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12-7-12 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

– We open the show with a little Hell’s Addiction, Ledge talk about the UK band.
– Ledge plays some funny old anti-drug PSAs, do the habits of parents always trickle down to their children?
– Pewee Herman speaks out against crack and Racheal Leigh Cook warns us about the pitfalls of heroine.
– Big Sarge calls in to talk about his new book and thank everyone for their support.
– As we come back from break Rick talks about getting a break from running the board.
– We listen to Kelly Pickler compete against a third grader then we move to some hilarious Wheel of Fortune outtakes.
– More funny responses to loaded game show questions.
– We move to the rest last nights funny stories.
– We start with a mother/daughter porn duo, is that weird, we think so.

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12-6-12 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

– Ledge talks about Tuesday’s interview with Brother Ali, and how he and other unsigned acts have achieved success through their hard work.
– Although we may not agree with the conflicts we’re involved in, we should never forget to support the people fighting in them.
– Brad joins us on the phone we listen to Stephen Colbert give his explanation of Acorn.
– The guys talk about the recent voting down of the UN’s proposed treaty to ban discrimination against the disabled and why it was refused.
– Brad offers his thought on the Jovan Belcher shooting and why he supports Bob Costas’s anti-gun stance, we mess with Brad for his stance on gun control.
– Why are we still fighting so hard against legalization, who are the top 5 lobbyists doing so?
– Eric calls in to share some dabbing techniques and a funny story that happened to a friend, allegedly.
– We come back to do some football talk and go over some funny stories.

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12-5-12 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Ashley walks us through her confrontation with the TSA, Jason talks about the laws and regulations he and Ashley used to protect themselves from TSA officials.
– Jason gives us a breakdown of how the TSA’s laws and policies have changed over the past few years and how it has expanded.
– Do attractive women have to worry more about inappropriate contact from airport security, are we overly accepting of the abuses of power that take place at security checkpoints?
– Ledge talks about the reality of how people ultimately end up doing the jobs we all hate.
– Ledge marks out to Abbey Martin and talks about corporate media in
– We reminisce about some of our childhood toys.
– Eric joins us to tell us how to get to Colin’s service, we hear a couple of his audio entries.
– We talk about our plans for Sunday and our lost friend.
– Ledge breaks down Eric’s Ode to Colin and we talk about the donations given so far for his children.

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12-4-12 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– The guys open the show talking about the new music that we found in our time at RadioIO.
– Tonight is American Rehab and this week we feature an interview with Brother Ali.
– As an albino white guy, listen the situations Ali was exposed to and how different ethnic groups would treat him.
– Ali talks about his religion and how he became a Muslim How does his western Christian background play into this?
– Brother Ali made his last album with a highly known producer. Listen to Ali talk about having to choose his beats based on how much he could spend.

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12-3-12 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Ledge opens the show talking about the different people you meet and how the region they were raised can influence their identity.
– Popeye from Federal is on the phone to talk about the psychological side of recent tragedies.
– Did you know the Hebrew language originates from the stars? Popeye tells you about this.
– Christ Steiner from wearechange Tampa, is on the phone to talk about local governments who put flouride in the water.
– Find out whar flouride really is?
– Frank from Heistclick is on the phone to talk about how Superstorm Sandy affected him.
– Ledge plays the audio from Bob Costas talking about gun control.

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