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01-22-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Trace Hogan busts into the studio
We are on the front page of Twitch
We have 3 gimmicks ready for our fans during our front page appearance
Rocker from Mike’s Pizza is the best

We have a quick creative meeting after the show
Bubba wants to make some improvements to BAR
Bubba goes to Ned shot
Bubba reintroduces himself and the guys to our new Twitch viewers
Guys play testicle cornhole
Trace poops his pants

Guys continue testicle cornhole
Tuddle wins testicle cornhole
T-Town G’s right to the stage
Bubba is upset Bottom Boi doesnt have the Bubba Justice table set up for his laptop setup
Bubba bean bags Bottom Boi’s sack
T-Town G’s perform their song
Bubba gets upset at Trace, punishes him by throwing bean bag at his sack
T-Town G’s perform their song
Bubba shows them how it would have been if they were to perform the song the speed they produced it at

Bubba mentions all the different signs that Gary from Hex Head recommends for us
Bubba Army sign is the most popular sign being sold on Hex Head this past month
Blitz loves the Pot Leaf design
Bubba says Janie Cakes has been looking into medical marijuana to help with some of her aches and pains
Janie Cakes now has her medical marijuana card and is off all her opioids
Tuddle brings up Gov. DeSantis and his stance on smokable marijuana
Bubba gets on a tangent about Ron DeSantis and how he ousted some of Rick Scott’s cronies
Bubba talks about all the new merch available on Amazon
Bubba starts ribbing Trace for pooping his pants earlier
Bubba plays some old SNL clip…

SEG 5:
Bubba thinks Tuddle probably needs to use Forever Tantra because he has no game sexually
Bubba gets into BGN talk
Bubba shows one of the contestants for BGN, its 3hizznowizz on Twitch
Bubba gets into news stories
NJ Teacher has sex with 18yo student
Disabled woman sexually abused by caretakers
Guy stops home invasion with AK47
Emotional support gator
CALLER – Opie – Talks about teacher/student story
Tuddle says he’s made love to a Gatorade bottle
Bubba gets into playing Bubba Gatorade bits
Bubba gets into talking about Hogan sex tape tangent
Big Dick was involved
Bubba asks Tuddle what he may have known

SEG 6:
The owner of Peterborough thinks we are working up there
Tuddle mentions that he’d need to get a new passport if he’s going up there
Blitz chimes in, asks Tuddle about talent fee involved with a Peterborough gig
Bubba wants Peterborough Bubba Army to call Graham Elliot our PD
Bubba calls Extra 90.5FM our Peterborough affiliate
Bubba talks to guy in the newsroom; its ‘@bigslop’ on Twitch aka ‘Matt with 2 R’s’

SEG 7:
CALLER – Nathan from Peterborough – Marks out to the show; says there’s a lot of friends listening
CALLER – Blake from Peterborough – Marks out to the show, says the show is growing in town; EXTRA 90.5 is doing some strong marketing for us
Bubba wants everyone at the BRN to start looking into getting their passports just in case we go up to PTBO this year
CALLER – Pierre from Peterborough – Marks out to the show; says we would be treated like kings up in Peterborough
CALLER – Mark from Ohio – Wants a Bubbapalooza in Ohio; marks out to the show and Cleveland Bubbapalooza

SEG 8:
Bubba talks about fake Facebook accounts that try to reach out to him
Bubba tries to scare them off by being as crude as possible to them
Bubba was kissed by a dude?
Bubba gets into story about new 2020 Mustang being auctioned off for $1.1M
Bubba gets into story about passengers stuck on United flight in frigid cold for more than 14hrs

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01-21-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
The BRN is having some technical issues with the internet
We are broadcasting fine to BAR/TuneIn/Twitch but internal internet at the BRN is acting up
Bubba starts talking about Steve Perry’s penis size
Bubba and the guys make fun of Steve Perry’s dance moves and mom jeans
Manson is full hizz over Steve Perry hitting high notes
Bubba hasn’t had a man experience but he would go gay with Manson on a deserted island
Bubba ‘shut up Mike, let me spoon you a little bit’
Bubba asks the guys who’d they’d partner up with from the BRN on a deserted island

SEG 2:
Twitch front page 6-7A – T-Town G’s will be performing LIVE from the BRN stage
We have 3 events going on tomorrow for Twitch Front Page
Bubba wants to do a soundcheck and dry run with the T-Town G’s today
Bubba wants to have DJ Bottom Boi in full dress up tomorrow with his laptop
Bubba asks Tuddle about his love life, thinks Tuddle is in the friend zone with Lisa
Bubba and Tuddle role play Bubba talking to Lisa
Tuddle says Lisa rode her bike to the bar they met at this past weekend
Bubba and the guys keep ribbing on Tuddle

SEG 3:
This Saturday Big Girl Nationals at Bubba Raceway Park
Bubba may need to cancel the slip and slide
Our Commission for the event is ‘Fireball’
Bubba mispronounces ‘height’ says ‘heith’
Bubba spin himself out while talking about ‘heith’
Bubba gets into talking about story of him shooting a pilot for a show years ago
Pig Clem
Bubba says this saturday is an all hands on deck
Bubba is pissed at Trace after finding Trace’s cigarette butts near the front door
Trace says those aren’t his and explains how they’re probably from the BRN Master Bitter Party
Bubba is upset about our internet, ready to go glorhole-ing to make money

SEG 4:
Blitz brought in some awesome pulled pork
Tuddle asks for nips for MLK Jr. Day
Bubba wants to have African American callers only for MLK Jr. Day
Bubba wants to give out Monster Jam tix to African American
Bubba’s phone lines are acting up
Bubba ends up going to the phone screener position

SEG 5:
Bubba is upset at Trace for not talking to chat during breaks wants him to spend the remaining 4 breaks talking to chat
Bubba gets into NFC Championship game between Rams and Saints
Bubba talks about the non-pass interference; calls it one of the biggest screw jobs in football
Bubba begins to break down actual play in question
Bubba goes over Ned’s new ‘Apocalpyse Ned’ bit
Bubba gets into Jimmy Buffett dropping the mic after singing the National Anthem before NFC Championship game
Buffett’s rendition of the National Anthem sucked
Bubba and the guys find it disrespectful for Buffett to mic drop after National Anthem
Bubba gets into story about almost dying on the roads this past weekend
Bubba contemplates what would have happened if he would have gotten killed due to road rage

SEG 6:
Bubba thinks phones are down again
Bubba has SJL go fix the phones system
Bubba brings up Big Girl Nationals; shows pics of one of our contestants
Bubba promos how you can watch the event live
Bubba is going to start posting pics of the BGN contestants
Bubba tries to audio engineer the wireless mics for T-Town G’s dry run
T-Town G’s on stage trying to dial it in and they sound like crap
T-Town G’s perform their song on stage to dial it in for Twitch Front Page

SEG 7:
Post Jabrone should ask out Lisa instead of Tuddle
Bubba and the guys try to teach Tuddle how to spit some game to Lisa
Tuddle got a text from Lisa; he’s hesitant to read it on air
Bubba wants Tuddle to text Lisa back asking her if she will kiss him on their next date
Bubba wants Tuddle to be more Daddy Dom

SEG 8:
Bubba is going to be at BRP every day this week
Tuddle says Lisa has been reaching out to him during the break
Lisa seems to want a more assertive man
Bubba and the guys give advice to Tuddle on how to approach Lisa
Bubba plays the T-Town G’s song slowed down at 7% so the guys can actually get the lyrics right
Tuddle is going to try to get Lisa on the phone tomorrow; asks Bubba to be cool

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01-18-2019 Terrestrial Show

Lasker in studio
Bubba show’s Lasker the new How Bout Dat shirt on Amazon
Lasker wants to know if he’ll get in trouble with NASCAR
Bubba asks Lasker what he does at work
Bubba says ever time he’s went to Buffalo Ave Lasker has been on FB on his phone
Bubba gripes about Lasker not being at his shop for the Clitoral Stimulator meeting
Bubba doesnt want to to go to any meeting unless he knows what its about
Bubba goes to Caveman for a Bubba Raw video report
Bubba and the guys get into JD Gibbs talk

Guys get into the 64 Long t-shirt design talk designed by Rainbow Rick
Guys start talking about Bronco Rick
Go back into 64 Long t-shirt talk
Bubba gets into NFL Playoff talk, Bubba likes that both games are on Sunday
Bubba marks out to our disclaimer
EMAILS: 1. Best Of suggestions 2. TBT Comments from yesterday 3. Twitch hosting
Bubba gets into Bob Costas leaving NBC Sports
Guys pontificate on what’s Bob Costas’ next move after leaving NBC
New show motto ‘Let’s Make Money & Get Popular Again’
Lasker says he represents the average guy

Bubba wants to get the BGN logo over to the guys from Hex Head Art to see if they can whip it up
Bubba and the guys look at the various College Hex Head designs available on the site
Rainbow Rick calls to talk about BGN merch
Rainbow Rick is moving locations
Rainbow Engraving is moving and HexHead is designing some items for them
Rainbow Rick consents to G-Watering Drunk Kim at the next BRN Party (16MINS)
BGN talk, Bubba goes over the BGN Rules
Bubba says we have about 20 ladies which means we will probably have 10 ladies show up

Ned Please
BGN Next Saturday
CALLER- David from Mississippi hates Brent Hatley, thinks Brent always planned to jump to Howard

Bubba gets into Chris Brown legal story out of Tampa
Bubba has some issues with video again, has to replay entire story
Bubba and the guys talk about Chris Brown possibly going to jail
Bubba asks Lasker how it was being in jail for 10 days
Bubba starts getting into how BGN will be broadcasted on a streaming format other than Twitch
Bubba gets into story about FL GOV. Ron DeSantis wanting to lift ban on smokable marijuana
Bubba plays Manson’s Morgan & Morgan weed bit
Bubba gets into story about the odds of dying in the US; Opioids on the top of list
Bubba plays Manson’s John Mother Effing Morgan bit
Bubba wants the John Morgan bits on FB with our logo
BGN talk, we are going to stream it on one of our platforms
Bubba gets into story about Marion County man who kept trying to get children to touch him inappropriately
Bubba comes up with the idea of strip club incentive program for prisoners
Bubba and the guys go on a tangent on what would Bubba do if a prisoner broke out from the Ocala jail and came by the track
Bubba and the guys get back into the Marion County kid toucher
CALLER talks about prison contraband; porn is currency
Cell phones with pre-loaded porn can be rented to other prisoners for a few packs of smokes

BGN talk, this event could be ‘checkers or wreckers’ like Lasker’s racing career
Bubba has been sizing up prospects for BGN
Bubba and Manson roleplay the Bubba trying to recruit girls for BGN
CALLER – Guy marks out; plans on going to BGN

Bubba has a pic he wants to post
Bubba wants a payday
Bubba asks colton how to post a pic
Bubba talks about Trace’s ashtray
Bubba calls Edler Ford looking for Tucci Troyer
Bubba starts getting into story about FL Man who used Fortnite to contact underage kids
Bubba and the guys pontificate on the most brutal ways people have been sentenced to die
Lasker brings up movie he watched where a woman was stoned probably for ‘honor killing’
Bubba thinks his family would have stoned him long ago
CALLER – Tucci Troyer from Elder Ford call back in
CALLER – Joe The Super Mark calls in talking NFL Playoffs
Bubba asks about JTSM’s current legal situation
JTSM lingers…

Bubba goes over the merch that will be at BGN next week
Pitty Cheer 1500 bits by CableDawg
Bubba’s concerned its the slowest day ever as far as bits

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01-17-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba plays Elvis performing CC Rider
Bubba wants to recreate Elvis entering the building
Bubba ‘You think Elvis got a lot of strange’
Bubba “was such a pimp he married a teen…’
Blitz ‘such a pimp that he could be a child molester’
Bubba says Elvis said that he didnt have sex with his
Bubba google’s if Elvis would have young girls wrestling backstage in their panties
Bubba finds an article about ‘Elvis’ sex secrets’
Bubba finds out that he’s more Elvis than he originally thought

SEG 2:
Bubba thinks he’s the Tampa Elvis
Bubba gets into the similarities between him and Elvis
Bubba made the mistake of reading the comments on the Tampa Bay Times FB page repost of his article written in December
Bubba ‘maybe Dixie Carter was right, i have real heat’
Bubba thinks that most people hate him because of the Hogan tape
Bubba is going to read some of the meanest posts later today
CALLER from Peterborough marks out to Bubba
Bubba wants to go up there soon
Peterborough listener says we are known by the common guy
Bubba plays a Manson Trump song off of Facebook
Bubba goes to Caveman to see if he can get him two videos for YouTube
Bubba goes back to Manson’s Trump song
Bubba wants to get all of Manson’s PRO TRUMP songs to Tucker or Roger Stone
Bubba wants to get Trump on for an interview, let his people write the soft ball questions
Bubba wants Manson to revise this to be even more over the top pro Trump

Guy named BFudd subscribed to the channel
Bubba was wondering if it’s really BFudd in the chat
Bubba wants to bury the hatchet with BFudd
Bubba talks about Ned getting into a fender bender with Brooke Hogan before Bubba’s wedding
Bubba starts getting into the hateful FB comments made by people on the Tampa Bay Times article about him
Bubba sees a comment from Mike Calta, wonders if its him

Bubba gets into story about Kurt Angle’s niece being abducted and rescued
Bubba wants to get back into the hateful FB comments by TBT readers
CALLER- Wants us to get back into abortion
CALLER- Guy wants to know if bubba is giving out clothes hangers at Bubba’s Abortion Clinic
Bubba gets back into the hateful FB comments by TBT readers
Bubba starts analyzing Calta’s comments on the TBT post
Does Calta get Bubba alerts?
Bubba continues the hateful FB comments
CALLER from NJ points out that one of the most hateful commenters had a similar name to that of someone involved in the Hogan case (Spice’s wife’s best friend who got popped by feds)

Bubba thinks we should find a way to repurpose our ‘Previously-s’

Bubba gets into Elvis’ sex stories
Blitz equates Elvis to R. Kelly now
Bubba gets back into Elvis’ sex stories
Bubba gets into story of his 2005 Super Bowl Party
Bubba gets back into Elvis’ sex stories
‘Life is a glory hole when you’re blind’

Bubba talks about Janie Cakes using a canna gummy instead of a pain pill
CALLER – Talks MB Machine and how great it was for him and his dad who was taking pills
Back to BGN talk

Bubba asks Manson if he’s ever heard of the term ‘cheetos fingers’ before working for Bubba
Bubba starts looking at the BGN shirt
Bubba looks at the newest Bubba Army Gene Lasker ‘How Bout Dat’ shirt on Amazon
Bubba thinks Rainbow Rick designed it…. Caveman designed it. Bubba apologizes to Caveman
Bubba checks out the other Bubba Army shirts on Amazon

Forever Tantra
Bubba got Bohemian Rhapsody DVD from SAG
CALLER- curious about night of demolition next Saturday at BRP

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01-16-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Show opened up with Blue Swede ‘Hooked On A FeBubba wants to possibly bring back Itunes
Until Feb 24th we will be on the FRONT PAGE of Twitch from 6A-7A every TUESDAY
Bubba wants to have Trace/Tuddle play a game that he found online
Bubba asks the guys if they have any Buds & Suds highspots
Tuddle gave Bubba a clip yesterday he didn’t play yet titled ‘Would you give up a testicle for a bigger penis?’
Bubba created a new game ‘2 Ball Soccer’
Bubba would like to have his penis ‘lay nicer’
Do you think women look at their man’s penis when they sleep and size up their junk?

SEG 2:
Bubba wants Caveman to grab a few files for him
Bubba and the guys show off how they look in their sunglasses and jewelry
Bubba is going to go through Amazon to find new hats (Size 8 fitted) for Tuddle
Bubba asks the guys if he looks good
Ned shot is Ned in a tiny cooler trying to ‘Virgil himself’
Tuddle asks if the stories of Virgil are urban legend
Bubba starts getting into what pro wrestlers do behind the scenes
Bubba gets into story of Andre the Giant pooping in Macho Man’s bed

SEG 3:
Guys go over their Mike’s order on air
Bubba and the guys get into conversation about the US two-party system
Bubba transitions into a story involving abortion in the state of FL
New bill would ban abortions in Florida after heartbeat is detected
Trace ‘Do Sperms have hearts?’
Computer locks up on Bubba, kills momentum of segment
Bubba starts playing old abortion bits
Bubba wants to do an abortion themed best of on one of our days off
Bubba goes through all the abortion bits/segments that he has in his nexgen
Bubba asks the guys if we should do a whole abortion themed show
Guys start talking about the likelihood of the show
Tuddles asks Bubba how many abortions has Bubba paid for?
Bubba deflects and asks everyone if any of us have paid for one

Bubba plays old Ned bit about women needing to see the sonogram before abortions
Bubba wants to send Tuddle up to Tallahassee when they plan to vote on abortion bill
Bubba gets into how we can’t use ‘retard’ or any iteration of the word and other words
Bubba gets into more bits about abortion, starts to think we need to make this show downloadable
Bubba roleplays the conversation that he’d go through with Tom Bean about playing the abortion show on air
Bubba gets into explaining how he got chewed out by Tom Bean while he was jet skiing
Bubba got his Elvis dye job and gives the guys a glimpse
Bubba’s having some more issues with his computers
Bubba goes to Blitz about computer issue
Bubba has a big meeting with Tom Bean tomorrow where he actually needs to wear pants
Bubba finally shows off his Elvis dye job
Caller Jake from MD calls out Trace for not being involved during hot mic sessions
Bubba agrees with the caller and tells Trace that he needs to be more interactive
Trace makes excuses for not being involved like he should be
Bubba wants Trace to sit down at Tuddle’s computer and give Tuddle a break next hot mic
Bubba gets into another old abortion bit
Bubba gets into story about 4-wheeler accident in Charleston
Bubba talks about viral Gillette commercial that touches on concepts like toxic masculinity

Bubba wants Trace to interact with people on twitch during hot mic next break
Bubba makes Tuddle Trace’s boss as far as interacting with Twitch
Bubba wind talks about Sprint Car Hall of Fame
Bubba gets into the Gillette commercial
Bubba and guys comment on how people/media/companies are trying to overcorrect the issue of ‘toxic masculinity’ in the age of #MeToo
Bubba got his SAG dvds, goes over the different movies
Bubba gets into the new yamaha app that tunes up your bike
Bubba talks netflix

Bubba gets into Tuddle’s love life
Bubba asks Tuddle the last time he had intercourse
Tuddle says its been nearly a year and a half
Tuddle talks about the first time he had sex, old PD was passed out on couch while he was having sex with a girl
Caller- wants to talk about KC Chief player getting help from homeless dude
(11:00mins) Caller-Mike is the Co-Owner of Forever Tantra thinks Tuddle needs the kit
Caller- Mary Anne from Brooklyn, is mad at how Benji treats Howard…
Bubba gets into story about Federal employees who were furloughed turning to GoFundMe
Bubba gets into story of sex club being shut down in a Brandon neighborhood
Caller- Prank caller who calls into Buds & Suds all the time… Bubba sniffed it out

SEG 7:
Bubba marks out to a picture of him and hootie at a Lightning game 10 years ago
Tuddle says he needs to finalize his divorce, his wife is the love of his life
Bubba goes on a tangent of what type of job he’d have if Tyler becomes a pro driver
Bubba gets into story about FL legislators wanting to make personal finance a mandatory class
Bubba gets into story of girl calling 911 on dad for punishing her by taking her phone
Bubba gets into story about Toronto cops getting in trouble for Instagram videos
Tampa Bay Times reposted the story they did on Bubba last year

SEG 8:
Bubba starts reading the comments people made on the Times article that was reposted
Bubba feels that there is no reason why we shouldn’t be #1 in Tampa

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01-15-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba asks ‘Did Trace edit his songs?’
Bubba wants new T-Town G’s
Bubba talks Harry Carey and how wasted he sound throughout the game
Bubba didnt like Brockmire
Bubba thinks he’s the Tampa Elvis
Bubba thinks everyone in the BRN is on pills

SEG 2:
Bubbalite is full hot at Ned for not calling him out when he donated a large about of bits (20,500 bits)
Impromptu song ‘Suck It Bubbalite’
Bubba wants to play another twitch channel
Blitz warns Bubba that he has to be 100% positive
Bubba plays the numb twitch channel, turns out to be in a foreign language
Bubba 488 or Bubba 249
Tuddle asks Bubba if he can spray tan him.
Can you tan your genitals?
Bubba gets into talk about Presidential penises
Tuddle made terrible joke about George Washington’s penis
Ned shot has a ‘toy gun’ in it
Bubba has Tuddle and Trace help him with his bling
Bubba asks if the guys want to punch him in his back
Trace punches first, Tuddle punches Bubba and gets upset

SEG 3:
Bubba and Blitz want to change the threshold for Twitch shout outs
Bubba wants Tuddle and Trace to become more interactive and do more shout outs
Bubba says we are doing dry shows unless we are doing special shows
Ned has a No Net scheduled for after the main show
Bubba wants us to get better at being interactive and shout outs
500-999 for a T-Town G’s Shout Out
1000 for a Ned Shout Out
Fan emailed Bubba about shooting the T-Town G’s music video
Bubba plays T-Town G’s analyzes lyrics

SEG 4:
Bubba marks out to Rob Elder
Bubba talks about TSA
Trace wants to know if there are knives at the Airport Chilis
Bubba goes to Stoned Joey Logano to praise him; he’s a good ‘tryer’
Bubba wants to go through Stoned Joey Logano’s tinder profile
Bubba and the guys start making fun of SJL’s huge nose
SJL looks like the Chuck E Cheese Rat
Bubba wants SJL to create a show ‘proposal’, including:
– A show title
-Who are the hosts
-Subject matter/what type of content
Bubba names SJL a volunteer

SEG 5:
Bubba wants to know what ‘’ is
Bubba praises Tuddle for being more interactive on Twitch, marks out to himself for molding him into the best Tuddle he can be
Bubba had the Howard rub, Tuddle has the Bubba rub
Bubba says Trace needs to do more during the hot mic sessions
Trace is 24 days late on car payment, he’s worried that they’re going to repo his car
Bubba gets into a T-Town G’s tangent
CALLER – Joe The Detailer – Marks out to Bubba but, really marks out to Tuddle in a creepy way
Joe The Detailer tries to play an old bit, Bubba drops call after bit is inappropriate for Twitch
Bubba gets into Trump having Clemson’s Football team at the White House for dinner
Tuddle brings up that the media would skewer Trump if he served Clemson any fried chicken
Bubba gets into story from Charleston involving a child porn creeper
Trace talks about possibly clicking on stuff accidentally
Bubba wants to see his phone’s browser
Trace wants to know how you know if a girl is ‘of age’ on porn sites
Bubba gets into story of the girl in Utah who crashed her car doing ‘bird box’ challenge
Bubba gets into the viral video of the UCLA gymnast who got a perfect score on her floor routine
Ned’s worst strip club ever…

SEG 6:
Bubba marks out to Greta Van Fleet
Bubba plays Greta Van Fleet song ‘Flower Power’ at the suggestion of Trace
Blitz calls GVF a ‘Led Zeppelin rip off band’
Bubba says he has a ‘boner for GVF’
Ned would wear shirt that says ‘I have a boner for Larry Bird’
Bubba ‘spinach makes me flaccid’
Bubba goes to slate to see the humanity that is GBJ and SJL
SJL pitches his show concept for BAR
Bubba wants SJL to do a ‘human Chuck E Cheese Cheese Report’ during his show

SEG 7:
Bubba lets Trace know that he owns the rights to T-Town G’s
Trace ‘What’s 80% of nothing’
EMAILS – Guy thinks Bubba should not talk politics (stems from yesterday’s topic on the Palm Beach County Sheriff)
Bubba thinks he’s a ‘Genius R’
Bubba ‘Im a really good power forward on a 7ft rim’
EMAIL- Guy keeps walking around town saying show iggies
EMAIL- Guy wants to help film T-Town G’s music video
EMAIL- Buzzard Bob loved T-Town G’s new song
EMAIL- Fan Loves Sun Belt Rentals (13:50mins)
Bubba previews the new trailer for new docuseries about Ted Bundy
Bubba gets into Bears K Cody Parkey on GMA
NED coming after jesus with a tire iron

SEG 8:

Super Fat Bubba Lite provided a professional shaving kit for a bit but Bubba wants to use it for personal grooming
Bubba is the Lance Armstrong of Radio

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