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1-3-12 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– On this episode on American Rehab, you’ll hear music from these artists; Bruce Cockburn, The Immortals, Sons of Liberty, Shooter Jennings, Chris Geo, X.E-LA & The UF and Rebel Inc.
– Ledge talks about the importance of free speech as DC allows everyone’s voice to be heard.
– Find out why crop dusting is one of Ledge’s favorite past times.
– What has DC so fires up over Glenn Beck?
– Paul Topete from Poker Face on the phone to talk about his music and what his message is. Find out what has people upset over their controversial music.
– After some racial tension with Paul, The Bubba Army calls in with their opinions.
– DC talks about the best ways to get rid of Jahova witnesses.
– Do you belive in symbolisms decoding the past and predicting the future?

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