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02-21-17 The Matt Masur Show

On The Show…
– Today on the Matt Masur Show Matt and Phil are in studio and John joins us remotely.
– We talk about Milo being pulled from CPAC and his book deal.
– It’s sexual harassment Tuesday and we get into some crazy exes.
– We get into an immigration debate after a comment from the text line
– Later we talk about some crazy news stories.

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02-20-17 The Matt Masur Show

On The Show…
– It’s the Presidents Day Edition of the Matt Masur Show.
– Phil, John and Matt discuss their weekend and the wild lady Luna episode on the Friday show.
– Later the guys give their thoughts on the top 10 songs from Oct 1998 in the 90s countdown.
– We discuss the best/worst ways to end a relationship.
– Phil gives his thoughts on the friend zone.
– We listen to audio of Milo Yinappolas on the Bill Maher Show.
– Next we go over some other wild news stories from the weekend.

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02-16-17 The Matt Masur Show

On The Show…
– Matt John and Phil discuss their ideal crowdfund project.
– We revisit the Tuddle/Sean Ras call from last week and get a live call from Tuddle.
– Later Attorney Nick Passalaqua joins us in studio for some legal chat.
– We look at Patreon together and chat about some randomness.

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