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03-25-2017 The John Lebang Show

On The Show…
– John thanks Bubba the Love Sponge and Bubba Army Aadio for partnering up with The John Lebang Show.
– Shady & Leroys problem (Skit)
– John talks about his new neighbors.
– Over priced fast food.
– The Troubles with North Korea & Russia.
– The lost secret service laptop & Cool or Uncool w/ Shady.
– In the Second hour John butt hurts yet another smeckle.
– Shaq & The Flat earth theory.
– Mind your own business & Click Track or Not to click track?
– Cool or Uncool W/ Shady.

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03-25-2017 Mysteriousness

On The Show…
– We get into some UFO news and some interesting wartime monster sightings.
– Snapchat as a ghost detector.
– We discuss the various secret space programs.
– John and Mike also have a sighting of their own.

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