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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba mentions Ned Mark shirts are selling out pretty fast
Bubba talks about being on Fox 13’s The Lightning Round tonight
Bubba promos the First State of the Bubba Address later in the show today
Manson has a new parody element to present to Bubba
Before playing Manson’s new parody element, Bubba listens to the song Manson sampled
Bubba listens to Manson’s new Parody (Bought Fake Jugs for a stripper)
The guys talk about Lauren Bowden(Tommy Bowdens daughter) nude pics online
(caller) wants to buy tickets to a Nascar race, Bubba suggests
(caller) asks why all of the girls boobs are covered on BTLS.COM
Bubba talks about his new website being released called BUBBARAW.COM

Highlights from Segment 2
Ned bit
Hammil in Studio
Bubba talks about Milton(Lou Pickney) being sucked off and listens to the audio drops
Bubba gets into Talkers Magazine’s Top 250 and is full hot that he is not ranked
Brent gives Bubba new intro for State of the Bubba Address
Bubba begins State of the Bubba Address answering questions
Bubba tries to do the show at a slower pace because of a request from the SOTB address
Hammil pisses Bubba off and gets whacked for making noise in the microphone

HIghlights from Segment 3
Manson Parody
Bubba continues SOTB address
Bubba mandates that Brent must watch Brokeback Mountain and report on it Friday
Bubba and Hammil talk about BUBBARAW.COM
Bubba comments about the Howard 100 news
Bubba considers taking a crap on the State of the Bubba address
Bubba goes off on Stern Fan Network and names people he likes and dislikes
Ned Parody
Bubba listens in on the Green Room with the Cheetah Girls strippers
Bubba instructs 25cent to question the strippers in the green room
Bubba goes into the greenroom to reminisce with the strippers about old times
Bubba goes back into the studio to listen in on feedback from the strippers

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba wants to revisit the State of the Bubba address
Hammil brings the stripper into the studio
Bubba interviews the strippers and the strippers talk about their swinger experiences
Bubba asks the girls if they would bang any of the staff in the studio
Bubba give the girls the option to torture between Coco and 25cent, the girls pick Coco
Bubba comes back with Coco on the torture rack
Bubba has the girls get Coco down to his boxers and the girls begin torturing Coco
Coco gets vocal with the torture treatment
Bubba has the strippers make out
After the torture, the girls begin to treat Coco for his torture session
The two strippers begin to eat whipped cream off of each other
Hogan calls in to ask Bubba if he knows anywhere he can sell his motorcycle

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Highlights from Segment 1
Bubba says he has been “On The Chip” the past 4 days
Dr Diaco we be live from the NFL scouting combine later on the show
Bubba say he will be Bubba Lite today even though he is taking energy pills …
Bubba says that Penthouse playmate Krista will be in later
Bubba says that Ned has new bit
Lou Pickney is looking for a fat pic of Bubba to put up on BTLScom
Lou says he was able to find a fat pic of Bubba
Bubba asked what fat pic its was …a pic from a night club back in the day
Ned is sets up his new bitits a brokeback mountain deal
Rich from The Covino & Rich Show comes in the studiopromotes contest
Bubba and Rich talk about how Hogan and Brooke are going onto Howard Show
Bubba calls HoganNed gives Hogan shit ,Hogan hangs up on him …
Bubba tries to call Hogan back …Hogan turns phone off
Bubba says that Dr Diaco is calling from the scouting combine …
Bubba say thanks Zampy from Sirius for giving him and the crew all the free Sirius gear
Bubba calls Dr Diaco from the NFL scouting combine …no answer
Ned says his new song is a Garth Brooks -Rodeo parody
Bubba says Hammil has become lazy …needs to starts making some new bits
Ned parody live- “When Cowboys go Homo”
Bubba wants Ned’s new cd to be all country songs
Bubba tries to call Hogan …no answer
Brent say he has email about 25Cent about how no one can understand what he is saying
Bubba says 25Cent acts to gangsta …
Bubba says he is now “On the Chip”
Bubba ask everyone in the room how they feel on the Teterzines …
Bubba and Brent talk about the Howard film festival coming up …and making a movie
Bubba say Dr Diaco and Penthouse Playmate of month Krista will be coming up

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba ask what is the test called for the NFL scouting combine
Caller-says the NFL scouting test is called the winslet test
Caller-Black woman who is upset the way who yelled at 25Cent earlier
Bubba calls Dr Diaco from the NFL scouting combine
Dr Diaco says that Reggie Bush will the 1st pick in the draftcomments on Vince Young
Brent ask Dr Diaco about Matt Leinart and Chad Jackson
Bubba ask Dr Diaco if there any rumors about Favre retiring
Dr Diaco comments on Matt Leinart
Hammil thanks Dr Diaco for his wife’s tits …says he will be next week for an appointment
Dr Diaco wishes Bubba and crew the best on Sirius
Bubba says he is a mark for Donald Trump
Bubba says that Jay Clark is in the studioTim Sabean comes in the studio as well
Jay says to bring Tim to Burn’s steakhouse when in Tampa
Caller-wants to know if Hogan will be at Wrestlemania this year
Bubba calls Hogantalks about going on the Howard Show with Brooke
Hogan talks about stirring shit in the locker room back in the day
Bubba says that Andre the Giant used to take shits on people beds he hated
Hogan talks about the “Hogan Know Best”commercial shoot
Bubba offers Hogan to stay over his house to get away the drama at Hogans
Bubba say he has bunch K5’s for Hogan when he gets back to Tampa
Bubba give Ned the rest of the night off because he has Penthouse girls coming in

Highlights from Segment 3
Dan the Song Parody Man is going to analyze the new Ned song in studio
Bubba promotes BTLScom …His 300lb pics before and after comparison
Ned Parody-”When Cowboys go Homo”
Bubba ask Dan what he thinks about Ned’s songThought it deserved a grammy
Bubba ask who all is going to Score’s with him tonight
Bubba ask what the status is on the Penthouse girl25Cent is waiting on her
Bubba is playing Elton John from commercial breakNed &Brent says it’s fag music
Cocoa comes in the studio gives Bubba an update on his DeJa Vu appearance
Cocoa says that Craig is done with the BRN
Bubba says that nothing gets him upset no more
Brent say Bubba has been “On the Chip” a couple times this past week
Bubba wants to play a Howard 100 News clipabout Ned not being real
Bubba pissed about Doug from Bubbathelovespongenet log in ID doesn’t work
Bubba talks about Howard 100 News wanting to interview him about Ned
Bubba plays the Howard 100 News clipBubba and crew comment on the clip
Brent says to check out BTLScom for the Bubba fat pic comparison
Bubba farts into Microphone
Bubba wants chicks to go the BTLScom to check out his pics and call in

Highlights from Segment 4
Bubba says that the Penthouse girl is downstairs an hour lateThey wont let her in
Caller- Guy acting like woman —-hung up on
Caller -Says she went on website, Bubba looks hot
Caller- ask how big Bubba’s balls are??
Bubba is trying to get ladies on the phone but guys keep calling in
Caller-Asked if Hammil was hot??gay man asks
Caller-Sexy sounding female from Alberta,CA …phone call drops
Bubba gets pissed after phone call dropped with female from Alberta
Caller-tells Bubba he still is fat
Caller-Female says she loves the show,after listening to the show she now enjoys anal
Caller-Female Alberta caller calls back then phone drops again
Bubba says that they were having a farting contest right before the Penthouse Girl came in
Penthouse Playmate of month April 2006 Krista Ayne is in the studio
Bubba ask Krista what shes thinks about 25Centsince she likes black guys
Krista thinks 25Cent is cute
Bubba thinks Lanny the Penthouse handler is crazy in bed
Bubba wants Krista to take her clothes offKrista says no problem
Bubba asks Krista if she has ever had a 3some …Krista tells the story …
Krista tells Bubba the 3some guidelines
Bubba gets mad that he not black cause Krista likes black guys
Bubba promotes BTLScom for pics of Krista

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Highlights from Segment 1
Hammill Goodsten is chewing gum on the microphone and Bubba flips out on him
On the phone with Henry Rollins, they talk about satellite radio and how free it is compared to terrestrial.
Will Henry do a one hour spoken word on Bubba’s air waves?
Henry and the guys explain the west Memphis three story
Henery talks about how 9/11 will happen again only the next time it will be worse
Play Ned’s “Phone call to Muslims”
Bubba talks about the MSNBC Tucker Carlson interview

Highlights from Segment 2
What did Howard say about 25 Cent today?
Howard said his fan Robin will be coming down to Tampa to meet Bubba and he thinks it’s all going to be bad news.
Bubba is now a huge fan of Tucker Carlson now that he did this interview
Play Audio from Tucker Carlson’s interview with Bubba
Is there anything that Bubba will not do on Sirius?
Tucker asks Bubba where he got his name
Bubba would like to have Tucker on every week for a political report
Caller says Bubba looked awesome
Caller says he liked the interview with Tucker and Bubba but Bubba need to lose the jersey
Janie Cakes is on the phone and says Bubba’s microphone is muffled
Janie Cakes is fed up with local, state and federal government
Janie Cakes watched the Tucker interview and thinks Bubba looks cute
Every month a pet house pet will be on the show
Bubba meet Jess Wakefield and Hammil wants to fall in love with her
Brent explains his experience with a shrink
Brent says his wife cheated on him because he was extremely messed up on drugs
Bubba asks Brent to join him at his house to work out every day
Brent talked about killing himself to the shrink
Bubba and Brent have an iggy that might freak him out
Caller Joe the super mark talking about wrestling
Caller wants to talk to Sexy Savannah
Caller Mark wants to know if Ned is a made up character
Caller wants to invite Brent to a swinger party

Highlights from Segment 3
Sexy Savannah is in the studio
Bubba asks a series of spit fire questions: Anal? Oral? Nuts on the Chest? Age ect…
Bubba tells the story of where Savannah and him meet
Is there heat with Sexy Savannah and Retard Wendy
Brent asks Sexy Savannah if she is into swinging
Bubba wants to see if she will get down to her bra and take pictures for the website

Highlights from Segment 4
Sexy Savannah still smokes Marlboro Lights
Sexy Savannah’s boyfriends cock is big
Bubba is going to take a break and let Sexy Savannah host the show.
Brent and Savannah talk about being fired
Caller Bubba lost weight and looks good … Savannah tries to fag him out
Caller he lives in Orlando and misses Savannah
Caller Mike marking out to Brent
Caller asks where Bubba is because Savannah sucks
Bubba joins Savannah and Brent in the studio
Bubba wants to see Savannah’s puss
Puss, ass or tits picture for the website, Savannah gets to decide
Bubba directs the photo shoot with Savannah

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Highlights from Segment 1
Show in NYC
Bubba is upset at 25Cent always trying to pickup girls
Bubba talks about the Ronnie roast
Howard 100 News will be questioning Ned tomorrow
Bubba cases on the marks who don’t like the new Ned Mark shirt
(caller-Milwaukee)thinks Bubba was great on the Ronnie roast
(caller-Jerry Spring Hill) marks out, want to know when Roast replay is
play Manson R Kelly song
talk about President Bush and the Arab company to guard ports deal
(caller) marks out to Bubba on the Ronnie roast, then caller drops off
play Manson’s Die Die Diana song, Diana Dirt Napping song, phone call to morgue where Diana’s body is interred and Blinded By The Light Diana song

Highlights from Segment 2
Matt Yokum on the phone, talks about Jeff Gordon-Tony Stewart incident at Daytona, also the Matt Kenseth-Tony Stewart incident. Each give top 5 guys they would want with them in a bar fight and which drivers are the biggest pussies
Ned mentions he still sees Raphael from time to time
(caller-Largo) marks out, glad Bubba is back then caller cut off

Highlights from Segment 3
Ned call to CNN about Pamela Anderson cartoon Stripperella
Ralph Cirella from the Howard Stern show in the studio
Play Ned’s Ronnie The Limo Driver Real American Asshole
talking about what Ned is doing in the studio back in Tampa
Brokeback Mountain talk
Ned describes his botched circumcision
(caller-Russell from CT) won the Bubba $900 boxset from terrestrial days & marks out
Bubba invites Ralph to his house for decorating tips
(caller-Eddie) wants to meet Bubba at the Hustler club
Ralph isn’t into anal, likes to pick up strippers
Ralph talks about being Howard’s stylist
Ralph aska bout what happened to Tony Stewart
Play Manson’s Going For Strippers song
(caller) gives crap about Ralph staying at John Stamos’ house
(caller) marks out to Ned’s call to Princess Diana’s morgue
(caller) who holds on to Howard’s coattails Ralph or Ronnie

Highlights from Segment 4
Play Ned “Live Like You Were Frying” song
Bubba giving stats from Rollo from VW about Sirius
Ralph says he drives a 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
Tim Sabean comes into the studio
Casing on Tim’s diet
(caller) marks out to torture rack show but girls weren’t good looking
(caller) shout out to Ned, says he heard Ellen DeGeneres was found dead
(caller) talks about David Wells going on Howard back in the day and talking about Bubba
Brent and Bubba case on David Wells
Hulk Hogan calls the show, plugs Socko Energy Drink
Talk about Hogan’s capers
Play Manson “Macho Man outtakes” bit for Hogan
Talking about Macho Man
Kelly from Pro in the studio

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Highlights from Segment 1
Show live from NYC, Ned still in Tampa
Hammil on quest for Asian women, Bubba not into them
(caller) trucker got loaded in Warsaw, IN
(caller) thanks Bubba for 2 Fingered Cul De Sac
(caller) mark out to BTLS
(caller-Al from NJ) thinks show is awesome, not a “southern only” show
Jim McClure (Ichabod) in studio, says them moved Bubba’s phones to another circuit because Bubba is melting down the phone systems
(caller-female)says she watched Daytona 500 because of BTLS
(caller-protection) old bit guy who masturbates thinking about his wife getting banged by a black guy
Bubba has been ripping nasty farts in the studio
Read headlines Long Island massage parlor busted
(caller-John from Baltimore) says Bubba’s mic is lower than everyone else
(caller) recommends Asian Flowers for hotel room Asian girls then cut off
(caller) says Bubba’s level is lower
(caller)wants to know what happened with Tara & Mia Haze
play phone bit calling girl named Jill who Bubba picked up

Highlights from Segment 2
Bubba pimps
play phone call where Ned & Bubba try to pick up pre-op trannie
Rev Bob Levy & Shulie in the studiotalking about their Miserable Men show
Bob Levy talks about what to expect for the Ronnie The Limo Driver roast
Play Mohammed call who wants to run a batch to Contestant #4
Bob Levy cases on 25 Cent’s nostrils
Howard News wants to interview Ned
(caller) failed comic from Howard’s show who bombed on the air, then phone cuts off
(caller-Roy) ask Bubba to explain 2 Fingered Cul De Sac
(caller-Lawrence from Alberta) marks out and thinks Tara sounds hot
Bubba talks about the Sirius Canadian Gray Market
Bubba talks about how poorly David Lee Roth is doing replacing Howard on terrestrial radio
Ned wants to leave early to go to Poker Night @ the VFW
Casing on Liz from Howard News
Bubba thinks that Liz and JD are screwing
Bubba talks about Jersey Girl who e-mailed him then says she is also talking to JD

Highlights from Segment 3
Bubba wants to put up pics of hot Asian chick they met at Hustler Club
(caller) Canadian talking about the gray market Sirius
(caller) wants to bust Bubba’s balls about Tony Stewart
Ronnie The Limo Driver calls the show. Gets heat with Bubba
Play phone bit of woman who is a Bubba Bitch who wants to meet Bubba
Asa Akira from the Hustler Club in the studio. Used to be a dominatrix as Mistress Suki
Akira puts on a pair of Bubba panties and the guys get worked up over her.
Sasha enters the studio
Akira likes having sex with girls
Bubba says he’s never had sex with a black or asian girl

Highlights from Segment 4
Akira and Sasha still in studio
Does Akira have a Sugar Daddy named Marty?
Brent reveals tha he has been in NYC for months and no women have approached him
Bubba talks about his visit to The Vault in NYC back in 1995
Akira likes feeling like a dirty slut
Bubba confesses that he was with a girl who slapped him way hard
Sasha and Akira make out
Bubba is still having problems with his microphone
(caller-Toronto) marks out and explains why Bubba isn’t on in Canada because of the Canada-US content ratio
Bubba calls Matt Yokum, kicked to VM
(caller_North Carolina)marks out and gives props to Janie Cakes
Bubba calls Janie Cakes, kicked to VM
(caller-Oregon) marks out
Bubba reads story from Marion County FL about guy who beat his roommate with a hammer because they were out of toilet paper
Bubba reads story that Japanese housewives hoard money and don’t tell their husbands
Bubba reads story that Candace Bergen’s maid was stealing from her
25 Cent gives post-whores in studio report
Bubba reads story about Amsterdam’s Red Light district’s Open House
Hammil talks about his time in Amsterdam
(caller-Adam from Utah) marks out and people should tell their friends about the show
Bubba reads story of a 62 year old woman giving birth
(caller) gives advice on how to fix Bubba’s mic problem
(caller-Mad Mike) all Tony Stewart haters should go fuck themselves
(caller) Bubba should do biggest pussy competition
Bubba talks about the logistics of doing a big pussy contest

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