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05-18-17 Terrestrial Show

On The Show…
Hour 1
– Bubba popped on the previously.
– Facebook Friend – Dino Rettegaliatta.
– Previous Best Ofs.
– Ned had a zinger, bubba wasn’t ready.
– Bubba talks emails.
– John McAfee interview.
– Bubba sex talk / Gorilla.

Hour 2
– Audio of man calling Volusia county sheriff and lighting welcome mat on fire.
– Bubba plays audio of special needs kid who was handcuffed at school.
– Blind Troy calls in to promote his block party, Bubba doesn’t have time to talk to him.
– Bubba talks Scrub a Palooza and what everyone needs to bring.

Hour 3
– Dr. Harry Fisch – Creator of anti-pre mature ejaculation wipes.

Hour 3
– Magical Butter Rejoin 926AM.

Hour 4
– Audio of woman losing it on Cubans fishing and being racist.

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05-17-17 Terrestrial Show

On The Show…
Hour 1
– Bubba the best at walking the post.
– Bubba talks about yesterdays shows.
– Bubba talks going to the dentist.
– I don’t care what it is.
– Tommy Chong without the entertainment.

Hour 2
– Tucker Carlson selling his DC home after moving into Bill O’Reilly’s time slot.
– Bubba changing subscriptions for Bubba Army Radio and business model.
– Caller wants Bubba to call Calta.
– Bubba reads emails.
– Bubba has a problem with the millennials in the bullpen and they put the audio in the wrong order.
– Caitlyn Jenner says cutting off her penis was no big deal.
– Bubba talks Bill Cosby sex allegations.

Hour 3
– Bubba wants to paint the make it rain machine.
– Bubba airchecks AC Stark radio show.
– You wine sipping hipster queen.
– Bubba takes a call from Tin Foil Tom.
– Bubba wants the lead singer of Bad Company to be hot
– List of 11 Presidents who smoked pot
– Top 5 countdown – Bubba thinks it’s stupid and won’t do the Canadian charts
– Doctor creates Premature ejaculation wipes

Hour 4
– Amanda calls in to talk pre-mature ejaculation.
– Bubba Radio scrub a palooza.

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