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09-13-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba says the whole show is a little off today

Bubba and Tuddle talks about his sobriety celebration

Bubba’s sister will becoming in later today with chick fil a

Tara has been helping Tuddle out with his sobriety

Bubba talks about Spice hooking up with Tara

Bubba tries to get everyone to impersonate Tara

Bubba brings up the

Bubba talks about Tuddle Teamsters

SEG 2:
Light Stream

Iggy McGillicutty gave $50 to write DLOT on SJL’s forehead

Bubba writes DLOT on SJL’s

SJL shows off his marks from yesterday

Bubba brings up how SJL put Bubba’s measuring tape in the mud

Bubba plays a video of SJL getting slapped by everyone during the BRN fence


SEG 3:
Hex Head Art

Tuddle has been taking pics of Janessa and putting them on his social media

Bubba and Blitz point out that the pics should be on the show’s social media

Bubba asks Tuddle if he wants to really fight Janessa

Bubba and the guys talk a possible Janessa/Tuddle fight

SEG 4:
Bubba talks the newest tropical

Bubba breaks down the Buccaneers goal line stand win vs. Carolina

November 17th – Bubba’s Tail Gate

Bubba has SJL on slate; SJL tries to put a diaper on Baby

Bubba mentions Caliente Nudist Resort

Bubba has SJL come in studio with Baby; Janessa puts the diaper on Baby

Bubba brings up Tuddle Teamsters; Tuddle Teamster dues are due today

Colton is the only person to pay their union dues

CALLER – mentions outfits that should be added on the Amazon wishlist

CALLER – Danny from NPR talks Caliente

CALLER – Jimmy from Charleston asks about Manson

CALLER – Larry from Ohio says we don’t need special diapers

CALLER – Lisa’s 2 Fisted Cul Du Sac congratulates Tuddle for his 60th day of sobriety

Tuddle explains how Lisa’s 2 Fisted Cul Du Sac came from a girl Tuddle was trying to hook up with

CALLER – Nug87 wants to make a Tuddle Teamsters design/t-shirt

Blitz comes into the studio to pay his dues to Bubba

SEG 5:


1st – Tuddle

2nd – Janessa

3rd – Bubba

Bubba – 5; Tuddle – 4; Janessa – 4

Bubba got a hold of Stevie B’s manager to get Janessa a meet and greet

CALLER – Allen from Cincinnati – brings up a news story involving a woman in Ohio similar to Casey Anthony

Bubba and the guys get into the story of Brooke Skylar Richardson

Bubba proposes a Tuddle/Janess massage pact

Janessa will give Tuddle a full body massage next Wednesday to be part of the Tuddle Teamsters this month

Bubba brings up a clip of New Zealand first responders doing a haka for those who died during 9/11

Bubba wants to play a clip from TSA about 9/11

CALLER – Elizabeth wants Bubba to play the video

CALLER – Wants Bubba to play it

CALLER – Nick from Lakeland wants Bubba to play the video

CALLER – Bryan from Philadelphia wants Bubba to play video

CALLER – Trucker Bill wants to hear it

CALLER – Lee from Green Bay wants to hear it

CALLER – Joe from West Virginia doesn’t want to hear it

CALLER – wants to hear it

Bubba plays the video

SEG 6:

Bubba promos Florida Man Radio

Tara is in studio

CALLER – Eric from Valpo – talks a legal case that Tara’s good friend took care of

Tuddle’s Window Washing
Bubba tells a story of R. Kellying Tara

SEG 7:

Bubba mentions Stevie B; Janessa’s meet and greet this weekend

Bubba and Tuddle talk about Janessa’s window washing for Tuddle

CALLER – Jersey Rich – congratulates Tuddle

Bubba promos Stoned & Boned

Bubba wants everyone to get a hold of Bi-Boy to get the YouTube login

Bubba wants to have everyone do a YouTube Live checkin this weekend

CALLER – Brandon The Quad – congratulates Tuddle; marks out to Florida Man Radio

Bubba gets into a story about loud sex and an incidental gun shot

Bubba shows how he would do gun play… on Tuddle

Bubba plays some clips of Batman Returns

Bubba play some Stevie B for Janessa

SEG 8:
Bubba promos Boned & Stoned

Bubba says everyone is doing a live check in

Janessa may or may not do a live check in from Stevie B

Janessa’s Hot Chick NFL Picks

Anidjar & Levine

FEB 22nd – Victory Cruise for FL Man Radio

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09-12-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba asks Caveman about imaging

Tuddle seems to have some underlying heat with Janessa

Bubba wants to air it out on air not off

Tuddle has issues with the outro of the show; Janessa is mentioned before him

Bubba drops the hammer; Caveman is the one who put together the outro

SEG 2:

Bubba asks that everyone be more positive and less dickish

The Diacos will be in studio later today

Tuddle wants to get a breast exam by Dr. Diaco; Janessa wants one as well

Bubba talks about using Janessa’s bathroom

Bubba and the guys talk about Janessa’s hitachi

Bubba and the guys talk about wireless sex toys

SEG 3:
Bubba and Janessa wind talk

Blitz and Tuddle try to wind talk; Tuddle messes with Bubba


Bubba wants to do a tailgate party at a Buccaneers game

Bubba goes into e-mails

Email – fan asks why AM 820 is playing Best Of

Email – Super Fat Bubba Lite – Clown Bike

Email – questions about YouTube video processing
Bubba and Blitz determine that the show needs to split into two parts on YouTube Wednesdays for processing issues

Email – fan suggests cameraing up Janessa’s shower

CALLER – Scott from Delaware – Talks October 9, 2009 Brent Vs. Moonshine Miller

CALLER – James from Punta Gorda – Asks whatever happened to Gilkey

CALLER – DR from Ocala – Gives Tuddle advice on banking

CALLER – Mike from Charleston – Says a station in Clemson, SC is talking about Florida Man Radio

CALLER – Kent from Peterborough – marks out to the show

Bubba and the guys talk ‘Subtober’ on Twitch

Bubba comments on Janessa’s cleavage

Bubba wants to change the outro of the show to appease Tuddle

Tuddle thinks Bubba is being passive aggressive

SEG 4:
Light Stream

Tuddle – I’ll have my bank account today

Bubba goes to SJL on the slate for a Goat report

Bubba is upset with SJL for not getting diapers for the show goats

Bubba rips Colton a new one for not getting diapers

CALLER – Franklin The Mailman – co-signs with Bubba about the show goat diapers


1st – Janessa

2nd – Tuddle

3rd – Bubba

Bubba and Tuddle talk about his fingernails

Tuddle talks about a cut he has

Bubba plays some audio from TLC where Tuddle talks about being disappointed with not being mentioned in the article

Would Tuddle fight Janessa in the Bubbagon???

Tuddle is down for it

SEG 5:
Hex Head Art

Tuddle goes on a rant; upset with the way Bubba’s acting towards him

Tuddle is about to break his sobriety

Bubba promos racing this weekend at BRP

Bubba talks about tweeting out ‘car issues;’ getting trolled

Bubba and Janess talk about Janessa getting out of a ticket

Where will Tuddle sit when the Diacos and Jeff get in studio?

SEG 6:
The Diacos & Jeff Gigante are in studio

The Diacos talk about their bathing regimen as children

Jeff talks about his newest restaurant Forbici

Bubba and the guys talk about Dan’s arm wrestling skills

Dan and Jeff arm wrestling

Everyone gives their predictions for a Dan Vs. Jeff arm wrestling match…

Everyone picks Dan except for Jeff…

Dan & Jeff will arm wrestle next time they’re in studio

Bubba and the guys talk about Bubba’s new show goats

Bubba shows the guys a video on goat banding

CALLER – Elaine from Maryland – has medical questions for Dr. Dan; talks about issues happening after receiving a surgery for her synovial cyst issues she had sciatic nerve

Dr. Dan gives Tuddle a breast examination; Tuddle has light

SEG 7:
Bubba promos Kevin Todd at 9:30AM

SEG 8:
Kevin Todd on the show

Bubba and Kevin Todd have a $1000 challenge

Bubba and Tuddle talks about the apparent heat Bubba and Tuddle have

Bubba talks Artie Lange

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09-11-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba talks about 9/11; hopes that we aren’t mouth gagged with 9/11 coverage

Bubba talks about being on air until 2PM on 9/11

Bubba and the guys talk about what the were doing and where they were when it happened

Bubba and the guys go through ‘red letter’ days in US History

CALLER – Erin from Kentucky – Brings up Elvis’ death

Bubba talks about Florida Man Radio and AM 820

Bubba wants to do another round of Janessa Citizenship

Bubba and Tuddle comment on Janessa’s outfit

SEG 2:
CALLER – Super Fat Bubba Lite – Sent in a mini pedal bike for the show

Bubba and the guys talk about Florida Man Radio

Bubba and the guys talk about Tuddle’s 60th day of sobriety celebration

Bubba and the guys talk about Tuddle’s previous drinking habits

Bubba and the guys talk about Tuddle’s weird fetishes

Bubba goes through a list of items needed for Tuddle’s window cleaning

Bubba mentions Florida Man Radio

Bubba says he plans on doing 2 Bubba UNsponged shows next week

Bubba plans on doing Ron Capps from NHRA

Bubba plans on doing Opie

SEG 3:
Bubba says Joey Chitwood III is listening right now

Bubba tells a story about being parked near Mike Alstott’s bus at Daytona

Blitz chimes in about Tuddle trying to flimflam Joey Chitwood; Tuddle explains the story

Bubba talks the show’s success on 90.5FM, 98ROCK, and FL Man Radio

Bubba goes through some listener emails

Bubba has Janessa do the Pledge of Allegiance

Bubba reads an email from HH Gary; Bubba hates Gary’s Tuddle Baby Heel Design

SEG 4:

Bubba talks about the show goats

Bubba names the new goat “Hootie 2”

Bubba goes to SJL on the slate to talk about the show gates

SJL gives his show goat updates

Bubba wants SJL to bathe the show goats today

Tuddle explains cleaning a horse’s penis

Tuddle said he’d kiss Hootie II’s testicles


1st – Bubba

2nd – Tuddle

3rd – Janessa

Bubba gets into a story about a man dressed as Elmo touching a girl in NY Time’s Square

Bubba goes into a story about FB/Apps that may predict when people have sex

Bubba and the guys talk period sex

SEG 5:

Light Stream

Bubba talks Brent Hatley; says Brent Hatley is over

Bubba goes into a Brent Concert

Bubba goes into Tuddle’s Mean Tweets

Bubba thinks Tuddle’s tweets were sophomoric and cheap heat

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a man in Nashville aggressively masturbating in front of a woman

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a man who was robbed by a woman named Karma after they met at a casino

Bubba talks about Tampa’s media coverage of his return to the Tampa airwaves

Bubba talks about how people hate him

CALLER – Jersey Rich – comments about the Tampa Bay Times article on Bubba

Bubba goes into a story about a gay jewish man verbally attacked in NY

Bubba goes on a Kardashian/Skim tangent

Bubba and the guys get into a story about homeless people being held against their will by a church; get squirreled

Bubba and the guys talk about Google getting investigated by 48 states over anti-trust allegations

Bubba give Janessa another citizenship pre-test

SEG 6:

Bubba talks about Janessa’s issues with Taurine

CALLER – Alan from Cincinnati – comments on the Janessa citizenship test; comments on Carli Lloyd kicking field goals at Eagles Practice a few weeks back

Bubba and the guys mess with Tuddle over the way he uses his megaphone

Bubba gets into a Brett Favre vortex

Bubba breaks down a clip of Brent on Howard wanting to fight Michael Rappaport

SEG 7:
Hex Head Art

Bubba and the guys talk about sexual allegations surrounding Antonio Brown

Bubba and the guys break down SJL trying to Man Up by cleaning Lummox’s neighbor’s yard

Bubba goes to SJL on slate to talk about goats

SEG 8:

Bubba gets into a story about an Arizona trooper who allegedly sexually abused women; has 61 counts against them

Bubba tries calling a hotline for victims of the Arizona Trooper

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09-10-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Today is the first day on Florida Man Radio in Orlando

Bubba and Tuddle talk Tuddle’s Teamsters

Bubba talks about being part of Shannon Burke’s show for Florida Man Radio’s launch

Bubba talks about having Hal Boedeker (a writer from the Orlando Sentinel) in studio; talked to him about edging

Janessa admits she doesn’t know what edging is

Bubba seems enamored with her breasts

Janessa talks about her “Boob Stagger”

SEG 2:
Bubba and Tuddle explain edging to Janessa

Tuddle says he’s gone a whole day edging himself

Bubba goes into an email from Tom, Casey’s boyfriend

Bubba tries to go to Blitz; Blitz messes with Bubba since his mic was off last break

Bubba talks about his power being out

Bubba and the guys talk about Tom, Casey’s boyfriend

Caveman thinks Tom and Casey want to mix Tuddle in, Janessa agrees

Bubba finally reads Tom’s email

EMAIL – fan marks out to the show; loved the catfish story from yesterday

Bubba and the guys talk about the catfishing story between Nicole and Gino

EMAIL – marks out to the show, best ofs and new cast

EMAIL – marks out to Bubba and TLC

Bubba talks FL Man Radio visit; Bubba and Shannon acting like a bunch of school girls

SEG 3:

Tuddle goes through who has paid so far in the Tuddle Teamster

EMAIL – Catastrophic is upset that Blitz doesn’t answer him

Blitz explains that he’s just ribbing Catastrophic

Bubba starts going into the Daily Cube; Tuddle interrupts the Daily Cube

Tuddle thinks he has breast cancer

Bubba talks about Bubba199; Janessa says she can’t make it into Bubba199

Bubba says he’d fire Janessa if she misses the show


1st – Bubba

2nd – Janessa

3rd  – Tuddle

SEG 4:
CALLER – Fish On J – Listening to the show via Florida Man Radio

CALLER – Crackhead Joe – Marks out to Bubba and the guys

Bubba and the guys get into a story about two Florida men who pointed guns at McDonald’s employee for a cold hamburger

Bubba and the guys break down a video a couple who fell asleep while their self-driving Tesla was on the road

Bubba thinks Tuddle is a masochist

Janessa says she chews the inside of her mouth

Janessa tells a story about getting burned at the age of 2years old

SEG 5:
Light Stream

CALLER – Peterborough Peter – Says Tuddle is staying with Colton again

Bubba goes to SJL to talk about the show goats

Baby seems to be the booker

SJL says the goats are going up the outside stairway

Bubba brings up Greg Louganis

Bubba wants to do a citizenship test with Janessa tomorrow

Bubba and the guys talk about Tuddle’s 60th day of sobriety celebration

Bubba tries to have Janessa do the Pledge Of Allegiance; fails

Bubba goes through some Citizenship questions with Janessa

Tuddle thinks that Bubba is helping Janessa


Bubba talks about Wendy’s looking to do breakfast; Bubba bails out of the story

Bubba and the guys talk about MNF; Raiders win over Broncos

Bubba and the guys talk about MNF; Saints win over Texans

Bubba and the guys talk about the country’s first LGBT Credit Union based in Michigan

Bubba and the guys talk about a kid who couldn’t get his ‘free lunch;’ guardians are upset

CALLER – Franklin the Mail Man – Marks out to the show

Franklin tells a story about delivering a package to a guy in the ball gag

CALLER – Gloryhole Greg – Bubba hangs up immediately

SEG 6:

Bubba checks Tuddle for his potential breast cancer; Bubba diagnoses Tuddle with Carsinoma

Bubba and the guys get into the Unsigned Band Review

JAREEM – APPROVED – Bubba doesn’t like 2nd song


Faking Solace – APPROVED

SEG 7:
CALLER – Jersey Rich – Comments on Unsigned Band Review

Bubba tries to call Nicole (wife of husband who was catfished) – No Answer

Bubba goes into a story about Alien Fest; Storm Area 51

Bubba mentions Manny Pacquiao’s new crytocurrency; Bubba tries to get Blitz and Tuddle to explain cryptocurrency to him

Bubba and the guys talk about the Noah McAdam’s case; parents lose custody of child after parent’s tried alternative medicine to help with Noah’s leukemia

Bubba goes to SJL on slate to ask him about show goats

Tuddle talks about his issues with Lummox not wanting to re-up with the teamsters

SEG 8:

Bubba and Tuddle talk Thursday Night Football

Bubba and Tuddle talk NFL

Bubba talks about how bad I-4 is

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09-09-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
We’re back in Tampa!

Bubba talks about the changes to the show since the last time the show was heard on Tampa

Bubba talks about the show goats

Bubba has another new goat; has giant cajones

Bubba is thinking about naming him Big Dick

Bubba solicits Tampa callers; phones need to be reset

CALLER – from Riverview checking in

Bubba talks NFL Football; all the Florida teams played like dog crap yesterday

Bubba goes to SJL on the slate with Baby the show goat

SEG 2:

Bubba talks about the BRN Show Goats

Bubba talks about Baby peeing during the break

Bubba goes to SJL on the slate to see how

Bubba wants to get diapers for the show goats

Bubba talks with Tuddle about his weekend

Bubba explains the Tuddle/Casey situation to backfill the audience

Tuddle talks about Casey


Bubba talks about trying to live stream “Cards Against Humanity” Friday Night; had issues with his mom’s wifi

Bubba talks about getting the new show goat

Bubba wants to have the guys put up a new fence Thursday

Bubba says he finally watched the new Dave Chappelle special; “Sticks & Stones”
Bubba talks about what he did Sunday

SEG 3:

Tuddle interrupts the live read by checking his phone during Bubba’s live read

Bubba thinks he will do a Bubba 199 this Friday Night

Bubba goes through some emails

Email – fan congratulates Bubba for new affiliates

Bubba talks trolls/social media

Bubba and the guys talk about Antonio Brown drama

Email – mentions ‘Gooey’ a sour spray to stop goats from chewing on things

Email – fan thinks Bubba and Blitz are idiots because of their stance on guns

Bubba and the guys talk gun laws

Email – woman (named Nicole) emailed Bubba saying her husband is being catfished by a woman using Janessa’s pics

Bubba calls Nicole regarding her email; Bubba finally reaches her after 3 attempts

Bubba talks to Nicole about her relationship with her husband

Bubba tries to broker a deal to have Nicole come down to Tampa to hook up with Janessa

SEG 4:
Bubba talks about Nicole’s predicament

Blitz brings up an inside joke from Dave Chappelle’s new stand up

Bubba and the guys talk about Dave Chappelle’s “Sticks & Stones”

SEG 5:

Bubba talks about going to Orlando for the kick off of Florida Man Radio

Bubba and the guys talk about the drive; taking gimmicks

Light Stream

Bubba calls Gino; Nicole’s husband

Gino says he “spoke” with his catfisher over video chat… she typed him while naked

Gino may have talked to another girl from his work

Bubba tries calling Nicole back

1st – Tuddle

2nd –

3rd –

  • Bubba & Janessa recuse themselves

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a 23 year old teacher who had sex with her student

Janessa mentions how she tried to seduce her teacher in high school

SJL mentions that his GF’s 16-year-old seems to have a big crush on her HS coach

Everyone chimes in about teachers from their school that may have been inappropriate with their students

Bubba asks SJL about Baby the goat; Baby pooped… again.

Bubba and the guys get back into the teacher sex story

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a Pennsylvania couple who went on a massive spending spree with money that was accidentally put in their account

SEG 6:

Hex Head Art

Bubba recaps Janessa Hot Chick Picks

Bubba and the guys talk about the drama surrounding Antonio Brown

Bubba talks about a story about a woman who was told she was too fat to get a pedicure

Bubba tells a story behind “curtacism”
Bubba and the guys continue to talk about the story about the woman who was told she was too fat to get a pedicure (PODCAST)

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a dog owner in trouble for tackling and punching their dog

Bubba breaks down a video from Heinz Ketchup teaching people how to get ketchup out of a bottle

SEG 7:

CALLER – from the 239 – give Bubba some goat advice; says Bubba needs to get the goats neutered

Bubba and the guys get into a video about banding goats

Bubba and the guys talk about IT Chapter 2

CALLER – Eric from Valpo, Indiana – sent Bubba a video of a man getting his genitalia being eaten by a dog

Bubba talks about the story behind the video; Mexican gang was doing some social justice

SEG 8:
CALLER – Bill from Palm Springs – has questions about Bubba UNsponged

Blitz mentions that Opie said on his live stream that he’s talked to Bubba about doing each other’s podcasts

Bubba and the guys mark out to various Orlando-based news anchors

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09-06-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba feels today will be a good show

Bubba has some good news he will be announcing at 7:15AM

Bubba feels there is some tension between Tuddle and him

Tuddle is visually frustrated at Bubba

Bubba thinks Tuddle’s clothing makes him look uptight

Tuddle has some issues with Baby the show goat

Bubba thinks Tuddle and Caveman are goat haters

Tuddle talks about Baby pooping all over the place

Bubba talks about Packers beating the Bears last night

Bubba says the landlord will be coming by at 10:15AM today; Bubba wants Tuddle out of the building

SEG 2:
Bubba talks Florida Man Radio

Bubba talks about the show press photos he wants for Florida Man Radio’s site

Bubba really wants to find an image for Blitz

Janessa wants to see Blitz in a dog gimp mask

Tuddle gets another pee joke in on Bubba

Bubba thinks Blitz has taken counter programming to the next level

Janessa talks about the strength of her periods

SEG 3:

Bubba asks Tuddle about the skuttlebutt with Janessa

Blitz brings up some stuff that occurred during yesterday’s creative meeting

Bubba says he has everyone’s back at the BRN

Bubba goes to SJL to ask him if he’s been cleaning Baby’s mess

SJL talks about sealing Baby’s piss

SEG 4:

For Hims

For Hers

John from Precision Laser is in studio with new stencils for the show goats

SJL brings Baby in studio to check out how the new stencils look

Bubba and the guys talk about Baby

Bubba goes through some show emails

Bubba wants to bring back kegeling

Bubba goes into his big announcement; Baby poops on SJL

Bubba talks about all the new distribution channels for the show


1st – Tuddle

2nd – Janessa

3rd – Bubba

Bubba gets into a story about an Ohio Weather Guy caught with child porn

Tuddle admits that when he went to jail he was trying to get pills

SEG 5:


Bubba gets into various companies that plan on helping with Hurricane Dorian relief

Bubba and the guys continue the story of the Ohio Weather Guy

Bubba and the guys talk about a guy who rapped about burying his girlfriend; charged with murder

Bubba and the guys get into a story about an elected official skipping out on work; reporter confronts him while mowing

Bubba and the guys talk about stores banning guns from their stores

SEG 6:
Hex Head Art

CALLER – Tom “Casey’s Boyfriend – Trying to bust Tuddle’s balls

Tuddle has heat with Purple Jersey in the Twitch Chat

CALLER – Mike from Indiana – Thinks Tuddle is being a whiny bitch

CALLER – James fromCharleston – Firefighter calling in to mark out; gives a Dorian report for Charleston

CALLER – Brian from Tampa – Thinks Tuddle is doing a great job being sober; thinks he sounds better on air while sober

CALLER – Jersey Rich from New Jersey – Calls in to mark out to Tuddle

Bubba goes into Kevin Hart’s 911 Call from his crash

Bubba and the guys go over their life’s “Theme Song”

SEG 7:
Bubba has his friend Clint Grubbs in studio

Bubba gets into a story about Clint getting in an ATV crash

Bubba tells a story about Clint Grubbs helping Bubba out by hiring him for some work last year

Janessa’s Hot Chick Picks

Bubba talks Krispy Kreme’s new Pumpkin Spice donuts

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a Pinellas County woman in trouble over allowing her dogs to kill ducks

SEG 8:

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