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1-6-14 Terrestrial Show

Bubba and crew broadcast live for the first time in 2014
NHL, NCAAFB and NFL scores and recap
Bubba describes his BRN Christmas Party
Bubba speaks with callers that are self-proclaimed badge bunnies
Aaron Rodgers says he is not gay
Epiphany 2014 talk
ESPN host says Sports Person of the Year should be awarded to the N-word
Ford introduces a Solar Powered Hybrid
OJ Simpson may have brain cancer and wants Obama to released him
Drunk women yell expletives during live interview on FOX on New Year’s Eve
News anchor signs off broadcast with F-Bomb

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1-3-14 The Sam Simon Show

On The Show…
– Sam talks about the practice of killing baby seals for their skins.
– Next he and Ari discuss difficulty of getting into Stanford University.
– In the second hour we hear about the holidays at Cher’s house.
– After talking about the movie Blackfish we hear from Brent Hatley and one of the stars of the film Jeff Ventry.

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1-3-14 Sex Talk with a Dirty Girl

On The Show…
– We welcome a new addition Megan to STWADG.
– The girls talk about some of the fun they had over the break Katie tells us about her Xmas injury.
– Next up we hear Jennifer Lawrence talk about an incident with a bag of butt plugs.
– In the second hour we talk about some of our crazier sexual experiences.

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1-3-14 The Beer Show with Hurricane Stevens

On the show…
– Hurricane Stevens launches the first Beer Show from the new RadioIO studio
– Hurricane reviews the new RadioIO Studio and changes that have been made
– Hurricane and Chaz review their Christmas vacation
– Hurricane gives his review of The Wolf of Wall Street
– The Beer Show with Hurricane Stevens talks NCAAFB and NFL
– Hurricane has incurable nasal issues
– DUI Dumbass of the Week on The Beer Show
– A 440 Pound obese virgin hospitalized his 110 pound girlfriend during sex

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