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1-9-14 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– We welcome Brad back to the show for the first time since the holidays.
– After talking about Chris Christie and Benghazi we move on to discuss green energy and how it’s misrepresented in the media.
– In the second hour we talk Blackfish and animal rights with Brent Hatley and Lee Daniels.
– After talking lots of heavier topics we lighten the mood a little with some sports talk.
– Col. Morris Davis joins us next to talk about his experience in Guantanamo Bay and why he eventually spoke out about what he saw there.
– After hearing about Col. Davis’s early life he tells how he got into the military and what went through his mind on 9-11.
– We wrap up the show with a few lighter topics and a couple funny stories

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1-8-14 Terrestrial Show

Dennis Rodman flips out on CNN after being asked about Kenneth Bae
Top 5 Hip Hop Countdown
Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear shot dead
Bubba makes a groundbreaking announcement about The Jackson House
BRN Engineer Thomas Cocks makes a big announcement
JPMorgan settles Madoff fraud claims for $1.7Billion
Woman goes to hospital after having three hour long orgasm
Honey Boo Boo and family injured in car accident

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1-7-14 Terrestrial Show

FSU wins BCS National Championship
NFL Draft 2014 Speculation
AJ McCarron’s Mom Tweets about Jameis Winston’s victory speech
Dennis Rodman won’t discuss North Korea prison camps
25 Cent debuts a new parody of Cher’s Halfbreed
Mitt Romney accepts MSNBC host’s apology for black grandson jokes
Jill Kelley speaks with New York Times
Teacher accused of having sex with a student
MMA Fighter accused of killing a robber

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1-6-14 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– We open the show by talking about the party that went on in Denver this weekend.
– Next up we go over some of our playoff pics.
– In the second hour we Skype in Robb Revere for the first half of today’s new media Monday.
– After talking some recent stories and 3D printing we have Tripp come in on the conversation.
– In the third hour we talk about abortion rights and legalization with Katie Klabusich.
– After an hour with Katie we wrap up the segment with some sports talk.
– In the last hour we go over some funny stories.

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