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12-20-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Another espisode of “American Rehab” where DC will feature music with a message. Tonight you’ll hear music from; Gemini, Clutch, Enigma, Brad Aldred, The Madeline Haze, Truth Seekah, Rage Against The Machine, Conspirituality, Chris Geo and Lupe Fiasco.
– Ledge talks about Ron Paul appearing on The Jay Leno Show for 20 minutes.
– Hear audio of a Fox news reporter saying if Ron Paul wins the caucus, there will be an asterisk next to it.
– Do you trust the voting system? If not, when was the last true election?
– Have you ever thought of who owns the newspapers and magazines we get our information from? Can they use this to influence our thoughts?

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12-19-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Mark Dice from on the phone to talk about new information on the NDAA bill.
– At some point the NDAA will directly violate the Bill of Rights.
– If Ron Paul wins the coccus, at percentage of victory would he negate any ballot tampering?
– Mark gives his thoughts on “anonymous”.
– Find out what Ledge means by a “twitter tough guy”.
– The Radio Frequency Act allows the government to send frequencies into your head, find out the details and what damage this can do to your body.
– From birth we are molded into what mainstream wants us to be, Ledge talks about the importance of thinking independently and enjoying your distractions.
– Show friend Sean on the phone to talk with Ledge about chem trails and their thoughts on whats being sprayed into our sky.
– Ledge plays a speech from Robert Welch, the founder of The John Birch Society, that sounds exactly like what Ron Paul is saying now.
– When it comes to chem trails, Ledge believes they exist and now wants to know what their “end game” is.
– Matt from NY checks in with new updates on chem trails legislation.

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12-16-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Ledge opens the show by saluting the troops.
– After a great debate, Ledge recaps last nights show by breaking down each sides arguments.
– DC talks about the presidential candidates and Frank and Ferris collide.
– Spice calls in to talk about growing up with having Bush’s in the White House. Spice then compares Ron Paul vs Ran Paul and the presidential possibilities of both.
– Find out why LSD may treat PTSD in war veterans.
– DC talks with Big Sarge and tge effects of PTSD.
– Was the drone that was captured by the Iranians allowed to be hijaked on purpose? DC talks about how this could involve China.
– Ferris talks about his love of taint and details of the taint eroticism.
– Find out why Ferris cut a promo on broadcaster and journalists.
– On a general scale, do we evolve more from saying yes or no?
– Were the Oath Keepers more upset with their stance or the fact they got caught?

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12-15-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– The show starts off talking about football as the season is winding down.
– President Obama officially ends the war but what does this mean for or troops and for our country?
– If you own a piece of property, why do you still have to pay taxes?
– Stefen talks about his slump busters and what it was like to pump three orgasms out.
– People who fear “the man” are not fearing bankers; DC explains this and where we can go from here.
– Things get heated as Brad Friedman from on the phone to debate the bubba army on heated political issues like; war, taxes, fast and furious, the constitution, abuse of police power, racism, and the NDAA bill.
– Sean who represents The Oath Keepers, on they phone to confront Brad about some of his theories from the week before.
– Ledge interviews Aaron Hawkins and talks about all the videos Aaron has done and where the inspiration for each begins.

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12-14-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

One The Show…
– Ledge opens the show comparing the amount of time the Lindsay Lohen story was reported by HLN instead of President Obama signing the NDAA.
– Find out what NDAA is and why is suffocates the rights of American citizens.
– Punk Rock Politics with Jason Bermas; hear his thoughts on the NDAA, mass media, the technology of science, Ron Paul victory strategy, payroll income tax, Newt Gingrich, and his thoughts on “de-evolution”.
– Why dont we get a receipt when voting? Jason, Rob and Ledge jump into this.
– The government has arrested farmers using military spy drones, why is military force being used on American citizens?
– Ledge talks about the cycle of phases this revolution is going through. Find out what each one is.
– Ledge introduces a new intern Lee and gets his background as he breaks his radio cherry.
– Find out how Ledge feels about the government wanting to ban call phone use while driving except for emergencies.
– What is the possibility of aliens in our solar system? If so, are they watching us?
– Bubba Army calls in with their stories about alien encounters.
– Is our solar system expanding? DC talks about this and other theories.

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12-13-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Another edition of “American Rehab” where DC plays three hours of music with a message. Tonight you’ll hear music from Bliss, Rage Against The Machine, Black Sabbath, Jordan Page, Payday Monsato,
– Jordan Page, a self proclaimed Liberty Artist is on the phone with the background of his music including his “red pill” moment.
– Ron Paul is quoted saying “false flag” during an interview, does this help or hurt him?
– A question was asked to Dr. Paul by a moderator, find out why this question may never be asked by another moderator again.
– There new updates of Patrick Meighan, the writer for Family Guy, who was arrested at an Occupy rally.
– Is the government forcing people out of Louisiana to create a massive piece of government owned land?
– DC talks about the oil spill in the gulf and where the oil is now.
– There are thousands of oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico, does this number surprise you?

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