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03-27-17 Terrestrial Show

On The Show…
Hour 1
– Bubba passed out yesterday.
– He says he Traced out.
– Facebook Friend – Jeff Beeksma, from Cary, Illinois.
– Bubba having an issue with his backflow system.
– Kane running for Mayor.
– Cop arrested for tugging on it outside of a window.
– David Steele, NASCAR driver, dies during wreck.
– Final Four results.

Hour 2
– Bubba talks about wiping.
– Talking Unsigned Band Review and the aftermath.
– Alexa buys a bread box.
– Audio of Harrison Ford landing his airplane wrong.
– USCS 300 series.
– Bubba talks about the death of David Steele.

Hour 3
– Tommy Taint Tinting mention.
– Bubba watches a video of a monkey riding a llama.
– Bubba talks about the sad turtle on Naked and Afraid.
– Manson’s Name That Gender debut.
– Teacher fired for refusing to teach student to drive after he refuses to stand during pledge of allegiance.
– Woman texts cop looking for drug deal.
– Men fake being fitness instructors for TV newscast.
– Bubba plays the Sleep Mattress company that has a voicemail to help you sleep.

Hour 4
– Name that Tune with Janie Cakes.
– Janie Cakes talks about her neck issue, might need surgery.

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