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Highlights from segment 1
State of the Union talk about George W. Bush
Terry McCarl on the phone from his race car

Highlights from segment 2
Sprint Car Talk
Ned reads email from Jessica Zempken
Sprint car driver Jessica Zempken calls in about Lasker
Fox Sports’ Matty Yocum calls in.

Highlights from segment 3
Catholic Church talk – New Pope
Replay – Peter from the Archdiocese
Ex Tampa Bay Buccaneer Tommy Barnhart stops by
Ned bit – “My Show”
Bubba picture discussion with Hammil

Highlights from segment 4
Elvis talk about getting bitches
Bubba takes calls
Bubba discusses “Full Trucker Effect” song and show
Redneck caller attempts to tell his story is drowned out with “Dueling Banjos”
Ned leaves a message for Lasker
Bubba takes calls
Bubba defends Howard
Hulk Hogan calls in about VH1 show

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Highlights from segment 1
Play Manson-Eminem Song
Bubba talks about Ned’s new Studio
Caller-Brent’s sideburns rule
Bubba talks about Lasker getting spun out by a girl
Bubba and Brent are on the chip
Caller- Hogan sucks and Japan wrestling is where the sport should be
Bubba calls Hulk Hogan
Hogan talks about past story with Kevin Nash
Play Manson’s “Hogan and Me”
Ned is not invited to the Bubba’s Super bowl Party
Sirius is selling more units then XM
Bubba calls Shawn from Car Tunes
A reporter goes to Afghanistan and get hits by an IED
Bubba talks about George Stroumboulopoulos
Play Ned’s “Mad at Garnet bit”

Highlights from segment 2
Bubba sets up the rules for the panty caper
Bubba calls Bob Maury
Bob Maury gets locked into the panty sniffer
Caller- Bubba sucks because he sounds like Howard
Caller- Bubba thinks he is a sprint car driver
Bubba talks about “Ass Chin” and the milk challenge
Play Ned’s Macho Man interview
Brent explains why Bubba hates Macho Man
Howard Stern makes Google hits go up because of Howard

Highlights from segment 3
Ned cries over Elvis song
Ned blocks Howard 100 and 101 from Garnet
Caller- Have girls sit on speakers then gets evil kenevil
Caller- Jose, marks out
Play Manson’s Fat and Lonely song
Brent does not want to go to the Doll House
Caller- Talk about Bubba’s Red Wings
brett favre talks about quitting
Play Queer for brett favre
Bubba spies on the girls from the Doll House
The girls from the Doll House are in the studio
Bubba gets the girls to use his stripper pole
The Girls kiss for the first time
The Girls disobey Bubba and go outside to smoke

Highlights from segment 4

Bubba gets 25 to ask the girls questions in the green room
Caller TJ- wants to join the panty sniffer challenge
Bubba talks to the asks the girls to get crazy
The Girls start making out
Bubba gets on the handheld mic and directs the girls
Bubba asks the staff if they want to chew on the girls nipples
The girls leave the studio (28:00)
The girls are in the green room.
T-Quest is in the studio
Bubba gave DJ crook and T-Quest $40 to buy liquid crack
T-Quest shows us his skills on the turn tables
T-Quest plays AC/DC
Caller Will- has a chub
DJ Crook gets on the tables
Caller-Tony Stewart is testing his car
Caller-Rips on both DJs say is slow
Bubba plays Manson Eminem Songs to the DJs

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Howard 100 News interviewed Ned, Lasker and Bubba…
Email – FTE sent a hate filled message to Bubba and rips on the show…
Played Howard 100 News reporting on Bubba’s racing deal…
Bubba asks what is up with the Royal Rumble in Miami…
Bubba asks for an intern to clean the stripper pole…
Bubba talks about how Chipotle’s stocks doubled in one day…
News – Damage from President Bush’s term will last for decades…
News – Oprah’s Book Club pick was supposed to be a memoir but its fiction…
News – Seminole Indians were fighting dogs vs hogs…
Caller – asked how Lasker did last night at the race track…
Caller – asks if Bubba is into any motorcycle sports…he said no…
Manson climbed the stripper pole in the studio…
25 Cent burned Bubba’s popcorn…Bubba says he’s over thinking it…
caller – gives Bubba results of the Third Last Chance Race…
Bubba refuses to invite Ned to his Super Bowl party b/c he scares people…
Bubba & Gene Lasker lost to a girl last night at the race track…
Bubba calls Gene Lasker to talk about racing…Ned leaves voicemail…
Bubba said that Nilla is hooked on Xanax…
Caller – wants to hear when Ned called Larry Bird…
Bubba calls Larry Bird…Ned leaves a voicemail…
Caller – said Bubba is doing a better job than Howard since starting Sirius…
News audio – Oprah apologizes for Book Club memoir being faked…
Lasker calls in to talk about racing…

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Highlights fro segment 1
Ned is late by one minute
Bubba sounds off on Alexis Stewart
Chad from Miller sstops by the studio with Heather and Scarlett
Caller – Wants Bubba to explain why he used to be against Howard but now he works for him
Play – Manson ft. Ned – Our Song
Bubba talks about the new studio being a frat house

Highlights from segment 2
Ned annoys Bubba by tapping Miller Lite cans on the counter under his mic
Play – Ned’s Bob Murry Autoway promo
Play – Manson – Clem’s Creek 6
Bubba calls Janie Cakes
Play – Bubba hate voicemail
Play – Manson – Lose Yourself
Crosstalk about Indiana Pacers (Ron Artest, Larry Bird being a Ned mark, Isaiah Thomas)
Bubba tries to call Larry Bird’s voicemail and calls the wrong extension
Ned leaves a voicemail for Larry Bird
Bubba goes to the phones

Highlights from segment 3
Bubba sets up Blackman’s debut on Sirius
Play – Blackman Superhero Recertification
Bubba clears the phone lines to see how fast they fill back up (under 5 seconds)
Bubba sounds off about Opie and Anthony
Caller – Frank from Philly marks out
Bubba air checks his sprint car sponsors to intro his East Bay practice session
Play – Ned – Fucked Up By Gene Lasker
Bubba leaves a voicemail for Lasker
Lasker calls in to give a track scouting report
Play – Bubba and Brent Fuck
Bubba is concerned that Lasker’s info is a shoot
Caller – FTE – got into a fist fight over listening to Bubba with a toll worker
Play – Matt from Pittsburg’s Aircheck (daily recap guy)
Bubba gets 2 seconds into the aircheck before burring it
The guys predict the airchecks are all production room works – “fuck” gives it away
Caller – Who is your biggest radio influence (Bubba says he never listened to radio)

Highlights from segment 4
Play – Uncle Ned storytime with Voodoo Dolls
Bubba replays the bit so he can change into his race suit
X-Pac in studio
X-Pac was late because he went home with a girl from Thee Dollhouse
X-Pac in studio
Bubba tries to call Chyna’s brother
Tobi Hero on the phone
Tobi is a friend of Chyna’s considered a brother, not a related brother
X-Pac and Bubba talk about wrestlers having problems with drug addiction

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Highlights from segment 1
Bubba puts over Ally from yesterday’s show
Savannah Sampson will be on the phone to promote “Devil in Miss Jones”
Bubba announces the “Name that Smell” Panties Challenge
Talk about Ronnie the Limo Driver having a chip on his shoulder about Bubba & challenge each other to a fight
Howard & Ronnie think Bubba is gay for having a Cock-Off”.
Bubba wants nothing to do with dicks.
Hogan calls in and says everyone thinks Hogan & Bubba are gay together
Savannah Sampson calls in
Bubba brags about being great at giving oral
Bubba says he could make Savannah squirt with the Culdesac Technique
Savannah squirted for the first time on-camera
Bubba explains the Culdesac Technique
Savannah was embarrassed she couldn’t make one man hard, but she was relieved when he started doing gay porn
Savannah tells her Ron Jeremy story
Bubba plugs “Devil in Miss Jones”
Savannah invites Bubba to do porn
Caller wants to learn the Culdesac Technique. Brent suggests an online instruction manual.
Bubba hatches the plan for the 2-Finger Culdesac Technique training video
They’ll all wear lab-coats to add credibility and to allow it on the regular website
Bubba calls Tom Cruise a dick for being controlling of Katie Holmes

Highlights from segment 2
Maxim has a list of 1,000 ways to say “Masturbate” for Men & Women
Bubba reads off the list.
Ronnie the Limo Driver calls in to confront Bubba.
Ronnie & Bubba argue about Cock-off’s being gay or not.
Ronnie says he showed Bubba one hell of a time at Scores.
Ronnie mistakes Ned for Imus
Bubba tries to apologize to Ronnie but Ronnie won’t accept.
Bubba hangs up on Ronnie.
Bubba introduces Matty Yocum, who’s on the phone to talk about racing.
Bubba says he’s excited over his new studio and is trying out the stripper pole and shower cam.
Bubba teases the “Name that Smell” Panties Challenge.
Matty Yocum and Bubba discuss changes in racing’s line-ups.
Talk about Dale Earnhardt Sr.
Toyota announces that they’re joining NASCAR
Plays the Ned Poem about Earnhart Sr’s. Death.
Ned’s pick-up lines are simply Roofies.
They discuss men who wear makeup on TV.
Talk about In-Car Cameras in NASCAR.

Highlights from segment 3
Bubba teases the “Name that Smell” Big Panty Sniff-Off Challenge
Ned would rather do the challenge with men.
They might try to lure the panty challenge girls into using the shower-cam
Manson’s Eminem Parody about getting back on radio.
Ned allegedly sends an email as a ‘fan’ requesting Ned’s “Farm Secrets”
They play the “Farm Secrets” cross-talk.
Tease the Panty Smell Off
Bubba has to go to practice in his fire suit.
Bubba is over Brittany Spears & Kevin Federline.
US Army testing Super Gun that fired 240 Rounds per Minute.
New Supreme Court Justice might overturn Roe v Wade.
Manson says the government is outlawing abortion as a way to get more soldiers.
Florida is the deciding factor of who gets elected President.
Bush got into office because of the “Lemming Factor” of the religious.
Manson does GW Bush Impression. “Terror, Freedom, Fags! Abortion!”
Bubba puts over Charlie Crist and supports him for governor.

Highlights from segment 4
Played an old call with the wife cheating with two roller bladers.
Bubba cancels the Panty Sniff Challenge and will use the shower cam instead.
Bubba calls Lasker.
Bubba has the Voyeur Dorm Girls in studio (Angel and Ashley).
Girls suck a whip-cream can that Bubba has between his legs.
Bubba simulates porn and shoots a whip cream can load on the girls face.
25 Cent starts licking the girls’ boobs.
The girls shower for the cameras.
25 Cent talks to the girls in the green room but they don’t know he’s on headset.
25 tries to get laid by the girls in the green room. They get pissed.
Bubba wonders why the internets down. Blames bandwidth.
Girls are back in studio.
Bubba interviews the girls, pretending he didn’t hear what happened in the green room.
The girls want to spank 25 as punishment. Bubba sends 25 to the greenroom.
Bubba has 25 freak out and tells the girls he might lose his job.
25 offers to buy the girls a boob job but then they have to have sex.
The girls start to rub 25’s deal.
Bubba and Brent say they’re getting boners.
25 says he wants to watch the girls do each other while he’ll touch himself.
Brent breaks in and “is shocked.” Reprimands everyone.
The girl offers to “hang out” with Brent instead.

Highlights from segment 5
Bubba and Hamil think this should be a Pay-Per-View Bubba thanks Howard and says if it weren’t for Howard, Bubba would be selling cars. Bubba’s sister is in studio. Tyler fooled Bubba with a rubber spider. Talk about the Tara Twist Talk about Tara’s life and discussion about her getting married or not. Bubba and Tara say if they weren’t related they would date. Tara beat Coco at Poker and had him real flapped up. Coco in studio to explain. Bubba re-plays Manson’s Eminem song “Bubba’s Back on Radio”

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Highlights from segment 1
Bubba, Manson, and Brent start the first show from the new Tampa stduio
Ned is missing, Bubba cussed out Lasker for losing him
Local news outlet Bay News 9 in studio
Caller – Hot 25 year old saleswoman is first caller to the new studio
Hammil is bringing girls to test the new shower cam
Bubba attempts to coax the caller to rub her box on the phone to christen the new studio
Caller – Jeff the Drunk – says Bubba is a great addition to Howard 101
Bubba and Brent have heat with Alexis Stewart and Howard 100 news over the hog deal
Bay News 9 leaves – Bubba kicks the lights down
Bubba is pissed over Ned still not being in studio before first commercial break
Hooters invites Bubba to a Orange Tie VIP party in Las Vegas
Lasker and Ned arrive in studio – Ned is drugged
Ned’s contract allows him a Ned Only CD allowing him to keep 100% of the profits
Lasker talks about brokering Ned’s contract with Tom Bean
Caller – Calls Ned out as needing to prove himself to have his own CD
Caller – Met Bubba in Hartford
Bubba, Manson, and Brent discuss NFL Playoffs
Play – Ned’s poem to Janie Cakes
Play – Ned Johnny Gilbertson interview
Play – Ned’s prayer to God about Dale Earnhardt
Caller – says Vixen on wants Bubba in a private show
Webcam girl mispronounces Bubba as “Boobah” several times
Bubba instructs the web girl to get naked then gets bored when the feed lags

Highlights from segment 2
Play – Ned Calls FCC over Bono
Hammil in studio
NBC cancels West Wing and Will and Grace
Hammil says BubbaRaw will soft launch on Friday
Craig the Bulldog is building Ned his own recording studio
Play – Manson’s Fox Midseason Replacements promo
Lasker and Hammil are smashing beers
Hammil got Bubba an Elvis plaque as a studio warming gift
Manson has a new Eminem Lose Yourself offering
Lasker says he partied with Eminem in New York
The guys give commentary on the vibe in the new studio
Someone stole a Howard Fist logo
Choppy cuts made to cut Bubba talking about ClearChannel
Play – Manson Lose Yourself
Bubba explains start and stop willy
Caller – says Bubba is a Howard wannabe with strippers
25Cent in studio
Caller – Beaverama bit got him so worked up he had to go to a brothel
Bubba hits a caller with Evel
Hammil needs a commercial break to get set for his offering

Highlights from segment 3
Play – Manson Scooby Doo and Fat Albert crack bit
Long play on Limp Bizkit to finish eating
Pizza and beer party in full effect
Hammil unplugged – Welcome to the new Todd Clem Show
Bubba fires up Beaverama after playing Manson – Lose Yourself
Break to make up time
X-Pac in studio
Hammil brings the first girl in studio from Secrets

Highlights from segment 4
Bubba dispatches Lasker to find how long it will take to upload pictures to
Lasker interviews people in Bubba Corporate Land to find what their jobs are
Bubba calls Hogan on the warm line for the first time in the new studio
Hammil and Ali back in studio
Brent strips down to Spongebob boxers to spank Ali
Milton puts the wrong pictures on the website
Lasker goes missing from the studio
Bubba cracks open a Miller Lite
Ali in studio
Ali picks CoCo to lick her nipples
Ali tries out the stripper pole
Dave demonstrates the shower cam and microphone
Josh Wise hurt in racing crash – he will be OK
Bubba goes to the phones for caller commentary on today’s show
Play – Java the Oz stripper gets an attitude
Play – Manson – Lose Yourself
Bubba wants to log onto Beaverama for a night cap
The guys put over Vixen, clown the Brazilian girl’s accent
Bubba goes to the phones to close the show

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