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1-9-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon opens the show with a recap of the NFL playoffs.
– Author Jeff Ashton on the phone to talk about his campaign for Florida State Attorney.
– As the former prosecutor of Casey Anthony, Jeff weighs in on the recent videos posted from Casey.
– Shannon talks about left over etiquette, is there proper way to eat pasta?
– Boy dies after smoking synthetic marijuana, should K-2 be illegal?
– New York schools to ban teachers from wearing jeans to work, find out why.
– Whats the best method to pee while driving in traffic?
– Tuddle drinks his own urine, find out why.

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12-30-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– As 2011 comes to a close, Ledge recaps where DC has grown as where the show is heading.
– Find out what Ledge means when saying our country is hypersensitive.
– Ledge breaks down the evolution of human contact and how people avoid each other.
– Listen to the best and worst ways to pick up women.
– What is synchronicity according to Ledge?
– In 2012, where are we as a society versus where should we be? Ledge talks about this evolution.
– “Accept the resistance from the machine as this is a sign of progression”, find out what DC means by this.

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12-30-11 The Tuddle Show

On The Show…
– Tuddle starts out talking about the best and worst of 2011.
– Tuddle plays audio from a cursing kid.
– Tuddle talks to his wife about the best need things of 2011
Why are Americans not bothered by things on the internet?
– Why did Russle Brand and Katy Perry split?
– Tuddle plays audio from queffing girl.

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12-30-11 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon opens the show with sad news of the show “Moonshiners” is fake.
– The government is enforcing light bulb standards, find out what will be eliminated.
– Shannon talks about how energy efficient his house is.
– California to require a prescription when purchasing Nyquil.
– Shannon has his Twitter rating and is among some elite company, find out who is in his class.
– SBS lists their best and worst moments of 2011.
– Should the Humane Society be responsible for treating an animal if the owner cannot pay.
– Tom Banks on the phone to breakdown the final week of NFL regular season games.
– Jamie The Physchic on the phone with predictions for 2012.

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12-29-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Ledge opens the show with an audio piece devoted to the word Fuck.
– DC touches on the Ron Paul slander in the media. Hear the newest updates.
– Is America becoming a “Truther Nation”? Ledge and Revere give their reasons.
– Follow the money; DC talks about our fiat currency and how watered down the dollar’s value is.
– Listen to audio of Grayson and Bernanki talking about the trillions of dollars missing from the books.
– Why was the cast of “Mythbusters” silenced when trying to air an episode on RFID chips?
– If you could have your own floating island, what would it be called?
– Hear an interview between Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura about war.
– Did the X-uploads predict 9-11 with an episode that was pulled off air?
– Ledge explains what might happen if Ron Paul is elected.

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