Bubba Address
Mutt from SFN, Doug from
Sam Simon in studio
Going through the BTLS dictionary
SOTB continues

Highlights from Segment 2
SOTB continues
Sam Simon tells how he makes money from The Simpsons

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba Talks about their day being on Howard
Discuss the photoshoot
Discuss Ned’s night out
Talk about the Ned Concept shirt
Brent talks about running into Luke from 2 Live Crew
Discuss doing the paintball firing squad
Ralph, Tim Sabean, and Bob Levy come in the studio
Bob Levy gives himself a shock on the arm with the shock collar

Highlights from Segment 2
The guys discuss what they will be drinking tonight at the Howard Stern film festival
Ned names all the nicknames for the Sirius staff
Ned apologizes for holding out and admits he likes NYC now
More phone calls discussing the guys appearance that morning on Howard, shocking Sal and Richard.
Brent and Bubba discuss the lameness of the word fiancé
The guys discuss what channels they live on Sirius
Ned Bible stories
The guys discuss rattler roulette
Brad the producer for Farrell comes in and challenges the guys to a hot sauce shot
Manson cell phone goes off during the show, he agrees to take a shocking
Brad takes a shocking and rides it out
Bubba shocks Manson
The guys all praise and thank Dave Rice
Talk about going to the Howard Stern Festival

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Highlights from Segment 1
Show is in NYC.
Ned places drug order with Brent.
Bubba has issues with Ned’s Tyler bit.
(caller-Scott from IA) marks out to show.
Brent gets to the bottom of the I Heart NY case.
Bubba says there is a chance they might do a Tower Records signing in LA.
Bubba talks about the Bubba Firing Squad for next week.
(caller-Kirk from CA) marks out and Bubba asks his opinion on autograph signing.
Talk abot Sam Simon visiting the show.
Play Ned’s “Put My Balls In Your Mouth” song
Talk about Howard 100 News interviewing Ned.
I Heart NY on the phone. Guys think she is lying about having the mumps to get out of sucking off 25Cent.
Talk of Ricky Williams suspension for entire season.
(caller) woman says her husband wants to volunteer for Bubba Firing Squad.
(caller) thinks I Heart NY is full of crap.
(caller) how come BTLS shirts aren’t smaller.
Talk abot Maury Povich cheating on Connie Chung.
Bubba gets flapped at Ichabod entering the studio.

Highlights from Segment 2
Play Manson parody of Pat O’Brien movie trailer.
Talk about USA Today article on meth.
(caller) talks about meth
Brent runs into studio, almost ran into Mel Karmazin.
Talk about shocking Courtney from Ross Zapin’s office.
Brent explains why meth makes your teeth rot out.
Talk about heat with Opie & Anthony.
Talk to Liz from Howard 100 News about Phil Potsie and other things.
Tim Sabean in studio. Exited about Bubba being on Howard tomorrow.
Talk about Brett Favre returning to play with Green Bay Packers.
Play Brett Favre song parody. Problems with cd playing the song.
(caller-Bernard FTE) thinks Bubba is crazy about Favre coming back.
(caller-Christie from Cleveland) wants to know if they got the deal about Opie & Anthony.
Talk about Cox wanting Bubba back in Tampa. Bubba says CBS should buy XM.
(caller) asks if Bubba will be at the Charlotte NASCAR race.
(caller) wants to know if Bubba ever heard about busting a nut without a mess.
Bubba reads an Amber Alert.

Highlights from Segment 3
Play Manson’s “Republican Idiot” song
NYC studio is ice cold
Call to Gene Lasker, get VM, no message.
Play Manson’s Lasker Gives White Trash A Bad Name” song.
Tease Tucker Carlson on the phone. Bubba thinks Tucker didn’t come into the studio because of the possibility of getting shocked.
Talk about flight to NYC and how pilled up Ned was.
Talk about the Howard Film Festival. Problem with Bubba walking in without the rest of the crew.
(caller) has ideas for
(caller) wonders if Brent has been to the Phillipines. Brent receieved a “Fire & Ice” from a hooker.
Brent talks about the baskets in the Phillipine whore houses.
(caller-female) loves Manson’s parodies.
(caller-Debbie from Pittsburgh) talk about 80 year old woman who got tazered and died.
Play “I Bought Jugs For A Stripper” song.
Play Ned “Catholic Town” phone call.
Ralph Cirella in the studio. Ralph is hesitant to get shocked.
John Heine on the phone. Gives Ralph crap for not getting shocked.
Tucker Carlson on the phone. Talk about DA who is prosecuting the Duke lacrosse case, how rugged
Tucker is looking. Tucker was once accused of rape.
Brent and Ralph get into a bitch fight with the shock collar units.It’s dubbed Shock Collar Gladiator.
Bubba and Ralph go at it with the shock collars.

Highlights from Segment 4
Play “Jimmy Jamz Was Kung Fu Fighting” song.
Talk about the fallout of Ralph vs Bubba in Shock Collar Gladiator.
Talk to Hammil about Akira.
(caller) wants to be branded.
(caller) should use a cattle prod for Shock Collar Gladiator.
(caller) imagine capers Bubba could pull off if his studio was the size of Howard’s.
Play Manson’s Lasker Gives White Trash A Bad Name” song.
Bubba talks about what he will be doing on Howard’s show tomorrow.
(caller) loves Shock Collar Gladiator.
Talk about Howard Film Festival.
(caller-Seattle, WA) marks out.
Talk about staff entries for Howard Film Festival.
(caller-Nick from Toronto) marks out.
(caller) says Brent pussed out over the Amanda-I Heart NY deal.
Bubba turns the show over to Ralph.
(caller) says if you wear a shirt with a shock collar, it hurts more.
Talks about Howard & Robin giving Bubba crap about leaving early.

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Highlights from Segment 2
Show is broadcast from Sirius in New York
Play – Manson – George W. Bush and Big Oil Fuck America
Bubba plays Price is Right to discuss K5 photo shoot parameters
Bubba and Brent debate between “On The Chip” or “Shock the Puss” shirts
Price is Right plays for more K5 shirt parameters
Bubba discusses where the staff would end up if he was fired
Bubba mandates “girls only” on the phone lines
Play – Ned – When Cowboys Go Homo
25Cent violates the No Gum and No MySpace policies
Bubba and 25Cent over 25Cent’s addiction to MySpace
25Cent challenges Bubba to a wrasslin match instead of being shocked
Bubba tapes a shocker to 25Cent’s arm
25Cent thinks CoCo is ratting him out over MySpace
CoCo on the phone
CoCo gets full hot over 25Cent calling him out on the phone
Brent tries to mediate a team game over customer service to cool the heat
Hammil and Dave give their commentary on synergy at the BRN

Highlights from Segment 3
Play – Manson ft. Ned – My Show
Jamie Lynn and Shay Laren in studio
Jamie shocked Phil from RawDog asshole earlier on his show
Bubba negotiates shocking Phil for a weekend slot on Howard 100
Play – Ned – Live Like You Were Frying
Jamie Lynn and Shay Laren in studio
Phil does not want to get shocked… the girls test the lowest setting
Brent volunteers for a level 3 shocking from the girls
Brent and Bubba bury Phil over not getting shocked and patronizing Tim Sabean

Highlights from Segment 4
Brent and Bubba analyze Phil’s standoffish behavior
Jamie Lynn and Shay Laren share stories of them picking up men
Play – Ned – My Balls in Your Mouth
Bubba wants to help 25Cent get out of his funk
Bubba thinks he needs a 5 hour show
Caller – Debbie from Pittsburg has Multiple Sclerosis – wore Bubba panties to doctor
Caller – woman wants Cialis for her boyfriend
Bubba players Price is Right over Brent’s programming philosophies
Caller – Went to high school with Chad Knaus
Scout and Big Gulp close the show out of Alabama
Bubba dedicates Manson’s R Kelly Ignition parody tomorrow to Scout and Big Gulp

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Highlights from Segment 1
BTLS – Live from NYC
Callers – talk about Stern Film Festival
Talk about Lasker’s Torture Ultimatum – why he quit on Friday
Talk about a bit on Stern’s show – skull fucking with Sal and Richard
Caller – Bitching that Ned won’t be in NYC for the whole week
Bubba is looking for a real massage parlor – his back hurts
Talk about all the Sirius Execs wearing suits
One of the IT guys (David) had part of his intestine removed
Joe the Supermark calls in

Highlights from Segment 2
Ned – It Was a Good Day
Race talk – Prelude To A Dream
Caller – talking about The Honkey Tonk Man
Play the Placenta from Bubba Wanna Corndog
Merch talk
Promoting Akira coming into the studio
25Cent talks about his potential hook up with I Heart NY
Call to Janie Cakes
Talk about The Sopranos

Highlights from Segment 3
Ned – Black Target call
Promote shocking the puss
Caller – bring back Lasker
Call to Lasker – he will not get tortured
Howard Stern Calls in
Howard talks about shocking the puss, swinging with black partners
Gary Dell’Abate on phone with show and Howard (shocking balls)
Howard talks about terrestrial days
Sirius staff brings in a birthday cake for Bubba
Scotty Ferrell in studio
Scotty gets shocked on the arm by Bubba
CD ran out – since it was in NYC we do not have another copy

Highlights from Segment 4
Hustler Club girls in studio (Akira)
Hustler Club girls continued
Sex talk with Akira
Girl make out session

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba is still recovering from his asshole fingering…
Bubba doesn’t want the Stern fans saying that their show is gay…
Bubba isn’t sure the physical capabilities of skull-fucking…Is it an urban legend?
Bubba tries to get Dr Diaco on the phone to see if skull-fucking is physically possible…
Bubba interrupts Dr Diaco during an in-office procedure to ask about “inner-eye relations”…
Brent is heading to NYC next week and Bubba wants to make it for the skull-fucking…
Brent claims High-Pitched Eric will jerk off and drop his load on a guy’s bare chest…
The Hand gets on the air with Bubba…
The Hand announces that Joey Boots will be his consigliore…The Hand marks out…
Hogan Calls In (19:00)…
Bubba guesses that Hogan is “three yellows and six Miller’s Lite’s deep”…
Hogan agrees to come to the Howard Film Festival…Hogan will bring Brooke and Storch…
Bubba’s going to the Dollhouse tonight…
Hogan calls Linda a sea hag…Brent and Bubba said Linda is hot (REMOVED)…
Hogan sings along with Jimi Hendrix’s VooDoo Child…
Bubba says that Howard wants to have sex with Brooke Hogan
Joey Boots on the phone (32:00)
Bubba thanks Joey for being a dedicated fan of the show
Joey talks about his recent stint at rehabcocaine, weed and alcohol
It’s been over a year since Joey has had sexBubba says he gets a lot of pussy
Bubba asks Joey not to jerk off so he can blow a big load on-air with I Heart NY
Joey says he is a premature ejaculatorBubba is intrigued
Bubba is pissed at Dan the Song Parody ManBubba’s telling Howard
caller – asks a question about NASCAR & says Hogan is hilarious
Bubba asks if Robin the Hot Phoenix Banker chick got fired or not…

Highlights from Segment 2
Ronnie the Limo Driver Calls In
Ronnie calls in to defend Dan the Parody Man
Ronnie said Dan is happier than a pig in shit with Bubba’s attention
The guys are talking about going to Score’s
Porn star Crystal Clear will have sex with 60 dudes over the age of 60
The guys talk about how drunk Hogan was earlier when he called in (9:10)
Brent presents Bubba a throwback Favre jersey from Mississippi for his birthday
Dr Diaco and Hulk Hogan call in to wish Bubba a Happy Birthday (12:51)
Hogan said there was a showcase showdown w/ Linda last night and tonight
Hogan talks about a hot girl in Diaco’s office that gives him a bonerlooks like Brooke
Ned debuts “Storytime with Tyler”Bubba hits Price is Right music (21:18)
Bubba kicked Ned out of the studio b/c of the Tyler bit
Bubba polls the listeners whether he should play Ned’s bit or not
The listeners vote for Bubba to play the bitBubba leaves the studio
Played “Howard’s Bitch” coming out of Ned bit (REMOVED)
Hogan just showed up at the studio
Bubba calls Janie Cakes for her weekly recap (37:21)
Janie Cakes asks to take the summer off b/c of all the Stern Fan Network haters
Gene Lasker wants to buy Hogan’s NWO motorcycle
Lasker went 200 mph on the Howard Frankland in his new Corvette
Janie does her recapthe last one for 2 months (47:20)
The guys love Janie’s recap and say it’s a shame the fans ran her off
Bubba is hard to get a hold of now that he has a job
Janie Cakes likes Lasker and wishes he didn’t hurt himself anymore
Lasker agrees to get shocked by one of the FTE’s
Hogan said he would never write a shoot book b/c it would be brutal
Hogan tells a story about Linda being mad b/c OJ Simpson gave him a hug (1:01:32)

Highlights from Segment 3
Hogan doesn’t believe that the torture rack could hold someone
Bubba sends Lasker to the green room to talk to the guys getting shocked later
Bubba has Lasker tell the guys they need to have their balls shaved
Gene is back in the studioBubba tells Gene to look for his guy
Hogan doesn’t want to see the Ball Shocking later
Bubba tells Gene to show Hogan what ball shocking looks like
Gene tests the ball shocking and Bubba tells Gene to ride it out (9:50)
25 tests the shock collar but Denzil refuses
Whitey Pippin in studioGene in Green Room to text the shock collar
Bubba and Brent role play Lasker bragging that he has Hogan’s NWO chopper…
Caller – Tony Stewart just qualified 3rd quickest…
Caller – suggests Ned to make video with 19-yr-old stripper…
Caller – wants to talk about some ideas he has for the guys off-air…
Bubba says that he was offered to race a modified dirt late models…
Lasker says Bubba is too fat to fit into the modified dirt late models
Bubba tells Lasker to get D-Ball to bring him to the studio…D-Ball looks like Urkel…
D-Ball likes white people better than black (22:30)…D-Ball said his nuts were peeling…
Lasker uses the cattle prode on D-Ball and D-Ball freaks out…
D-Ball and Lasker shock each other…D-Ball is terrified of the shock collar shocker
Bubba tries to convince D-Ball to have get shocked by the stun gun…
He declines…Bubba tells Lasker to get the guys ready for Ball Shocking Chicken…
D-Ball is disgusted that one of the white guys isn’t wearing any underwear…

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba is bumping Matt Yocum for pre-empting him…
Shock Collar Chicken…
The guys who are going to be shocked are getting set up for the ball shocking…
D-Ball comments on the guy’s nutsacks and penis…
The first guy is named Ed…Bubba shocks Ed (5:03)…
Bubba explains the rules of the game…
The guys play shock collar chickenThe prize is $100…
Bubba thinks the shockers don’t work as well if he’s far away so he tests them…
Bubba asks Ronnie the winner if he’ll let him put carburetor cleaner on his balls…
Ronnie tests both of the shock collar units (17:23)…
The guys decide to put D-Ball in the torture rack…he starts to cry…
Bubba offers to get D-Ball VIP at 2001 or Thee Dollhouse if he goes on torture rack…
Lasker and D-Ball get into a fight because Lasker tries to force D-Ball onto the rack…
D-Ball kicks Lasker’s ass…D-Ball agrees to get in torture rack but no ball shocking…
D-Ball is in the torture rack…Bubba has the stun gun…
D-Ball begs not to be tortured or hit with the stun gun below the waist…
Bubba stops because he feels bad for torturing D-Ball and him begging not to…
D-Ball agrees to let Bubba use the shock collar on his neck…
I Heart New York is on the phone (35:50)…
Is 25 looking forward to getting sucked off by 25 Cent?
D-Ball tries to throw game to steal I Heart New York from 25 Cent…
25 Cent suggests hooking D-Ball up with Raquel the Transvestite…
D-Ball says he’d cum on I Heart NY’s face and throw pubes on her…
I Heart NY says D-Ball will never get any ass from her because he disrespected her…
Bubba asks if he looks as idiotic as Denzil when he wears sleeveless shirts…
Denzil and D-Ball do a mock arrest to show Denzil can kick his ass (49:26)…
Bubba gives Lasker ultimatum: be on air & take ball shocking or never be on air again…
Lasker quit and walked out of the studio…

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